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The more details we learn about Jessica Simpson's wedding, the more it seems like it wasn't the fairytale that Jess and People magazine made it out to be.

First, we learned that there was some controversy over Joe Simpson's date, Jonathan Keith - a 22-year-old male model that he's currently "mentoring."

Then came word that Jessica was hungover as she said, "I do."

Now it seems that Jess' mom, Tina Simpson, also got in on the trainwreck action, as she allegedly freaked out on Jess during the reception

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Reports say Tina griped about everything from the food to the music to the fact that her ex-husband brought a date who's barely old enough to drink.

"Jessica had warned her parents that they had to get along and not embarrass her at the wedding," says a source.

"But Tina made it clear to everyone, she was furious that Jessica had chosen her father to organize the three-day event."

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Tina Simpson penned a suicide note after finding out that her ex-husband Joe Simpson was having a gay affair, according to a shocking new report.

Shortly before confronting Joe, 52, about his tryst with model Bryce Chandler Hill, 21, Tina wrote a letter threatening to shoot herself last year.

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Tina, 53, also said she wanted to shoot Joe, her husband of 35 years, for cheating on her, in the note she wrote in their Encino home - which he found.

“Tina was so distraught when she found out about Joe’s secret, she immediately wrote a suicide note,” a source close to the Simpson family said.

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