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Diddy damn near caused a melee at an Atlanta club last weekend.

Fortunately, T.I. was there to talk his out-of-control buddy down.

After the mogul and Ciroc Vodka spokesman threatened to get violent with a man in the crowd drinking a rival brand (seriously) at the BET Hip Hop Awards after-party.

Things almost got out of hand at Compound, until T.I. stepped in:

Diddy began shouting at the man, "B!tch ass n!ggas ... put that sh!t down ... put that sh!t down before I come smack that purple shirt off your ass."

It appears Diddy grabs ice and throws it at the man ... before screaming, "What the f*%k are you gonna do, b*tch? Get the f*%k out of my face!"

That's the edited version. As Diddy ranted, T.I. grabbed another mic.

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We've warned you before, Taylor Swift fans: you really have no idea who might join this talented artist on stage when she plays a concert in your hometown.

In late August, Justin Bieber sang a duet with Taylor in Los Angeles, while Nicki Minaj did the honors one night later.

Over the weekend, meanwhile, Swift played a couple of shows in Atlanta - and was joined by a couple of that city's most beloved musical icons. First up, watch T Swizzle drop a serious beat alongside Usher during a live rendition of "Yeah!"

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T.I. is a free man at last.

The rapper departed an Atlanta halfway house just after midnight. Wisely, he made a quiet exit and did not roll out on a tricked out tour bus with cameras.

All told, Clifford Harris spent 10 months in federal prison for a probation violation after he and Tiny Cottle were arrested in L.A. last year for drug charges.

Free T.I.

The drug charges were later dismissed, but the damage was done as far as his probation - he was released early for his firearms sentence - was concerned.

T.I. was released August 31, only to be pulled back into federal custody right away after heading to the halfway house on a tour bus with TV producers.

This time, he simply got into a chauffeur-driven SUV and left. Congrats, T.I. Hope you and Tiny have a nice reunion ... and that it's not too short-lived.

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T.I. is coming home at last, and ready to throw it down fo sho.

But the recently-released rapper, now serving out the remainder of his prison term in a halfway house, isn't throwing himself a nightclub bash a la Lil Wayne.

T.I. and Tiny Picture

He's having a $100,000 welcome-home brunch in Atlanta!

T.I. and Tiny: Soon to be reunited!

T.I.'s friend Diddy is personally shipping in 150 bottles of Ciroc, ONE FOR EACH PERSON in attendance. Hey, gotta welcome the man back to society in style.

Additionally, reps from AKOO, T.I.'s clothing line, sales of which have spiked since his incarceration, will measure the VIP guests for custom-made clothing gifts.

It's set for October 2, two days after T.I. gets out of the halfway house. Hopefully he takes a cab instead of a pimp-ass tour bus. You know how that can turn out.

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T.I.'s sex life may have been limited to hand relief during visiting hours, but his recent incarceration hasn't been all bad - it's actually great for business!

Sales for the rapper's clothing line, A.K.O.O. (A King Of One's Self) have skyrocketed while he's been behind bars, according to a rep for the brand.

The company's sales soared by 25 percent in the last year while the rapper served time for violating probation on a drug charge (later dismissed).

Unpaved Road

A.K.O.O. hadn't seen such a surge since T.I.'s MTV reality show Road to Redemption premiered in 2009. Maybe he needs to go to jail more often?

The rep says they're preparing for another spike in sales when T.I. is set free from his halfway house next week after completing his drug sentence.

He will be free September 26, following some major drama earlier this month - T.I. was yanked back to prison after he left on a pimp ass tour bus.

The lesson learned here: Crime doesn't pay, except when it does.

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Rapper T.I. is - for the second time in three weeks - out of prison and on his way to a halfway house to complete the remainder of his sentence.

Hopefully they don't yank him back this time.

T.I. was released August 31, having served nearly all of an 11-month sentence for violating probation, only to be returned to prison after allegedly failing to disclose - and conducting business on - a pimp ass tour bus that he rolled out in.


