Terra Jole is also known as Mini-Britney Spears. Her 15 minutes of fame begin now.

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Looks like "Mini Britney" has her very own pint-sized "PopoZao," if you know what we're talking about.

We're talking about a little person version of Kevin Federline.

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TMZ was at Beacher's Madhouse in Las Vegas this weekend where Terra Jole, a.k.a. Mini Britney Spears, rocked out pretty damn hard to two of Spears' biggest hits, "Toxic" and "Oops ... I Did it Again."

Terra Jole shook that sexy midget booty in her racy Britney-inspired uniforms - a flight attendant and red latex spacesuit.

Even more so than Miss USA Rachel Smith taking a spill at the Miss Universe pageant, it truly must be seen to be believed (click here to watch Rachel eat it).

Mid-performance, a gold-chain, wifebeater-wearing, thugged-out K-Fed look-alike (played by someone aptly named Wee Matt) took over the stage, and just like the couple's colossal counterparts, they argued!

Mini Brit even offered some tender parting words to the lil' guy - "Get the f**k outta here!"

She's good, that little Britney. Wonder who's gonna get custody of mini-Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline.

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Katie Holmes is reportedly fuming over a young porn star who changed her name to Katee Holmes and plans on losing her virginity on film.

We can only wonder, then, how Britney Spears feels about a vertically-challenged (to the max) Las Vegas performer signed by legendary promoter and impresario Jeff Beacher to "Beacher's Madhouse," his wild variety show.

Hot, Caged Animal

Terra Jole, a 26-year-old midget who calls herself "Mini Britney," has officially joined this motley Las Vegas crew and become a hot ticket in Sin City.

Personally, we'd prefer to watch a female orgasm contest hosted by the pride of Nevada, Miss Katie Rees. But to each their own, we say.

While Jole's muse, the big Britney Spears, has been a bit underemployed lately (we refuse to acknowledge these 10-minute lip-synching "shows"), Jole's star is rising by the day.

The little person, who was in a Mini-Kiss band, landed a one-year contract in the mid-six figures to portray big Brit on stage. Beacher's show opens Memorial Day at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

No word on whether a mini-Jayden James and Sean Preston will be brought to the show and shielded from photographers.

While we don't fault anyone for trying to capitalize on an opportunity to make some cash, wouldn't Angelina Jolie have been a better muse?

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Terra Jole is also known as Mini-Britney Spears. Her 15 minutes of fame begin now. More »
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