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A couple days after he was brought in to the police station, and just hours after the public watched him and his daughter spew allegations back and forth in separate interviews, Ted Williams has reportedly checked into rehab.

Few details are known at this time, Dr. Phil actually played a role in convincing the recently homeless man to check into a treatment facility.

"If Ted is ever going to get better, he's got to be honest with himself and admit he's addicted to drugs and alcohol,” says McGraw. "I've told him it's not going to be easy and it's going to take a lot of hard work. It might be a long journey for him, but this is a big step in the right direction."

Police were called to a Los Angeles hotel on Monday because Williams and his daughter got into a verbal confrontation. The later has since claimed her father drinks heavily every night.

Williams has owned up to a history of alcohol abuse and illegal activity. Such honesty has helped the nation rally behind this man with an incredible voice, but it's clear he still has a long way to go in his personal struggle.

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In barely a week, Ted Williams has gone from random homeless man to national folk hero.

But might the shine be coming off the golden-voiced ex-con? His story is slowly devolving into Jerry Springer territory, as Williams and his daughter were detained by police this week for a hotel shouting match.

They've each now given dueling interviews to Entertainment Tonight, hurling accusations of cursing, scratching and drinking back and forth. As usual, the truth likely lies somewhere in between these versions of what went down between the relatives, but it's not encouraging either way.

See for yourself:

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This will not help Ted Williams in his battle with the other Ted Williams...

The homeless man with a golden voice, who has become an overnight sensation across the country, was detailed by Los Angeles police officers last night following an argument with his daughter.

Ted Williams Photo

The dispute, which reportedly took place over money, went down at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood. A hotel employee called authorities due to excessivly loud shouting between Williams and his daughter.

Both were taken to the police station, though no charges were pressed.

Williams has received numerous job offers since he was discovered on the streets of Ohio this month. He has a long arrest record, but Americans have galvanized behind a man who says God has given him a second chance.

Let's hope he's not on the verge of blowing it.

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Well, that didn't take long.

With Ted Williams making headlines and appearing on various morning shows all week, many companies have acted to get this homeless man on their team. Foremost among them: Kraft Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese.

In the commercial below, Williams concludes the spot by praising the meal's "cheesy noodles topped with golden brown breadcrumbs - you know you love it."

Williams has also been hired by the Cleveland Cavaliers and will likely provide voice work for NFL Films.

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They share the same name, but little else.

In this edition of the THG Tale of the Tape, we compare Rex Sox legend Ted Williams with golden-voiced homeless man Ted Williams. What are their similarities? Differences? Who will prevail in a personal 10-round battle? Let's find out...

Ted Williams: Teddy Ballgame
Ted Williams: The Man with the Golden Voice
Edge: Ted Williams (Homeless dude)

  • Baseball Ted Williams
  • Ted Williams Picture

2. SIGNIFICANCE of #9...
Ted Williams: Jersey number
Ted Williams: Number of kids
Edge: Ted Williams (Homeless dude)

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Ever since his sudden burst on to the national scene, Ted Williams has been honest about possessing a checkered past.

The homeless man with a golden voice has admitted that drugs and alcohol played a role in many mistakes, but The Smoking Gun has now come out with specifics regarding various arrests and citations.

Ted Williams Mug Shot

The rap sheet for Williams includes theft, robbery, escape, forgery and drug possession.

As recently as July 2010, a businessman called the cops on this Brooklyn native and a female friend who refused to leave the premises. He told authorities that Williams had become an "ongoing problem" and that the woman often got "dropped off in the parking lot by various and numerous males in different vehicles."

Williams told Matt Lauer this week that his life "went to pits" and that he hopes he'll take advantage of this second chance. But if it's more like a seventh chance, many critics might believe Williams doesn't deserve it. What do you think?

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The man with the golden voice is also the man with really active sperm.

In discussing his life on a pair of morning shows this week, Ted Williams said he has nine children, seven girls and two boys. He said he hopes his tale - of success, followed by a downfall, followed by a new discovery of his incredible voice - will inspire his kids and others.

"Don't judge a book by its cover – everyone has their own little story," he told Matt Lauer. "If you're going to give to a homeless person, give from the heart."

Watch Williams open up about his life, including offers from Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and the Cleveland Cavaliers, on The Today Show and The Early Show in the following videos.

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Ted Williams looks like your typical homeless person. However, due to a video that has gone viral, the scruffy Columbus, Ohio-native won't be a jobless person for much longer.

Interviewed by a reporter in the footage below, Williams makes James Earl Jones sound like Mike Tyson. What has prompted the Cleveland Cavaliers and NFL Films to offer him a job, based on a couple quotes?

Listen to him speak and you'll immediately understand:

"This has been totally, totally amazing," Williams told The Associated Press today. "I'm just so thankful. God has blessed me so deeply. I'm getting a second chance. Amazing."

That's the only word we can come up with, as well.

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