The Daily Show stars Jon Stewart. It's probably the funniest and smartest show on TV.

Welcome to The Daily Show. I am John Oliver and let’s all just acknowledge for a moment that this is weird. This looks weird, it feels weird, it even sounds weird - and this is my actual voice.

So John Oliver joked last night to open his first evening as host of The Daily Show, as he takes over for the summer while Jon Stewart directs a movie in the Middle East.

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Anyone wanna take a road trip to the midwest in November? Fans of The Daily Show shouldn't shake their heads quiet yet.

According to the New York Post, Jon Stewart will take his political satire to the swing-state of Ohio for the entire week preceding this year's midterm elections. The news spoof will be retitled Battlefield Ohio: The Daily Show's Midwest Midterm Midtacular for its entire string of broadcasts from a theater at Ohio State University.

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