Tim Tebow is very religious and also very bad at playing quarterback in the NFL.

Tim Tebow was most definitely not a god on the football field.

Yes, he once led the Denver Broncos to a miraculous playoff victory, but he bounced around the league after that and has been out of the NFL for years now.

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Saying no to sex when so many fans freely offer up the goods takes serious dedication to one's beliefs, be those beliefs religious, moral, or just plain good sense.

Many celebrities, male and female, find themselves with a choice of bedfellows on any given night and while some of them take advantage of the revolving door of diddles, others prefer to keep their number of sexual partners low. Perhaps even in the single digits. Like as in a single person.

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Tim Tebow is done with the New England Patriots, with the team waiving him early Saturday, a week before the 2013 NFL season even begins.

The bigger question? Whether his NFL career is also over.

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