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When cornered by the celebrity gossip media, Britney Spears' response used to be to show off her ... well, her "Britney." If you know what we mean.

Well, Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl had a different reaction recently. Showcasing her ridiculous moves, she left a horde of paparazzi eating her dust.

Who knew that the 15-year-old actress and model was also a part-time Iron Man ... woman. Girl. Whatever. Here's Taylor absolutely owning peeps ...

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The hit CW series Gossip Girl is becoming renowned for its characters' senses of trend-setting style as for their myriad scandalous Upper East Side dalliances.

The costume department might want to rethink the newest look sported by Taylor Momsen, 15, (who plays aspiring fashion maven Jenny Humphrey), however.

Rihanna in Vogue

Taylor's wild, '80s hair, dark eyeliner and black and white dress was an ensemble designed to look edgy ... but we like to think of it as Ring-Tailed Lemur chic ...

Whose style do you like better?


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Move over, Julianne Hough. Make some room in that hospital bed.

Get your minds out of the gutter, guys. We didn't mean it like that.

Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen was released Wednesday from Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after a brief hospitalization.

"I have been treating Miss Taylor Momsen for the last few days," Momsen's doctor, Shawn Nasseri, told Us Weekly. "She has been hospitalized for a severe, potentially life-threatening throat infection since Sunday." Yikes!

"She's expected to make a full recovery in the next 3-5 days."

Taylor Momsen was in L.A. to take a school exam "when she woke up with a sore throat," a source close told the celeb news mag.

Taylor Momsen Image

Taylor Momsen, 15, plays Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl.

The source continued: "She thought it was just a common cold, but was advised to see an ear, nose & throat specialist. Her mom flew out to get her, and is flying back [to New York] with Taylor this week. She's in unbelievable spirits."

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Taylor Momsen stars on Gossip Girl. She is 15 years old. 15!

Her age has absolutely nothing at all to do with this post, but we had to point that fact out to you. We know how some of our readers think.

In any case, the actress/model busts out more odd hairstyles than her Gossip Girl character does snarky, bitchy comments. See below ...

  • Totally Taylor Momsen
  • T-Mom
  • T-Momz

Which Taylor Momsen hairstyle is your favorite?


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Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl has signed with IMG models.

This makes her one of the youngest ladies on the company's roster, as Taylor is just 14. 14! That's four years younger than Hayden Panettiere!

Kendall Jenner Fashion

More significantly, it's a year younger than IMG's Gemma Ward was (she's now 20) when she scored her first Prada campaign and rose to stardom.

There's no denying that Taylor Momsen has the model looks and model height, at 5-foot-10, but it's interesting to note IMG's scooping her up so quickly, since she's yet to score any big celebrity fashion campaigns or covers.

Taylor Momsen plays Jenny Humphrey on the hit show Gossip Girl.

Also notable is that IMG signed another notable star, Mischa Barton, when she was about 16 and turned her from a child actress into a pot-smoking, drunk-driving, Cisco-Adler-shagging train wreck. But famous, for sure!

We're guessing that's the strategy here with Taylor. Nice!

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She may be overshadowed by her older brother and by snobby girls on TV, but Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen was certainly the center of attention when she unexpectedly showed up at her school's most recent homecoming dance.

The Hollywood Gossip Note: Taylor Momsen is 14 years old. That is four years younger than Hayden Panettiere, and six and seven years younger, respectively, than her co-stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. Just saying.

Taylor Momsen Cleavage

Clad a sexy black lace tunic â€" "way too short for a dress," the Washington Post quoted a witness as saying â€" Taylor Momsen arrived with her former middle school classmates. Middle school, people. Middle school.

The actress â€" who plays NYC prep school kid Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl â€" spent most of the night "huddled" with them in the gym of Winston Churchill High in her hometown of Potomac, Maryland, according to the Post.

"Strangers had a hard time striking up a conversation with the gorgeous blond starlet," the Post reports. We can't imagine why that would be the case.

On her Facebook page, Taylor Momsen lists herself as a member of Churchill High School's Class of 2011, though she currently isn't attending classes.

Although, Taylor may spending a lot more time with her hometown chums: The Hollywood writers' strike has shut down production of her show and others.

You can at least catch Taylor Momsen tonight, however, along with the rest of her gorgeous and entertaining Gossip Girl co-stars at 9 on The CW.

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