Tinsley Mortimer is a rich blonde socialite. Someone at the CW realized this and saw she didn't have a reality show yet, then signed her...

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"I'd do it every year if I could." J-Woww on breast implants, to Harper's Bazaar.

Quotes like that give you some idea of what the fashion mag was up against when it sought to turn Jersey Shore cast members into elegant, classy ladies.

If you never saw show, however, you might be fooled. Jenni (J-Woww) Farley, Sammi Giancola (Sweetheart) and Nicole Polizzi (Snooki) clean up nice ...

The Jersey Shore Girls

FISH OUT OF WATER: The girls attempt to look refined.

In the magazine, Snooki, J-Woww and Sammi get etiquette lessons from New York City socialite Tinsley Mortimer for reasons unknown. Will they take?

"I know a couple things about manners," Snooki declares. "I just don't use them."

There you have it. You can take the princess out of Poughkeepsie, but you can't make the princess any less trashy or have her put on underwear.

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Tinsley Mortimer is a Park Avenue princess.

Naturally, that entitles her to a her own show, High Society, premiering this evening on the CW. The series will follow Tinsley and her colorful friends as she navigates New York's elite social scene as a newly single girl. Absolutely riveting.

She recently got divorced from her husband, whom she met in high school, and is rumored to be dating American Idol castoff Constantine Maroulis of all people.

"I did meet him while filming the show," Tinsley Mortimer tells E! News. "He happened to be at an event I was hosting on the show. But it wasn't set up that way."

"It was just a complete random event that happened while I was filming."

Are you ready for Tinsley Mortimer? Yes, she's a real person!

The handbag designer and Dior beauty ambassador, whatever that is, graduated from Columbia University, and says the new show will show her imperfect life.

"Because I'm a girl that definitely lives in an amazing, very privileged world in New York, I feel like people think that things come very easy to me," she said.

"My life is not so perfect, and I want to expose that," she adds.

One thing this High Society socialite recently got excited about? Meeting the Jersey Shore cast. "I just think they're so funny and so themselves," she said.

She first ran into The Situation and Pauly D while recording a voiceover for her show, and she recently got to work with J-Woww, Snooki and Sammi as well.

So does Tins think the Jersey cast could cut on the Upper East Side (also home to Gossip Girl)? "I would love to do something with them," Tins teased.

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We know. You have no idea who that is. It's okay.

Tinsley Mortimer is a blonde socialite who lives in Manhattan. Someone at the CW must have met her and realized she didn't have a reality show yet.

Cha-ching, they thought.

The network will explore the lives of the young and wealthy in a "docu-soap" series following the socialite, one of "New York's most famous faces."

She's been described as "New York's pre-eminent young socialite" and was rumored to be shooting a reality show when she appeared at a party with cameras in tow.

Wherever Tinsley Mortimer goes, drama is sure to follow. Apparently.

This is Tinsley Mortimer. She's getting her own show.

Mortimer has appeared on the CW before, having made a guest appearance on the second season premiere of Gossip Girl, playing herself of course.

She was also a guest judge on Bravo's Fashion Show this summer.

The CW ordered eight episodes of the Tinsley Mortimer reality show. She recently separated from husband Robert Livingston (Topper) Mortimer, who's also rich.

The celebrity gossip rags in New York are tracking each development there. It's hard to blame them. It's been a really slow couple of weeks in gossip.

Tinsley Mortimer Biography

Tinsley Mortimer is a rich blonde socialite. Someone at the CW realized this and saw she didn't have a reality show yet, then signed her... More »
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Tinsley Randolph Mercer
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