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Tila Tequila turns 31 years old today and the former reality star has many things for which to be thankful.

Namely, that she's still alive.

The former reality star, who was likely chosen in many Celebrity Death Pools, has spent time in rehab and even faked her own suicide once. She makes Kim Kardashian look like someone NOT in need of attention.

Tila Tequila Strikes a Pose

But Tequila has now made it over three decades on this planet and that in itself is a worthy accomplishment for this troubled young woman.

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Police arrived at Tila Tequila's home in L.A. on Thursday afternoon after the reality star mysteriously failed to show up for an important flight last night.

What's more, Tila's manager is worried she's gone missing.

Tila had already been paid for an eight-city singing tour in Germany (seriously) and was scheduled to take off Wednesday night at 11:30 p.m.

She never showed up to LAX, however, sparking concerns.

A Future Goddess?

Tequila's manager was notified today she didn't make the flight and called Tila for an explanation. The oft-troubled star did not answer the phone.

The manager was therefore worried and sent her assistant to Tila's house to check on Tequila; the assistant knocked on the door, and got no answer.

She had been in rehab in March for substance abuse and psychological issues following an apparent suicide attempt, aneurysm and drug overdose.

Tila left rehab in April after a 30-day stay, and her rep insisted at the time that she had fully recovered and was the healthiest Tila had ever been.

Hopefully this is nothing. More details to follow.

UPDATE: She's been found! Inside her house!


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Tila Tequila is out of rehab and on the road to recovery.

So states a rep for this former reality star, at least, going on record yesterday not long after Tila was released from the treatment facility she entered last month, following a suicide attempt.

Tila Tequila Red Carpet Pic

"She has fully recovered, and is currently spending time with her closest family and friends," this Tequila source told TMZ. "She is the healthiest she's ever been and wants to thank all of her fans for their undying support while she was battling through some hard times."

In early March, Tila was hospitalized for a brain aneurysm, which may have stemmed from an overdose on pain medication.

It was the latest in a very, very long line of troubling incidents for the ex-VH1 star and we can only hope it was also the last. Stay strong and and stay healthy, TT.


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What do a former Real-Housewife-turned-stripper, an ex-Charlie Sheen play thing and someone who had sex with Hugh Hefner have in common?

They can all be found at Dial-A-Star!

Yes, this new service gives regular folks the chance to speak with Z-listers such as Danielle Staub, Capri Anderson and Crystal Harris on the phone, for as low as $10/minute!

  • Danielle
  • Crystal Image
  • Diva Dina
  • A Mike Lohan Pic
  • Dirty Little Hamster
  • Tila T.

According to founder Gina Rodriguez, the celebrities are in charge of their rate and no one is doing better than Staub, who has reportedly raked in $1,000 in an hour.

"I think recording artists will do really well," Rodriguez tells The Huffington Post. "Imagine if Lady Gaga did it."

So, how much are these nobodies bringing in? Tila Tequila asks for $20/minute; Dina Lohan $18/minute; OctoMom $12/minute and Michael Lohan $10/minute. AND PEOPLE ARE PAYING IT!!!

Which, of course, forces us to ask: which of these "stars" would you most want to chat with on the phone?


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Troubled star Tila Tequila has agreed to enter rehab for substance abuse in addition to seeking treatment for psychological issues, her manager says.

The MySpace celeb / fame-seeker agreed to rehab after several of her friends staged a miniature intervention following Tila's suicide scare last week.

There, she will get help for a wide range of deep-rooted issues.

Tila Tequila in NYC

Tila has been struggling with serious substance abuse problems as well as psychiatric woes lately, and this was the straw that broke the camel's back.

It's unclear when Tila plans to enter a treatment center, but friends are hoping she'll get treated as soon as this week. She's been in a fragile state.

A rehab facility has already agreed to take her, though it's unclear which.

Here's wishing Tila a full and speedy recovery, so that she'll be back longing for attention and extolling the virtues of her treatment before long.


