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As anyone familiar with Late Night knows, Jimmy Fallon is not funny.

He has, however, been waging a tireless campaign to get the cast of Saved By the Bell to reunite on his show. And that is something we can appreciate.

While most of those involved with the series - namely Zack Morris, a.k.a. Mark-Paul Gosselaar - are up for it, Tiffani Thiessen has yet to sign on.

This is an outrage. But at least she has bothered to explain why.

In the Funny or Die video below (one that falls somewhere in the gray area between the two), the actress who played Kelly Kapowski explains how she simply doesn't have the time, what with her marijuana farming, Indigo Girls tribute band and all.

In fact, looks like she's up for just about any activity these days besides Saved By the Bell. It's too bad, but her "live action cat comedy" looks cool:

Eh, it's probably for the best. Heck, if it doesn't feature Dustin Diamond defiling local college girls or being foreclosed upon by Wisconsin bad credit mortgage companies, then we don't want any part of this Saved By the Bell tribute.

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Mr. Belding would never have approved of these pictures.

But Tiffani Thiessen is all grown up now. She doesn't need approval from a fake high school prinicpal - or even the middle name "Amber" - to pose in her underwear these days.

Tiffani Thiessen T-Shirt

Nevertheless, fans of Saved by the Bell may wish to look away. This includes you, Mario Lopez. It's a bit disturbing to see a girl you watched grow up embrace her new status as a serious sex symbol. Good thing Mario has Karina Smirnoff to distract him now.

Thiessen actually has ties to a current Dancing with the Stars contestant, as well.

Her character locked lips with that of Ian Ziering back when he portrayed Steve Sanders. Too bad Steve never got past first base, though.

As these pics prove, it would've been a lot of fun. No doubt Dustin Diamond is thinking about it right now. The guy made a freaking sex tape!

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