Tiffany Pollard is also known as "New York." She was a contestant on Flavor of Love and then got her own spin off show, titled "I Love...

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Tiffany Pollard is making a comeback, folks. The former reality star and giant-breasted woman is in the news today for three reasons:

  1. She covers the latest issue of Bleed.
  2. She turns 29.
  3. She's hilarious.

Pollard hasn't done much since she went to work on VH1 in 2009, but here's hoping this isn't the last time we write about her. Possessing as much talent as Kim Kardashian, New York is one sex tape away from making it big! She's awaiting your birthday wishes.

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  • T. Pollard

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Former reality star Tiffany Pollard turns 28 today and we know exactly what she needs as a gift:

Another 15 minutes in the spotlight.

Indeed, the woman best known as "New York" extended her initial run for an impressive, nauseating amount of time. She rose to fame as a contestant on Flavor of Love... received her own spin-off from VH1 titled I Love New York... parlayed that series into New York Goes to Hollywood... and ended the streak with New York Goes to Work.

On that last show listed, Pollard tried her hand at various jobs, such as flight attendant and farmer. How ironic, considering she now needs a new gig for real.

If anyone out there is hiring, New York could use a paycheck as a birthday present. Barring that gift, just send along a few best wishes and check out the following photo montage in her honor:

Pink Wigging Out
  • New York Photo
  • Tiffany Pollard, Boobs

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In March, the national unemployment rate rate hit 8.5 percent, the highest in more than 25 years. It will likely climb to 10 percent by the end of 2009.

But why should millions of people out of work prevent Tiffany Pollard and VH1 from shamelessly exploiting the job market?!?

Pink Wigging Out

Having (shockingly!) failed to find an acting gig in New York Goes to Hollywood, the waste of Oxygen is set to star in yet another reality show.

On May 4, New York Goes to Work premieres. Throughout the series, viewers will vote on the variety of jobs that Pollard attempts to keep. If she impresses employers, she'll collect a cash prize; if Pollard quits or gets fired, she gets nothing.

Except publicity and the temporary possession of an occupation that a hard-working American might actually need to support his family, that is.

Click on the promo images of Pollard below to enlarge images of her making a mockery of the job market...

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Sometimes, monumentally large breasts and bling-covered fingers aren't enough to garner one the sort of attention one craves.

Fortunately, Tiffany Pollard found a solution for this problem last night: a bright pink wig.

The reality TV star donned such a get-up at her 27th birthday party, as the woman known as "New York" reminded us all that the Apocalypse is near...

  • Bringing the Bling
  • Pink Wigging Out

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America's Next Top Model, she is not.

After Tiffany Pollard made a catwalk appearance on a recently celebrity fashion show, meant to raise money for charity, we were left with three thoughts:

T. Pollard
  1. Tiffany Pollard is a celebrity?
  2. She belongs on an ugly dogwalk instead;
  3. Snaps, yo!

Check out the following Pollard picture at your own peril:

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Tiffany Pollard sat down with the network that created her this week and opened up to VH1 about a number of topics. Chief among them?

Her dreams of being taken seriously as an actress; and her huge breasts.

Covering Bleed

On being an actress: I’m not one to compare myself to other people. Also, I don’t take myself too seriously. That said, I just want to be the best Tiffany. As far as this A-list, B-list, C-list, D-list thing, I don’t want nobody classing me into any type of group. All I’m here to do is be myself and see how I can fit myself into this L.A. acting thing.

I’m not trying to have these false hopes. You have to get in where you fit in, so you can still be happy and support yourself, being who you’re supposed to be.

With a stunning look such as this, how can Tiffany Pollard not make it as an actress?

On giant boobs: I think I’m gonna be slipping back into the doctor’s chair really soon because I want to get them redone. I want to go a little bit smaller. Just because my boobs, they look good and everything, but they’re taking the fun out of shopping sometimes. What happens is every part of a top can fit, but then when you get to the boobs, it won’t fit.

I’m such a hard person to fit right now that I think I need to go down a couple of cup sizes so I can have fun shopping again.

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For those hoping the Tiffany Pollard/Tailor Made break-up stories were mere rumors, close your eyes.

In the following video, evidence is presented in the form of the the reality TV star known as "New York" dishing on her failed, fake relationship with the man that supposedly won her heart during I Love New York 2.

Pink Wigging Out

The clip is a promotion for New York Goes To Hollywood, the ridiculous series premiering on Monday that focuses on Pollard's attempt to make it as an actress. No offense, Tiffany, but there's a better chance of Rielle Hunter becoming First Lady some day.

Enjoy the video now:

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With fellow talentless, often-nude Q-list celebrities such as Tila Tequila and Jennifer Toof taking up the reality TV spotlight these days, Tiffany Pollard had to do something to draw attention back to herself.

And we're not talking about a sex tape this time.

Instead, Pollard has chosen to skank up a couple of Hollywood icons in a series of promotional pictures for her upcoming show, New York Goes to Hollywood.

For example, take a look at the following recreation of Marilyn Monroe. It's a photo that must have Joe Dimaggio and John F. Kennedy rolling in their respective graves...

Click on the following shots of Tiffany Pollard to see how else she can make a mockery of past Hollywood stars...

Tiffany Pollard, Boobs

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Tiffany Pollard is single again, having dumped George Weisgerber (a.k.a. Tailor Made) and will no doubt be entertaining new suitors before long.

But would you really want to love New York in the physical sense?

T. Pollard

The Hollywood Gossip is torn on Tiffany Pollard. We make our interns watch her show, of course... but we don't know if she's all that attractive.

Would you go there? Tell us what you think by posting a comment ...

Tiffany Pollard: Would you hit it?

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With a new reality show - New York Goes to Hollywood - debuting on August 4, Tiffany Pollard had two choices when it came to garnering attention for the series:

  1. Make a sex tape with supposed soul mate, Tailor Made;
  2. Break up with Tailor Made.

Pollard has chosen the latter.

Pink Wigging Out

Reports are coming in that say the quasi celebrity has ended her relationship with the man chosen as the winner of I Love New York 2, VH1's skankier version of The Bachelorette.

"New York broke it with a level of cruelty that only New York can give - and [Tailor Made] didn't take it well ... we were actually worried about him," a network insider said.

Naturally, the break up was ugly, it was messy - and it was caught on tape for all to see.

"It was very compelling video - so of course it will be included on New York Goes to Hollywood," the source added.

Sorry, DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak. Another reality TV relationship coming to an end doesn't bode well for this new couple.

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