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A recent study of past and present pop music sought to rank the greatest singers of all time on the basis of their vocal range.

We think it's safe to say the results are... surprising.

Taylor Swift - #77
Taylor glammed up for the red carpet. Photos like this remind us why she's had so many boyfriends.

For example, if you can predict ahead of time which two crooners tied for the top spot, well then you, sir or madam, have quite the ear for music.

You should probably replace all three judges on American Idol and produce Caleb Johnson's first number one record.

In other words, you can't predict this list. No one can.

We've all got our ideas of what constitutes good and bad music and this list throws concepts like creative ingenuity, songwriting ability and stage presence right out the window and judges artists solely by the highest and lowest notes they can hit.

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Billboard has come out with its list of the biggest money makers in all of music - and Taylor Swift once again reigns supreme.

After receiving the same distinction in 2011, Swift earned more Benjamins than anyone else in the industry over the past 12 months, raking in $39,699,575.60 to claim the top spot over Justin Timberlake and Kenny Chesney.

Taylor Swift Dazzles

To compile its list, Billboard ranked performers "by U.S. earnings, calculated from touring, recorded- music sales, publishing royalties and revenue from digital music and video streaming."

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Happy Valentine's Day, THGers!

Have you bought her the chocolate box yet? The roses? The endless stream of balloons? Okay, good.

As you now try to decide which of the Most Romantic Movies of All-Time to pop into your DVD player, we're here to help you set the mood.

After all, nothing beats a good love song. With that in mind, we've compiled a bunch of literal love songs below.

These all contain the word "love" - and while Eminem and Rihanna rapping about domestic abuse might not put you in the mood... keep clicking away. It gets more romantic and more Bieber-licious as the gallery goes on:

Eminem and Rihanna - "Love The Way You Lie"
Eminem and Rihanna rap here about domestic abuse. It's not the most romantic message in history. But it's a fun track!

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Taylor Swift didn't need much to bring Grammy Awards attendees to their feet last night.

Just her piano. Some solid vocals. Memories of her split from Jake Gyllenhaal. And a whole lot of hair flipping.

That summarizes the young star's rendition of "All Too Well" as succinctly as possible, as Swift sang this song off the album "Red" for the first time at an awards show.

Did it have the fun energy of Beyonce and Jay-Z opening the event on CBS? Nope. But it did leave the Internet talking a lot and it did result in a standing ovation.

Watch the emotional performance now:

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It was taped a month ago, but the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired on CBS last night.

And while most of the attention at the event was on beauties such as Karlie Kloss, Adriana Lima, Cara Delevingne and many others, Taylor Swift also made her talented presence felt.

No, she didn't strut down the runway in her underway.

But Swift did open the show by performing alongside Fall Out Boy and then returned later on for a solo rendition of "I Knew You Were Trouble."

Watch both performances now:

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Look out, Kate Middleton. Taylor Swift has formally met your man.

The 23-year-old artist actually met Prince William yesterday at the Kensington Palace in London, as Swift was in town for the Centrepoint Winter Whites Gala.

That's not all. The two later collaborated musically. We kid not!

Taylor Swift and Prince William

The highlight of the event? Jon Bon Jovi taking to the stage with his guitar, flanked by Swift and William, for an acoustic version of "Livin on a Prayer."

And Taylor took the stage and joined in! And then so did Prince William! Talk about an unexpected musical threesome - one as legendary as it was surprising.

Watch the performance you'll likely never, ever see again:

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Taylor Swift became the second person ever to be honored with the Pinnacle Award at the 2013 CMA Awards, as a number of country music legends took to the stage to pay tribute to the young superstar.

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, George Strait, Rascal Flatts and Brad Paisley - all of whom have toured with Swift - presented the artist with the trophy, while video messages played from the likes of Mick Jagger, Justin Timberlake, Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts.

It was a lot for Swift to take, and it resulted in a very emotional acceptance speech.

Said Swift to the thousands in attendance and millions watching at home, tears in her eyes:

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Taylor Swift performed "The Last Time" for the first time last night.

Appearing on The X Factor UK and joined by Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol, the artist gave viewers a listen to one of the track off last year's mammoth album, "Red."

It will be the next single she released internationally and this marked the first time Swift performed it on television. Give the rendition a look and a listen now:

Late last month, Taylor premiered another single, "Stranger Than Fiction," which will be included on the soundtrack of the film One Chance.

We're big fans of both songs.

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Taylor Swift will release a new album at some point in the near future. It will feature a fresh sonic backdrop.

But fans of Swift need not wait to long to hear new music from the singer, as she has come out with "Stranger Than Fiction," a track that will play over the closing credits of the film One Chance.

It tells the tale of Paul Potts, a down-on-his-luck clerk who grew into an opera sensation during a 2007 run on Britain's Got Talent.

For the single, Taylor takes on the persona of a long-time fan who always believed in Potts, crooning that she's seen him fall and she's seen him crawl on his knees… but she never lost her faith in the man.

Give the song a listen now:

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Enough with the personal life chatter.

Yes, Taylor Swift like bad boys. No, she probably was not rejected by Zayn Malik. Can we move on now?

Swift herself is very much ready to do so.

Taylor Swift VMA Look

Speaking to The Associated Press this week, the singer said she's already thinking about her follow up to the quadruple-platinum "Red" and she thinks her next album will sound very different from it.

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