Teresa Palmer is a lovely young Australian actress. She'll be appearing in the upcoming adaption of Justice League of America and has...

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Actress Teresa Palmer recently welcomed her son Bodhi Rain Palmer.

Needless to say, mother and child have already formed a strong bond.

The new mom took to Instagram to post a collage of images with her little guy, giving him a kiss, doing mom and baby yoga, and, in one photo, breastfeeding.

Gisele Bundchen Breastfeeding
Gisele Bundchen breastfeeding and getting all made up for a modeling shoot. That is some impressive multitasking right there.

"I love being a Mum. I love every part of it," the Australian star wrote.

"I love the way I see myself differently now, as a Mother."

"My hands look different for they are soothing when I touch him, the crook of my elbow now is for his head to rest and my body feeds him whenever he needs."

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One of the better looking couples in Hollywood has called it quits.

Teresa Palmer and Scott Speedman

According to Just Jared, Teresa Palmer (I Am Number Four) and Scott Speedman (Last Resort) broke up in late summer, with the latter already moving on to his ABC costar, Camille De Pazzis.

He was spotted swimming with her in Hawaii this week.

Palmer, meanwhile, has been linked in the past to suck hunks as Liam Hemsworth, Russell Brand and Zac Efron.

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He claimed his love for Australian starlet Teresa Palmer marked the end of his womanizing ways, but it appears Russell Brand may again be on the prowl.

For Britney Spears!

The raunchy British comedian reportedly ended his relationship with Teresa Palmer to pursue Britney - just two months after announcing that the diminutive Aussie actress "reformed his insatiable sexual appetite" and made him "a changed man."

The pair is rumored to have had an intimate dinner together at Hollywood's Little Red Door restaurant on Friday evening, after being seen arriving and leaving separately to avoid being seen together by celebrity news photographers.

Russell Brand, Britney Spears

Brand and Spears met during the MTV Video Music Awards, where they filmed a couple of promos together. He served as the host while the recovering pop star scooped up three honors from the bogus, rigged award show.

Just hours before their rendezvous, Russell Brand told reporters he was newly single after ending his three-month romance with Teresa Palmer.

Self-described "footloose and fancy free," Brand propositioned a female journalist during press interviews for his upcoming film Bedtime Stories.

Not only is Britney Spears pretty hot again, but she'd be a perfect publicity platform for Brand, a former heroin / sex addict / alcoholic who has bipolar disorder and has been arrested 11 times, basically making him the coolest guy ever.

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Fortunately, the Cynthia Rodriguez and Alex Rodriguez divorce hasn't put a damper on love for all celebrities.

A pair of random hook-ups are making the celebrity gossip rounds, led by British actor Russell Brand and Australian actress Teresa Palmer.

According to The Daily Mail, Brand is even looking to settle down with Palmer, who has been linked off-screen with Adam Brody in the past and on-screen with the long-rumored Wonder Woman movie.

Russell Brand, Teresa Palmer

We have no opinion at all on the relationship between Russell Brand and Teresa Palmer.

Meanwhile, serial dater Jude Law is at it again.

The 35-year old has allegedly been sleeping with 20-year old model Lily Cole for the past couple of weeks. On Saturday night, a witness reported the following about this new couple:

"There was no blatant kissing, but it was obvious they were more than just friends. Jude was being very affectionate and gazing into her eyes."

Lily Cole is the latest notch on Jude Law's ever-expanding bed post.

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With his ex-girlfriend, Rachel Bilson, having moved on to Hayden Christensen, it's nice to see Adam Brody on the dating scene again.

The former star of The OC is rumored to be spending a lot of romantic time with his Justice League of America co-star, Teresa Palmer. In the upcoming comic book adaption, Brody portrays The Flash, while Palmer is Talia Al Ghul.

Russell Brand, Teresa Palmer

The new couple was reportedly seen holding hands and cuddling up over dinner at Lotus restaurant in Australia's Potts Point on Saturday night.

"They were just the sweetest couple and couldn't stop holding each others hand the whole time," a witness relayed. "He signed a menu for a waiter and they posed for a pic, but otherwise they were just really cool about being there together."

Brody and Palmer join other rumored new pairings this week, such as Pete Doherty and Portia Freeman.

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