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Tila Tequila has reportedly been released from the hospital after an alleged major health scare that followed a supposed brain aneurysm and overdose on pain medication.

According to Radar Online, the pint-sized former sex tape star dropped from 100 to 78 pounds during a one-week hospital stay that resulted from an aneurysm suffered in the middle of the night.

Insiders say this caused Tila "to think irrationally" (*) and, due to the pain, "she took two bottles of unspecified heavy prescription drugs."

Tila Tequila in Red

"Tila threw up all over her bed after overdosing and felt like she was dying," a source claims. "She was screaming for help, and in desperation, broke her bedroom window and attempted to jump out... Finally a friend came over after getting a strange text from her and found her convulsing on the bed. He called an ambulance and she was taken to the hospital."

Tequila was intensive care for days, this mole says, and may have "permanent brain damage."

If this story is true, we wish the troubled young women a full recovery. But, given the fact that Tequila has lied about a pregnancy and faked a suicide attempt, you'll forgive us for taking the tale with a grain of salt the size of her large fake breasts.

(*It's unclear when Tila has ever thought rationally)

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Tila Tequila is back in the news.

So, she isn't starring in a new sex tape. And, no, she is not being accused of murder.

Instead, the large-breasted former reality star is simply converting to Judaism. Of course.

Tila Tequila at House of Blues

"As time passed, I started to become more and more fascinated with Kabbalah, the culture, and the way of life of the reform Judaism religion," Tila tells TMZ. "I just feel like the Jewish people have such a beautiful way about them, and I can't wait to officially be Jewish! Shabbat Shalom."

Will she go Orthodox? Nope. The woman who has partly made a living off participation in threeways says that direction is "a little hardcore for me."


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Tila Tequila has not really made news since campaigning to be Charlie Sheen's next goddess in March.

But the rarely-clothed former reality and sex tape star is in the headlines today because she's celebrating a major birthday: the big 3-0. How will you honor the occasion? With a Tila Tequila Uncorked viewing, perhaps?

Tila Tequila, Fully Dressed

Seriously, though, folks Tequila is a troubled soul who could use your birthday wishes. She doesn't exactly have a lot of friends and she can barely afford any articles of clothing. See what we mean in the following photo montage:

  • Covering a Nip
  • Scarcely Clothed
  • Unattractive
  • Dangerous Kiss
  • So Messed Up

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You may have Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Broadway, the Yankees, Lincoln Center and a few other attractions, New York City residents, but consider this a warning:

Get out now. Tila Tequila is on the way.

Tila T.

Because she thinks Los Angeles is "played out," Tila says she's moving to The Big Apple next weekend.

"I'm looking forward to starting a new life in NYC," Tequila told TMZ. "A clean slate and a fresh start. I just want to be a normal girl with a normal life for a while. I just want to meet new friends, fall in love, get married, have babies, and call it a day!"

Then again, this is the same woman who faked a suicide and lied about a miscarriage. So rest safe, New Yorkers, she's likely headed anywhere but there.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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Look out Natalie Kenly and Rachel Oberlin. A certain, promiscuous, trainwreck of a bisexual wants in on your man.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Tila Tequila said she's been watching the Charlie Sheen meltdown unfold over the past couple weeks and has a suggestion: dump the zeroes, Chuck, and get with this shameless hero!

  • A Future Goddess?
  • What a Nut Job

“I could definitely do a better job than [Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly] can,” Tequila says. “He won’t need anyone else around. There’d only be one goddess. I could show Chucky a good time - but also help him out.”

During her time in the spotlight - which included the death of Casey Johnson and fake suicide attempts - Tila says she eventually learned that folks were laughing AT her, not with her.

"He’s a trending topic, [but] it really is for all the wrong reasons," Tila concludes. "I wish I would have known this while I was going through my public meltdown. Things would have been different. I wish Charlie knew that this publicity he’s feeding off of is all wrong."

That may be true, but when you're living on tiger blood, it all feels so right.

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