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Ah, the annual Women Tell All filler episode special. As always, it didn't offer much in the way of insight (or The Bachelor spoilers), but boy was it entertaining.

Not only did Tierra LiCausi and her "sparkle" bring the drama, there were other notable interviews and a memorable exchange between Sean and AshLee.

What did we learn - good and bad - from the Women Tell All?

Come along below for the official THG +/- Bachelor recap!

Bachelor Women Tell All Pic

Tierra surprisingly showed up in an attempt to explain herself, although the more she talked, the deeper she dug herself into the hole of her own making.

Chris Harrison (who gets a Plus 50 for his moderation of events like this) asked Tierra if she had regrets or wanted to apologize for anything at all.

Her response?

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Whether you're Team Catherine or Team Lindsay, and whether you read The Bachelor spoilers or you don't, we can all agree on the following point:

Tierra LiCausi is insane.

The Bachelor firebrand returns next Monday night for The Women Tell All Special, the annual pre-finale cat-fight-fest that will no doubt be all about her.

The special episode, which reunites all of the women that competed for Sean Lowe's heart, is mostly filler and largely uninteresting ... but maybe not this year.

After all, Tierra, who is now engaged to another man, is a total wildcard, and not just because she can't control her infamous eyebrow (see clip above).

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The Bachelor contestant Tierra LiCausi's engagement to an unnamed dude may be a hoax, says AshLee Frazier, one of the final four women left.

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  • Tierra Photo

While it's surprising to see Tierra LiCausi engaged just a few days after her exit from the show aired, she is set to wed a pre-Sean Lowe boyfriend.

"If it is true, then no, I wouldn't be surprised. It's Tierra," AshLee told reporters Thursday on a conference call from her home in Houston, Texas.

"It's like, let's keep it going, right? She's very dramatic."

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Despite being sent packing by Sean Lowe just three DAYS ago, increasingly unstable Tierra LiCausi of The Bachelor fame is apparently engaged already.

Yes, her older brother Tyler confirms she's tying the knot!

Tierra LiCausi Picture

"Tierra got engaged in January. We're ecstatic for her. She is so happy!" her big brother said. "They had been together for three years on-and-off."

They had broken up in the summer [before the show]." 

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After a handful of tense, drama-filled weeks, it's go time on The Bachelor.

Sean Lowe is at the stage where decisions are difficult. Nay, impossible.

With six women remaining and only four hometown dates, two women he genuinely likes had to pack their bags. Was crazy Tierra LiCausi one of them?

Check out The Bachelor spoilers to learn what happens next week and beyond, then come along for THG's +/- recap of last night's episode ...

Sean and Tierra

Tierra decides it's better to sleep on a cot than share a bed with any other girl. Way to take a stand for something you feel so passionately about. Minus 30.

The first date goes to AshLee Frazier, who was whisked off for some romantic beach time on St. Croix. Cue gratuitous bikini shots. Cue Plus 20 points.

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Sean Lowe navigated several crazy dates (and women) in Whitefish, Montana last night in the first part of a special Bachelor two-night event.

Yes ... it's back on tonight. For two hours.

The star of the "event" (and season) so far has been Tierra LiCausi, who continues to stoop to new lows as she desperately seeks attention.

How far will this nut job make it? Check out The Bachelor spoilers if you dare, then come along for THG's official +/- recap of The Bachelor!

Bachelor Outdoors

"I do like a girl who can wear high heels one day and rough it the next day," Sean says … unaware he may have no such women in the field. Minus 10.

Sean admits that the wedding dress stunt almost got Lindsay kicked off the show the first night, but here she is, and she gets the first one-on-one.

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The Bachelor host-pimp Chris Harrison has insisted that mercurial contestant Tierra LiCausi is not a bad person, however she can be a little dramatic.

Ya think?

Tierra has been a source of controversy this season, and criticism intensified Monday when she cried, talked $h!t and threatened to leave the show.

Her antics prompted Sean Lowe to offer her a rose to convince her to stay, which didn't help matters as far as the other women in the house see it.

How long will she last? The Bachelor spoilers we've read say ... well, follow the link if you want to know. But here's how Harrison sizes her up:

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Tierra LiCausi is the new Courtney Robertson.

Only time (or The Bachelor spoilers) will tell if she follows in the Black Widow's footsteps and actually wins The Bachelor, but she's certainly 2013's villain/crazy person.

If you thought Tierra falling down the stairs last Monday was going to be her most dramatic moment on the show, boy are you in for a surprise tomorrow:

In our experience, when a Bachelor contestant cries, "I don't want to be here at all. I'm done with it," they actually do what to be there and are rarely done with it.

They just want more attention!

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Heartbreak and emotional trauma are commonplace on ABC's reality hit, but on tonight's episode of The Bachelor, one of the contestants sustains a physical injury.

By falling down the stairs, no less.

As AshLee Frazier waits for a one-on-one date with Sean Lowe, Tierra LiCausi falls down the stairs; Lowe arrives just after it happens, apparently. Watch:

Terria LiCausi seems to be quite out of it, and an ambulance is called to ensure that Tierra is okay. That's one way to make sure you get screen time.

Follow the jump for another sneak peek in which Sean and Lesley Murphy attempt to break the world record for longest on-screen kiss ... seriously:

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