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Who knew Katie Holmes had such a horrifying streak?

After screening her latest flick, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, for her husband Tom Cruise recently, Katie said it left the actor sufficiently spooked.

Holmes said Cruise had to watch another film before retiring for the evening. “I’m not sure what he watched ... Maybe The Sound of Music?”

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Photo

Our partner site, Movie Fanatic, just saw Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (follow the above link for more on the film) and can confirm that yes, it is scary.

Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro tells the story of a modern family living in an old Rhode Island mansion that has secrets buried deep below the ground.

Holmes, a fan of the classics from the horror genre, admits that she appreciated del Toro’s take on the steadfast haunted-house movie storyline.

She also liked that the film allowed her to be a mother figure to a young daughter, just like she is in real life to Suri Cruise. She's five now. Five!


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Tom Cruise starred in Born on the Fourth of July.

In real life, he was born on the third, and yesterday, wife Katie Holmes surprised him with a surprise 49th birthday bash at Miami Beach's SoHo Beach House.

Cruise's three kids – Suri, with Katie, and Connor and Isabella, from his marriage to Nicole Kidman – were all there to celebrate, along with 40 close friends.

Tom, Kat

The bash took place on the roof and inside the private venue, where guests enjoyed pasta, shrimp and other Italian dishes, in addition to chocolate cake.

Tom Cruise is in Florida now filming Rock of Ages. He's been a Hollywood rock star himself for almost three decades, with no signs of slowing down.

Here are some of THG's favorite shots of this acting legend and lovable nut:

  • Valkyrie Star
  • Kate Holmes, Tom Cruise
  • TomKat on the Red Carpet
  • Tom and Kat
  • Suri, Tom, Katie
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Tom Cruise finally gets it. We wanna see him jumping out of airplanes, not jumping on top of couches.

The action star returns to the Mission Impossible franchise this December, 15 years after the original movie came out. The fourth installment will feature Cruise as IMF Agent Ethan Hunt, along with supporting roles by Tom Wilkinson, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton and Josh Holloway.

Produced by J.J. Abrams and directed by Brad Bird, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol comes out on 12/16/11. Check out the first official preview now:

For the latest movie trailers, visit our friends at Movie Fanatic!

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are being torn apart, according to a new tabloid report. But it's not a third party or an emotional rift wreaking havoc ... it's the FBI!

Presumably, Star magazine is referring to Tom's slave labor Scientology bus or what have you. It's impossible to guess how the feds would actually be involved.

Katie Holmes Looking Good?

All we can tell you is that it must be a slow week in celebrity gossip, because even if nonsense like this were true, is TomKat even on people's radar at this point?

SHOCKING! Look at that photo of federal agents compiling evidence. Eerie! Likely from an unrelated crime scene 700 miles away, but still ... such powerful imagery.

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It's been awhile since we've read an old-fashioned Tom Cruise / Scientology expose full of outrageous allegations, but this certainly makes up for lost time.

According to Radar Online, the actor demanded his custom-built bus be the base for Katie Holmes' "Purification Rundown Program" prior to marrying her.

The trailer-style bus was allegedly built by the church's underpaid staffers, who put nearly 9,000 hours of "slave labor into its production for the star.

TomKat on the Red Carpet

The FBI is reportedly investigating the Church of Scientology for human trafficking and using free labor, in part to meet the demands of its celebrity icon, Cruise.

Tom insisted on a custom drawer for his slippers because the neat-freak didn't want anyone walking on the carpet, a former high-ranking church staffer claims.

In an internal email, Cruise's requests for upgrades were outlined, according to the church's former Inspector General Mark Rathbun. So what does it matter?

Continue Reading...

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Come on Star.

At least the recent cover story about how Jason Trawick abused Britney Spears had shock value, even if it was lacking in some areas (namely facts).

Same with the new story about someone getting Amber Portwood pregnant. Unconfirmed, but certainly eye-opening ... and more or less believable.

But Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise on the rocks for the 47th time? Yawn. 

Katie Leaves Tom!

The worst part? Star can't even get its verb tenses straight.

