The Daily Show stars Jon Stewart. It's probably the funniest and smartest show on TV.

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John Oliver is leaving The Daily Show for HBO. He has landed himself a series on HBO that will premiere in 2014.

Last night, therefore, represented Oliver's final appearance as a correspondent on the Comedy Central program and it started out typically enough: with the Brit bring brought in to discuss the Royal voicemail hacking scandal.

But host Jon Stewart quickly put a stop to this segment, surprising Oliver instead with a montage of his most hilarious work over seven-and-half years at The Daily Show.

When it was all over, Oliver was an emotional wreck, scarcely able to get up and dance due to the tears running down his cheeks.

Watch the sentimental farewell in its entirety now:

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Welcome to The Daily Show. I am John Oliver and let’s all just acknowledge for a moment that this is weird. This looks weird, it feels weird, it even sounds weird - and this is my actual voice.

So John Oliver joked last night to open his first evening as host of The Daily Show, as he takes over for the summer while Jon Stewart directs a movie in the Middle East.

Was it weird? Sure. But was it funny? Oh yes, especially when the Brit focused on all things British.

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Case in point:

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Anyone wanna take a road trip to the midwest in November? Fans of The Daily Show shouldn't shake their heads quiet yet.

According to the New York Post, Jon Stewart will take his political satire to the swing-state of Ohio for the entire week preceding this year's midterm elections. The news spoof will be retitled Battlefield Ohio: The Daily Show's Midwest Midterm Midtacular for its entire string of broadcasts from a theater at Ohio State University.

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When asked where Ohio was, Paris Hilton mumbled something about Tony Blair and then stuck pins into her voodoo doll of Lindsay Lohan.

Meanwhile, rumors that The Daily Show will also visit Laguna Beach and mock the entire cast are false.

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Here's the problem with The Daily Show: it's too darn funny! While host Jon Stewart won't be going anywhere for awhile, correspondents continue to abandon the program for starrring vehicles on the big and little screen.

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To wit:

  • Steve Carell - Hard to blame to guy whose won critical acclaim for The 40-Year Old Virgin and The Office.
  • Stephen Colbert: Watch The Colbert Report. Try not to laugh every three seconds.
  • Nate and Rob Corddry: Each brother has a new show coming out in the fall. Nate will have a role in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, while Rob takes his bald head to Fox for The Winner.

And now comes news that Ed Helms will be joining the cast of the Emmy nominated, The Office, this season.

Who's leaving next? The camera man? The dolly grip? Where will it end? Who will spin the God wheel?

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