When T.I. walked out of the Arkansas federak prison on August 31, he tweeted, "The storm is over & da sun back out." Well, it wasn't out for long.

Prison officials sent U.S. Marshals to the halfway house after that concluding T.I. had unauthorized people on the bus that transported him there.

Authorities also allege that T.I. was doing business on the bus (regarding his reality show), something he denies, but would compromise his release.

Yeah, it was a bizarre situation, but it's apparently been resolved. T.I. will be in the halfway house until September 29, then freed altogether.

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Looks like T.I. is stuck in prison, at least for now.

Prison officials in Atlanta put the kibosh on the legal challenge to the decision to yank the rap star back to prison immediately following his Aug. 31 release.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons told T.I.'s lawyer he was "not entitled to legal counsel" in the process by which officials review the decision to lock him up.

Clifford Harris

Authorities remanded him into federal custody for failing to disclose that his trip to a halfway house would be on a pimp ass tour bus with cameras in tow.

T.I., wife Tameka Cottle and even the halfway house officials insist he did nothing wrong, but the prison officials have refused to budge on this matter.

T.I.'s attorney originally sent the Bureau a letter last week, asking to be present at the hearings that would decide his client's fate. He was turned down.

Two hearings have already occurred without T.I.'s lawyer present, one last week and one the week before. It's unclear what transpired at either meeting.

For now, however, he remains locked up, though his sentence is set to expire in October, so before long, he should be free to roll out - tour bus and all.

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Tiny is royally ticked off at federal prison officials.

T.I.'s wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle says the feds are just trying to target and make an example out of her husband by dragging him back to prison.

Tiny is speaking out, because "It's important that the world know how unfair he's being treated on such minor charges ... all because he's T.I."

According to T.I.'s wife, "There are way more dangerous and carefree [celebrities] that just get slapped on the wrist and sent on their way."

T.I. and Tiny Picture

"Our family needs [him] ... and because of a personal vendetta, we have to watch our kids' sad faces everyday when he still doesn't show up."

Yes and no. T.I. is at fault for brazenly violating his probation last year and ending up back behind bars in the first place. Tiny was arrested, too.

On the flip side, being yanked back because of his reality show and taking a tour bus to the halfway house? Now that there is some bull$h!t.

He's done his time. Now free T.I.!

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Woe is T.I.

Justifiably or not, the reality show the rapper was filming totally got him hauled back to prison. Officials believed he had people from the show on the bus that took him to his halfway house - a big no-no, according to official documents.

If you're not familiar with the story, here's what went down:

Nice T.I. Picture

T.I. was released from prison August 31, under specific instructions to be transported to a halfway house to serve the remaining 30 days of his sentence.

The rapper was/is serving 11 months for violating probation in his federal weapons case, after he was pulled over and police found drugs on him last fall.

It was stipulated that he could ONLY travel with his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, and was not allowed to conduct business en route to the halfway house.

But prison officials say T.I. also had his manager, along with two VH1 producers on board, chatting about his reality show as well as a book. Not kosher.

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T.I. was a free man for a full 24 hours this week, until the rapper was sent back to jail for getting a ride to his halfway house in a pimped out tour bus. Such a method of transportation is against the law, apparently.

How does wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle feel about this development? She says it's complete crap and here's why:

Prison officials saw the vehicle ahead of time and didn't say a word! Heck, they "walked him over, took pics and told him good luck in life," Tiny tells TMZ.

T.I. and Wife

"This is a bunch of bullsh-t," Cottle added. "They should have said something before he got on the bus... T.I. would have politely gotten into a van... T.I. is one of the strongest individuals I know... and they just trying to break him in more ways than one and it's not gonna work! 'Cause what God got for him, can't no man take that away... period!"

More like an ellipse, really. We likely haven't heard the end of this story.


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