Just when it was looking like things were beginning to turn around for Teresa Giudice, the incarcerated reality star may have received some bad news about her shortened prison sentence.

According to Radar Online, Teresa will be released in December, as planned, but because her reduced sentence has more to do with overcrowding than with her own good behavior, Teresa may be forced to serve two months of house arrest.

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If you're the one person on the planet who has any interest in hearing about Joe and Teresa Giudice's sex life, then today's your lucky day! 

Juicy Joe (Even his nickname will make you throw up in your mouth!) has been giving lots of interviews in the past few days, and in addition to admitting that it's his fault that Teresa is in prison, he's also opening up about all the sweaty sex he plans to have with his incarcerated wife once she's released.

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Joe Giudice sat down this week with The Today Show and opened up about his family's seriously effed up situation.

The reality star's famous wife is in jail... he will go behind bars as soon as she gets out... and he may even get deported as a result of his upcoming prison sentence.

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Teresa Giudice still has at least two months left on her prison sentence, but The Real Housewife-turned-inmate has been plotting her return to the spotlight since the day her cell door slammed shut for the first time.

Always the opportunist, Teresa has already made big bucks from her first prison photos. She's even found a way to cameo on a Bravo special about the Giudice family, even though cameras are forbidden in the prison.

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Teresa Giudice still has a few months left on her sentence, but the incarcerated Housewife has been wheeling, dealing, and planning her return to the public eye from the day that she turned herself over to authorities.

Teresa's prison photos reportedly sold in the high six-figure range, and she's managed to keep in contact with Andy Cohen and the rest of her Bravo bosses.

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