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Nick Goepper finished third in the slopestyle at the Sochi Olympics this week.

But he hopes to finish first in the heart of Taylor Swift!

Earlier today, the Bronze Medal winner posed for a photo on Twitter and asked a simple question of the pop and country star: Will you be my Valentine?

Nick Goepper Picture

The request is not as random as it sounds: Goepper actually met Swift on the red carpet of the 2014 Golden Globes.

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This pairing almost makes too much sense, doesn't it?

Witnesses tell The New York Post that Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift struck up a conversation at a pre-Academy Awards party on Friday night, following it up with dinner two evenings later at at Toscanova Italian restaurant in Century City.

"After dinner, he walked her out," a source says. "Then he walked back in to join two other people. I think they may both have been with their agents."

  • Taylor Swift at Lorax Premiere
  • Tim Tebow Photograph

Granted, the meal doesn't sound too romantic, but Taylor has been burned by so many men in her past. Tebow is a virgin, had the good sense to reject Kim Kardashian and might be the son of God.

This couple has to happen.