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We're not exactly sure who decided to photoshop the teeth out of celebrity mouths or why, but this is a thing that exists on the Internet. For better or for worse.

The pictures are frightening and funny, sometimes simultaneously.

In some cases, it feels like we're getting a glimpse of what would happen if these celebrities had to age without the benefit of cosmetic dental implants to ensure their teeth are obnoxiously white while their skin shrivels and their hair fades to gray.

In others, well, we're horrified. You probably will be too.

So here's a look at what 19 celebrities would look like without teeth. Now if you'll excuse us we'll be brushing and flossing so this never, ever happens to us:

Anne Hathaway
Scale of 1 to OMG, Anne Hathaway with no teeth is OMGOMGOMG.

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Taylor Swift is beyond thrilled to have her best friend back, so-called insiders claim, after Selena Gomez dumped Justin Bieber, which allegedly happened.

It's not clear if Selena actually did any curb-kicking when it comes to her douchey ex, but the two are not together romantically, that's for darn sure.

At least for this week.

  • Taylor Swift at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards
  • Selena Gomez at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards

We also know that Taylor was never a fan of Jelena, so it's no surprise to read reports that she is excited by her bestie's newfound single status.

Not only that, she's started playing matchmaker (not sure you should let Taylor Swift help with that, but we digress), and is so “proud” of how Selena is doing.

Selena jabbed at Justin during last night's Teen Choice Awards (or so it appeared), leaving little doubt that the two are not bumping uglies at the moment.

No one is more stoked about that than Taylor.

“Taylor and Selena have been talking a lot more now that Justin is out of the picture,” an unnamed source dished to one celebrity gossip website.

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If Taylor Swift is trying to become the most fan-friendly celeb of all time, she's on the right path.

Earlier this week, Taylor sang to a young Leukemia patient in a video that can be difficult to watch through the tears in your eyes.

You might think that would be the peak of Taylor's kindness and generosity, or at least that she'd take the rest of the week off, but you'd be wrong.

Yesterday, in NYC, Taylor bestowed upon a young fan the greatest gift of all...the gift of burritos.

Taylor Swift and Fan

So is Swifty just strolling around Central Park with a steam tray full of beef and tortillas? Well, not quite...but the real story is almost that good:

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Last week, we shared a list of things you might not know about Taylor Swift, and while most of the entries concerned Taylor's career and tabloid-ready love life, the most important fact about Taylor has nothing to do with singing or celebrity boyfriends:

Taylor frequently takes time out of her insanely busy schedule to brighten the lives of kids with terminal illnesses.

In the past, Swift has visited cancer patients and posed for inspiring photos. Over the weekend, however, we received a special glimpse of just  how much Taylor brings to the lives of young fans from a video posted by the parents of Jordan Lee Nickerson:

Jordan is a 6-year-old boy who was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition known as Williams Syndrome just six months after he was born. He's since encountered numerous health problems and is currently being treated for Leukemia at a Boston hospital.

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Taylor Swift. You think you know everything about her, and who could blame you? She's been writing deeply personal lyrics since she was in her teens, and her love life has served as frequent tabloid fodder for almost as long.

Taylor's many relationships with celebrities have been publicly dissected to the point that you may remember more about her breakups than your own.

But though she's been woefully unlucky in love and has occasionally vented her frustrations in song form, Taylor is far more mature, intelligent, and well-rounded than most celebs her age. As such, there are a lot of Swifty facts and foibles that you may not be aware of:

For example, did you know that Taylor made SNL history as the first ever host to write her own monologue? Or that she won a national poetry award while still in grade school?

Yes, there's more than meets the eye when it comes to the Pennsylvania girl who grew up on a Christmas tree farm. Speaking of eyes:

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Sometimes, things happen that are both surprising and yet not. Like when Taylor Swift gets on up and dances like no one's watching at an Ingrid Michaelson concert.

Fortunately, people were watching and recording this greatness on their phones:

Swift, accompanied by her lookalike best friend, Victoria's Secret model Karlie Kloss, can be seen dressed in black on the middle of the stage above.

If you can't spot her instantly in the grainy footage, well, it shouldn't be too hard recognize her signature awkward dance moves after a few moments.

In another clip posted on Instagram, Swift is seen embracing Kloss before resuming the arm-waving, herky-jerky jiggling that we find so endearing.

She certainly has her own style. And no inhibition.

Michaelson, an indie artist with several mainstream hits, and whose songs have been featured on Grey's Anatomy and other shows, was a fan.

Clearly appreciative of Swift's enthusiasm, the "Girls Chase Boys" singer posted an Instagram collage thanking Taylor and others for coming out.

More classic moments of Taylor in action below:

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Taylor Swift may be providing dating advice to fans online these days, but according to a new report, the famously unlucky in love singer could use some romance tips of her own.

Taylor Swift: Hot in NYC
Taylor looked better than ever as she stepped out in Manhattan today. NYC seems to agree with her!

The latest issue of tabloid Star features an interview with an unidentified ex of Taylor's who has some interesting insights that may shed light on why she's so chronically single.

The ex (who Star notes is not a celebrity) says TayTay is every bit the old lady in a hot 24-year-old's body that the media has made her out to be.

The man not only describes Taylor as "super needy," he says she frequently commits the cardinal cat lady sin of steering the conversation to her furry friend Meredith:

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As the entire free world now knows, Justin Bieber got into it with Orlando Bloom last night.

The actor tried to punch Bieber over the singer's relationship with Bloom's ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, an action that may have been met with anger by Beliebers around the globe...

... but it was greeted by applause from the following celebrities.

Indeed, Bloom isn't the first famous person to have a beef with Justin Bieber.

Drake Bell wanted to get him deported. Seth Rogan thinks he's an A-Hole. And Taylor Swift gets grossed out at the sight of Selena Gomez pecking her occasional boyfriend.

The basis for the beefs documented below may differ, but one similarity remains: everyone here wants to punch Justin Bieber.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has feuded with Selena Gomez many times over her relationship with Bieber. This is how she feels when the two of them kiss.

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Taylor Swift is known for being unlucky in love at times, but always reaching out to her massive fan base, made up predominantly of young women.

One of those young women, struggling with her feelings for a boy she's very interested in, wrote to Swift on Instagram asking for advice, and Taylor responded!

  • T Swizzle Advice
  • Taylor Swift in Toronto

Swift has certainly given a voice to many heartbroken fans via her music, so we suppose it's not too shocking that she'd try to help one out personally.

Still, the breadth of her response to her fan Hannah this week went above and beyond what you'd expect from a friend, let alone a music superstar.

Hannah explained on Instagram that she is romantically interested in a boy who was her “first best friend,” on whom she's developed “the biggest crush.”

Believing he will “never” like her back, Hannah tagged Taylor’s Instagram page in the caption and asked, “Can you give me some advice maybe?”

The 24-year-old singer did just that, in length and heartfelt fashion.

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So much for that Taylor Swift-Selena Gomez feud.

Over the past few weeks, multiple reports have claimed this friendship was over; first because of Justin Bieber and then Swift was too boring.

But does this sound like a friend scorned to you?

"Usually this S represents 'Swift' but today I'm wearing it because SELENA IS 22!!!!" Swift just posted on Instagram, along with the following photo:

Taylor Swift Hearts Selena

See! Forget the chatter, folks! Telena 4 eva and eva!

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