First of all, you know it's not true. Second, TomKat is sooo 2008.

Also, hack tabloid editors, they can't be SEPARATED if she hasn't even left him yet, which the sub-heading implies by saying she's "leaving" Tom. Weak.

If you've got the goods on a Teen Mom pregnancy scandal AND the Miley Cyrus bong video (and the latter actually exists!), why not lead with those instead?

Pick it up, guys. You're capable of so much better.

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Stop the presses.

We hope you're sitting down, because In Touch is about to drop a BOMB on you. Katie Holmes is not only sleeping in the guest room, she's on birth control!

That's Bad Hair, Holmes

After four years of marriage and only one child, one would kind of assume that, but hey. As for moving into the guest room, how would they possibly ... you know what, forget it. Just prepared to be shocked and awed by nothing:

For a supposed bombshell, this looks like a non-story.

Come on, ITW. With all the real (Teen Mom) and surreal (Brangelina) news potential out there, we'd think you could do better than this snoozefest.

We expect much better next week. At least give us some alleged sexual Tomfoolery on the Mission: Impossible 4 set if you're going the Katie route.

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Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes. Cute little Suri. A broken home. We don't believe any of this is true, but it makes for a compelling celebrity gossip magazine cover.

Apparently there was nothing too juicy on Angelina's nanny this week, because Star decided to go the TomKat route. What is this, 2006? C'mon, guys. Weak.

While we love any reference to the "marriage deal" that binds them (because they're cyborgs and/or she's his beard, don'cha know), we just don't see it.

A Broken Home

FALLING APART? Doubtful, but it sells magazines. Presumably.

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Happy birthday to Tom Cruise, who is kind of the man.

Yes, he jumps on couches, gets married a lot and shares opinions on political and social issues that many would consider out of the mainstream. We know this.

But what's really wrong with the guy? He's been one of Hollywood's biggest stars for almost three decades and for all the weirdness, is basically harmless.

He's fun, makes cool movies and seems to care most about being a good husband to Katie Holmes and a good dad to kids Isabella, Connor and little Suri.

What more can you ask for, really?

Tom Cruise is 48 years old today. Man, has the actor ever aged well ... in reality, he looks nothing like his hilarious, middle-aged alter ego Les Grossman!

From Risky Business to A Few Good Men, the Mission: Impossible series, Tropic Thunder and Knight and Day, he's been one of the most successful stars ever.

For good reason.

So cheers to you, Tom, on this third of July. Many happy returns, and keep up the awesome work. Click to enlarge some classic Tom Cruise pictures below ...

  • TomKat on the Red Carpet
  • Cameron and Tom
  • Tom and Connor
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If you never saw Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder, his hilarious, off-the-wall antics at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday served as your introduction to Les Grossman.

Now the cutthroat movie producer is getting his own film.

Cameron and Tom

In a press release, Paramount Pictures and MTV Films announced that the development of a comedy focused on the foul-mouthed Grossman was in the works.

Ben Stiller and Stuart Cornfield are producing the project.

The press release from MTV phrases the movie’s development as if Cruise's character, with Les himself announcing the new film in typically humble fashion:

“To quote my great friend Kirk Lazarus, ‘I don’t read the script, the script reads me.’”

Tom Cruise/Les Grossman is ready to spank the competition.

Stiller, one of Cruise's Grossman’s Tropic Thunder co-stars, says “He has assured me he plans to, quote, ‘F—ing kill the sh– out of this movie and make “Citizen f—ing Kane” look like a piece-of-crap home movie by the time we are done.’"

That pretty much sums it up right there.

Paramount President Adam Goodman added: “Everything I learned in this business, I’ve learned from Les. I started out as his assistant, and from the first day he threw his desk at me when I got his lunch order wrong, I have loved him like a father."

Like Get Him to the Greek, in which Russell Brand reprises his Forgetting Sarah Marshall character Aldous Snow in a starring role, this sounds like a potential hit.

At the very least, it'll help Cruise's image a bit. His popularity has dipped as more people view him as kind of a crazy individual, but he's still a talented, fun guy.