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Oblivion was the only major release this weekend, so it's no surprise that it ended up in first place at the box office. The Joseph Kosinski sci-fi thriller earned $38.2 million over its first three days in theaters.

As we stated in our Oblivion review, the film is definitely worth a watch.

Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko in Oblivion

The release of Oblivion displaced last weekend's winner, 42, into second place, earning $18 million to bring its total to $54.1 million.

Check out the weekend box office top 10 after the jump:

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In an era where most blockbuster action/thrillers have more loose ends than the before lady in a shampoo commercial, all a film really has to do to not suck is make sense.

Oblivion makes sense. Therefore, Oblivion doesn't suck. 

While the film thinks it’s being more mind-blowing than it actually is, ultimately Oblivion is a fun, clean, flashy movie with a few well thought-out twists and turns.

Tom Cruise Oblivion

The film does have some pacing issues, the biggest of which being that the backstory is so complicated, the first fifteen minutes of the film feel like a training seminar.

Tom Cruise stars as Commander Jack Harper, the man with the most Ordinary name in America. No, actually, Harper is a drone repairmen left on Earth after its abandonment, following an alien attack.

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Turns out the rumors were trueL Tom Cruise was as surprised as everyone else when news broke that he and Katie Holmes were getting a divorce.

"I did not expect that," Cruise told German TV network ProSieben.

Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes Divorcing

After five years of marriage, Holmes announced she was leaving Cruise on June 29 of last year which left the movie star both heartbroken and blindsided.

However, the star - who's making the media rounds for Oblivion - reveals he has had "an incredible amount of time to reflect" on life after the break up.

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A judge has officially dismissed a $5 million wiretapping lawsuit against actor Tom Cruise and his longtime attorney Bert Fields, according to reports.

The case dates all the way back to 2009, when Bold magazine editor Michael Davis Sapir sued the actor and his lawyer for hiring Anthony Pellicano.

Tom Cruise Winning

Allegedly, Cruise and Fields hired the former private investigator to spy on him by tapping his phones in the midst of another lawsuit with the actor.

THAT dates back to 2001, when Cruise sued Sapir for $100 million after the celebrity news magazine editor offered a bounty for proof that Cruise is gay.

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Rumors of a Suri Cruise body double being spotted all over New York City emerged last week in what is either a hilarious rumor ... or hilariously true.

The Daily News spotted Suri’s alleged double as recently as Friday afternoon, after her mom, actress Katie Holmes, picked her up from her school.

They were trailed, as always, by celebrity gossip photographers.

Suri Double?

Mother and daughter hopped into a black SUV and headed down to TriBeCa for lunch, until the vehicle made an unexpected stop at a police precinct.

Out popped the doppelganger with the same coat as Suri Cruise, 6. And the same black leggings and Ugg-type tan boots with pink soles as Suri.

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Tom Cruise's $50 million lawsuit against a tabloid is getting uglier by the day, as the media group who owns Life & Style is fighting back hard against him.

Cruise sued Bauer Media Group in October after L&S ran a story suggesting he “abandoned” daughter Suri Cruise after his split from Katie Holmes.

Tom With Suri

Now, both sides are gearing up for a court battle, and the celebrity gossip publisher is demanding a LONG list of information from the movie star.

Specifically, Bauer Media wants to legally establish “the extent to which Tom Cruise was in contact with Suri following his separation and divorce.”

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Cynthia Jorge is not the new Tom Cruise girlfriend.

But the 26-year old restaurant manager would have considered going on more dates with the actor, a friend tells The New York Daily News, if not for the media maelstrom that has taken over her life.

Tom Cruise girlfriend?

"She is freaked out, just so freaked out right now. She wasn’t looking for all this attention," the insider tells the newspaper, adding that Jorge has no idea how In Touch Weekly discovered she had drinks with Cruise:

“She’s really upset. She says she did not leak the story and she’s confused about how it came out."

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Don't start planning another wedding for Tom Cruise just yet.

With rumors circulating that Cynthia Jorge is now dating the action star - following a night out a a club and the following tabloid headline - a friend of the restaurant manager tells Perez Hilton that, yes, Jorge knows Cruise.

Tom Cruise girlfriend?

And, yes, alcohol was shared between the two.

HOWEVER: "Cynthia told me they went out for drinks and it was nothing but a casual night out. She said he's a nice guy."

The insider added that there's no romance between Jorge and the A-lister, who is in the market for a new young gal pal after splitting with Katie Holmes.

Not to worry, though. The Church of Scientology is all over it.

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Tom Cruise gave a deposition before Christmas in connection to a wiretapping case involving the actor, taking great pains to ensure that his testimony remains private.

A Tom Cruise Pic

A $5 million lawsuit in 2009 against Cruise and his lawyer, Bert Fields, accuses the duo of conspiring with private investigator Anthony Pellicano to tap phones.

Magazine editor Michael Davis Sapir is the plaintiff. In 2001, Cruise sued Sapir after the editor offered a $500,000 reward for evidence proving Cruise was gay.

Sapir claimed he received a videotape, but it was later found that there was no videotape of Tom Cruise engaging in gay activities and the suit was settled.

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Has Tom Cruise found a new girlfriend?

According to celebrity gossip reports, he has, though conflicting reports cast doubt over whether he and N.Y. City restaurant manager Cynthia Jorge ever even met.

In any case, here's a photo of her!

Cynthia Jorge Photo

Cynthia Jorge reportedly caught the Jack Reacher star's eye recently after she slipped him her card when he was eating at her restaurant, Beauty & Essex.

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