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Before there was the drama involving baseball star Alex Rodriguez, his wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, and his mistress, Joslyn Noel Morse, there was another scandalous love triangle involving a hunky, famous athlete making headlines.

One with better looking women.

Tom and Gisele Pic

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady knocked up girlfriend Bridget Moynahan (some staff members of this celebrity news publication firmly believe Bridget "pulled the goalie" on Tom unexpectedly), and to make matters worse, the Six Degrees star announced she was with child after he broke up with her and took up with someone else.

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

While Tom and Gisele - who was also rumored, inaccurately, to be preggers a few months back - have put up a happy front for the cameras throughout the ordeal - the New York Post's Page Six reports today that Gisele is pissed about the baby's impending birth.

Bridget Moynahan is due to give birth to their first child, a son, this Friday... which happens to be Bundchen's birthday. Man, talk about payback! Or an amazing coincidence.

The tension has grown so intense that Tom Brady was seen fighting openly with Bundchen in front of hotel guests in Napa while staying at the five-star Auberge du Soleil.

However, all hasn't been bad lately, as Tom's family is said to be flying out to Italy to spend time at the villa in Rome that Gisele recently acquired.

At the same time, it's hard to imagine her taking kindly to his parental duties once the child is born. Could this be the beginning of the end for the Brady Bundchen?

We'll have to wait and see. And hope he and Bridget take shared custody lessons from the beacons of paternal aptitude, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.

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Tom Brady can handle a cover-two defense. He can even handle an all-out blitz from the weak side.

But the prospect of dealing with his very own Jayden James or Shiloh Nouvel? That's frightening.

"It's going to be a challenge," the father-to-be says in the June/July issue of Details. "I guess that late at night, I'm not so much scared as thinking of it as a huge unknown."

Brady is expecting his first child this summer with actress Bridget Moynahan â€" with whom he split in December after three years together.

"I want to prepare for it the way I do everything else in my life," he says in the interview. "I make lists. I make plans. But being a father is different. I think that people go into it and find out, holy s---, I have no control."

Sort of like anyone who tries to get Lindsay Lohan to stop boozing.

Brady â€" named one of People's 50 Most Beautiful in 2002 â€" is now dating Gisele Bundchen. So he ain't doing too badly for himself.

"I'm attracted to women who are smart and funny and ambitious and have lives of their own and great families. Isn't that what attracts anyone?" he says.

Yes and no, Tom. Spencer Pratt is attracted to someone desperate for attention and in possession of fake boobs. So it's hard to generalize.

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Ben Affleck is rolling over in his grave.

We feel his pain, too. Given the heated Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, one needn't be a Beantown native to gauge the local reaction when another of its sports icons struts around wearing the colors of the hated New York squad.

It's Bundchen, Baby

It was no surprise to The Hollywood Gossip, then, that this recent photo of Tom Brady sporting a Yankees cap in NYC (below) sparked such controversy.

Think about it. Do you see Kristin Cavallari walking around Hollywood wearing Lauren Conrad hats? We think not. It's pretty suspect on Brady's part. But all loyalties aside, this incriminating Brady photo begs several more pressing questions:

  1. Why is he wearing one of those trendy, long, metrosexual shirts?
  2. Why is he carrying a frickin' purse?

Leave the purse-carrying and fashion-forwardness to Gisele Bundchen, okay, Tom? You look pretty damn ridiculous. And please, ditch the stupid hat, you traitor, before Bridget Moynahan decides never to let you see your baby. 

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In the NFL draft next month, it's fairly obvious the New England Patriots need to draft an offensive linemen. Their quarterback, Tom Brady, needs serious protection.


Tom Brady, New Hairstyle

Just a couple months after his ex, Bridget Moynahan, announced that she was preggers with a tyke from Tom, the football star's latest tight end may also have a Brady bun in the oven.

Indeed, after The Hollywood Gossip staff joked that Gisele Bundchen was happily telling the Super Bowl winner about his latest sperm touchdown, rumors are swirling that this is actually the case.

A source tells Rush & Molloy: "She has told friends it's true."

