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It is all over for The Jonas Brothers. They confirmed today that they are officially broken up.

Because Joe Jonas has a problem with substance abuse? It remains unclear. All we know for certain, according to the siblings, is that the decision to break up was "unanimous."

It was also heartbreaking for a number of fans.

Many have taken to Twitter and expressed their sadness/outrage; some with a single word ("NOOOOO!") and some with the lamenting of their childhood's demise, noting that Miley Cyrus is now naked a lot, Zac Efron is a drug addict and The Jonas Brothers are no more.

Sad times all over the Internet, indeed. Check out our favorite Twitter reactions to this news below:

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Someone out there knows how to sweet talk - or sweet Tweet, really - The Hollywood Gossip.

As known fans of The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, we were thrilled to receive the following photos of the young icons in concert over the weekend. An avid reader sent them in via Twitter.

The pics aren't top quality, but they're an in-person account of the stars doing what they do best. We love that kind of stuff!

Thanks so much for Tweeting the images to us, loyal THG reader Mario San Martín, and we encourage others to do the same; and/or to at least follow us on Twitter. Unlike Miley Cyrus, we promise never to leave you.

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