Teddy Geiger got his break on failed CBS show, Love Monkey. He's trying to make it on his own now as a John Mayer-type singer.

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Justin Timberlake should send Teddy Geiger a basket of muffins or something.

Even though JT isn't always so welcoming to new artists (see Taylor Hicks comments), Geiger and Mr. SexyBack himself have something in common: with the latest issue of Seventeen magazine, Geiger joins Timberlake as the only men to grace that publication's cover since 2002.

Inside, Teddy bears his soul in an exclusive tell-all interview, revealing his not so smooth history with the ladies.

"I was terrified of girls until sophomore year of high school. I couldn't even borrow pencils from them. I'd have to wait until the teacher called me out on it, like, 'Does anybody have a pencil for Teddy?' because I'd be too scared to ask the girl next to me."

Wow. That makes Jon Heder seem like a man's man.

Geiger also touched on his experience with stage fright, admitting:

"There were times I'd get so nervous I couldn't make it through a song. I'd make a mistake or talk too fast."

Well, many of us can relate to that, Ted, don't worry. But The Gossip finds your favorite perfume hard to forgive: Paris Hilton perfume.

What does that even smell like? Stale sex and old money?