Taylor Swift has been single for a long time at this point.

She's only 25, and her professional life couldn't be more hectic, so there's plenty of good reason for the singer to be taking some "me time" these days.

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As you might know, Taylor Swift has a lot of money. Like, "probably already has a seat booked on the first space shuttle heading to Mars after the Earth becomes uninhabitable" money.

All that wealth is the result of Taylor's unprecedented dominance of the world of pop music, so it's no surprise that she wants to protect her most important assets, like her songs, her voice, and...

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Based on her record sales, there's no arguing the point that Taylor Swift is the most popular singer in the world.

But there also can't really be an argument to be made against Taylor Swift being the most popular celebrity in Hollywood, either, of we're counting by sheer number of famous friends.

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Taylor Swift is the next big thing in country music. She hails from Pennsylvania and has a younger brother named Austin. Personally,... More »
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I think it's kind of fun to call out your ex-boyfriends. Like why do this if you're not gonna take the opportunity to always have the last word. It's so much fun.

Taylor Swift

I saw that documentary on Britney Spears, and I feel bad for her—she can't leave her house!

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