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Tom Cruise admitted in a deposition something we've long assumed was true: Katie Holmes divorced him in part because of his controversial Scientology faith.

The actor was deposed in the $50 million libel suit he is filing against a celebrity news magazine that claimed he abandoned daughter Suri Cruise.

He denies this vehemently (which should be obvious if he's filing a lawsuit over it), despite the fact that no one takes In Touch Weekly at all seriously.

No one would've ever thought that Tom abandoned Suri, but nevertheless, he was grilled by ITW's counsel as part of his quest to make them pay.

The lawyer for the tabloid magazine repeatedly asked if Katie Holmes' divorce from him was because of the Church, with which he is famously aligned.

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Note to all you tabloids: Do not mess with Tom Cruise. He does not view bad celebrity gossip lightly, even if few take your magazines seriously anyway.

He is a man who is very private about his personal life, cares a lot about his reputation, and has more money than small countries. Just leave him be.

Some celebs, such as Kim Kardashian, likely view any publicity as good publicity. Being in the exploitation business, you can sort of see why, too.

Tom Cruise is not in the exploitation business, however, and he is suing celebrity gossip magazine Life & Style for claiming he “abandoned” his daughter.

In the wake of his split from Katie Holmes, Tom says he never turned his back on Suri Cruise, and wants legal payback against L&S for saying he did.

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She and Tom Cruise ended their union over a decade ago, but at one point, Nicole Kidman tells Vanity Fair that she felt like the original Brangelina.

Kidman says she has zero regrets about moving away from Hollywood, however, and that she has found her true love with current husband Keith Urban.

Excerpts from her extensive Vanity Fair Q&A below ...

On her marriage to Tom Cruise (1990-2001): "I was so young. And you know, with no disrespect to what I had with Tom, I've met my great love now."

"And I really did not know if that was going to happen. I really did not known if that was going to happen. I wanted it, but I didn't want it for a while."

"I didn't want to jump from one relationship to another. I had a lot of time alone, which was eally good, because I was a child, really, when I got married."

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When students of the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio attended their graduation, they were treated to a speech by Tom Cruise.

It wasn't the Tom Cruise as pictured in the Edge of Tomorrow poster, or the Tom Cruise of recent Scientology drama (did you catch that whole Leah Remini Scientology dustup?), but rather a Tom Cruise that was funny and even relatable.

Telling stories of wanting to make his mom and sisters laugh and his experiences on the set of his first movie, Taps, this Tom Cruise is a guy that seems far removed from the Oprah couch jumper.

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Tom Cruise.

He jumps on couches, gets married a lot, loves Scientology and shares opinions on certain issues that many consider out of the mainstream.

We know this. But what's really wrong with the guy? He's been one of Hollywood's biggest stars for three decades now and is basically harmless.

So let's all take a moment and wish him a happy birthday, shall we? The ageless wonder, who missed being Born on the Fourth of July by one day, is 51.

Tom Cruise Photo

From Risky Business to A Few Good Men, the Mission: Impossible series, Tropic Thunder and this year's Oblivion, he's among the biggest stars ever.

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Cher appeared opposite Andy Cohen on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live last night, holding absolutely nothing back when it came to her past love life.

In the 1980s, for example, she dated Tom Cruise. Yes, that Tom Cruise!

Cher on Watch What Happens Live

"He wasn't a Scientologist then," she said of the Mission Impossible 5 star, who is now divorced three times. "It was pretty hot and heavy for a little minute. He's a great guy. The person that I knew was a great and lovable guy."

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With the worldwide success of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Paramount is now developing Mission: Impossible 5.

Today, Tom Cruise has signed on to return to the role of Ethan Hunt. He will also produce.

Tom Cruise on Set

So far, no director or writer have been confirmed for the project, but Cruise's Jack Reacher director, Christopher McQuarrie, is rumored to be in the running.

Ghost Protocol, which was the fourth film in the series, earned $694.7 million worldwide.

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Oblivion was the only major release this weekend, so it's no surprise that it ended up in first place at the box office. The Joseph Kosinski sci-fi thriller earned $38.2 million over its first three days in theaters.

As we stated in our Oblivion review, the film is definitely worth a watch.

Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko in Oblivion

The release of Oblivion displaced last weekend's winner, 42, into second place, earning $18 million to bring its total to $54.1 million.

Check out the weekend box office top 10 after the jump:

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In an era where most blockbuster action/thrillers have more loose ends than the before lady in a shampoo commercial, all a film really has to do to not suck is make sense.

Oblivion makes sense. Therefore, Oblivion doesn't suck. 

While the film thinks it’s being more mind-blowing than it actually is, ultimately Oblivion is a fun, clean, flashy movie with a few well thought-out twists and turns.

Tom Cruise Oblivion

The film does have some pacing issues, the biggest of which being that the backstory is so complicated, the first fifteen minutes of the film feel like a training seminar.

Tom Cruise stars as Commander Jack Harper, the man with the most Ordinary name in America. No, actually, Harper is a drone repairmen left on Earth after its abandonment, following an alien attack.

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Turns out the rumors were trueL Tom Cruise was as surprised as everyone else when news broke that he and Katie Holmes were getting a divorce.

"I did not expect that," Cruise told German TV network ProSieben.

Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes Divorcing

After five years of marriage, Holmes announced she was leaving Cruise on June 29 of last year which left the movie star both heartbroken and blindsided.

However, the star - who's making the media rounds for Oblivion - reveals he has had "an incredible amount of time to reflect" on life after the break up.

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