That's good enough for us to run with the story. Now, the question is: Will Brady make an honest woman out of Gisele? Or Bridget? Or both? As Salma Hayek just proved, pregnancy often leads to marriage ... but what about dueling pregnancies?

And coule any team of celebrity babies knock off Brady's bunch on the football field? We doubt it.

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and super hot super model Gisele Bundchen continued their European adventure in Italy this week, seizing the day - and every opportunity possible to suck face. See below...

Gisele in V

Man. Get a room, you two! Earlier this month, Tom's ex, actress Bridget Moynahan, announced that she's three months pregnant with Tom's baby. Meanwhile, the QB and his Brazilian babe kicked their romantic vacation into overdrive overseas. The couple were spotted shopping near the Coliseum and smooching it up all over Rome.

One thing's for sure: Gisele Bundchen is going to be give Tom's kid the sexiest stepmom since Brody Jenner's. Brody's dad, Bruce, married Kim Kardashian's mother, you know.

Think about it.

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Bet Tom Brady wishes he could call an audible.

After all, his ex-girlfriend, the lovely Six Degrees star Bridget Moynahan, recently came forward and announced that she's pregnant.

Topless Gisele Bundchen

There's not likely to be an Anna Nicole Smith-style dispute over paternity, either.

Brady has since started hanging out with supermodel Gisele Bundchen, which seems like the perfect way to forget one's troubles. Only Gisele has a little surprise for Tom as well, and the star quarterback's facial expression tells it all...

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Tom Brady may have memorized the New England Patriots' playbook. But it looks as though he's failing at God's instruction manual.

Bridget Moynahan Nude

The quarterback broke up with actress Bridget Moynahan last year - but reports are now surfacing that the All-Pro knocked has knocked up his ex-girlfriend.

The pregnancy was first reported by the New York Post columnist Liz Smith.

While Moynahan, who is over three months pregnant, is said to be "healthy and excited," we're not sure how Gisele Bundchen feels about this development.

The actress, a former model who starred in the ABC drama Six Degrees, and the star quarterback, ended their three-year relationship at the end of last year.

This will be the first child for both.

Let's hope it has a brighter future than that of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.

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Tom Brady recently suffered the second playoff loss of his career.

But it sounds as though his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan, is suffering from something more serious.

Gisele Prays For Tom Brady

"She's depressed," says a friend. "We were worried about her before, but she's just gotten too thin. It's unhealthy ... She's spending all of her free time at the gym."

The reason for such malaise? Rumors that Brady has the hots for super model, Gisele Bundchen.

Reports in the Boston Herald that Gisele was hanging outside the Patriots' locker room after a game two weeks ago. These two may become hotter than Jessica Simpson and John Mayer.

Therefore, as the same Bridget buddy said: "If Gisele Bundchen were dating your ex-boyfriend, wouldn't you be depressed, too?"

It's hard to argue with that. Or with K-Fed's point that Britney Spears needs help. But anyway.

Moynahan's rep denied any problem with his client's weight.

"There has been no change in the actress' weight. She is happy and healthy."

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Six Degrees actress Bridget Moynahan have broken up, Moynahan's rep confirmed to Us Weekly.

"Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady amicably ended their three year relationship several weeks ago. We ask for your respect and consideration of their privacy. No further comments will be made."

Smile Ben!

"They were both very focused on their careers," a source close to Brady said. "She was putting a lot into Six Degrees, he into the Patriots. It was just really hard to make it work."

Moynahan, 36, a former model, is best known for her work in films like Coyote Ugly and I, Robot, and her role playing "Mrs. Big" on the HBO series Sex and the City. Man, Sarah Jessica Parker's character hated her!

The Patriots selected Brady in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft. He has helped the team win three Super Bowls, has earned two Super Bowl MVP awards, and has been selected for three Pro Bowls.

In 2005, Sports Illustrated named the quarterback Sportsman of the Year.

This is sad news... even sadder than the rumored split between Britney and Paris. If these two can't make it work, how are any couples expected to last? At least we still have some unions, such as Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, to look up to. Wait...

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