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Lady Gaga's officially going public with boyfriend Taylor Kinney.

With a series of just-released photos in which she makes no attempt to hide her affection, the 25-year-old is finally acknowledging what we've known for months: She and The Vampire Diaries' Taylor Kinney are an item, and a cute one at that.

Sources say they're taking it slow, but definitely going strong.

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Gaga, who first met Kinney on the set of her "You and I" music video (below) when he starred as her love interest and makeout partner, casually slung her arm over her boyfriend's shoulder as they strolled along a California beach.

While the pair appear cozy and are getting along fabulously, a source close to Gaga insists they're not super serious - mostly because of the strains of her career.

"They're hooking up and getting to know each other," explains the insider. "Gaga can't be too committed because she works 24/7. But she thinks he's the best!"

Good to hear. Let's just hope they make time for each other!


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Time to make sure your phone is password-protected, fellas.

Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga are smitten with one another these days, but when they first got together, he was still in a relationship with Brittany Sackett, In Touch claims.

Until he accidentally pocket-dialed her during an illicit date with Gaga.

“I could hear her telling him he was so ‘sexy and creative,’” Sackett says, adding that she'd replace those adjectives with “dishonest and disloyal.” Again ... passwords.

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“In my opinion,” Brittany says as a warning to Gaga, “he’s fame-hungry.”

If so, that would be one big thing The Vampire Diaries actor has in common with the star's ex, Luc Carl, who always seemed to be in love with Lady Gaga’s fame.

Then again, ever since Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney got together, they have kept a low profile, staying at his beach condo with roommates instead of hotels even.

You could say, in a manner of speaking, that they've got all kinds of money but they still pay rent, because you can't buy a house in heaven ... or something.

You get the point. Lessons learned from this article: 1. Don't call your significant other while you're on a date with someone else, and 2. Watch your back, Gaga.


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Lady Gaga made some morose comments about her past relationships the other day, but it looks like her budding romance with Taylor Kinney is in full swing.

The singer and her buzzed-about new beau were spotted sharing some backstage PDA at the KIIS-FM Jingle Ball at L.A.'s Nokia Theatre, according to People.

The two kept their hands to themselves in public, but they were spotted embracing in the privacy of the hallway backstage. Looks like Gaga's got a keeper ...

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The couple met on the set of her "You and I" music video in Nebraska, and - despite her claims that it's not serious - they have been inseparable ever since.

While some of the actor's Vampire Diaries co-stars were also at the show, and even walked the red carpet, he stuck by Gaga for her headlining performance.

Onlookers later spotted the two holding hands and acting like a couple.

A cute couple, albeit an unlikely one, to say the least ...


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Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney, who sparked dating rumors after their steamy "You and I" music video hookup, are indeed involved romantically in real life.

That said, things aren't too serious with The Vampire Diaries werewolf due to her other long-term relationship with 15 million Little Monsters. Girl tours a lot!

Interestingly, Lady Gaga’s latest video is said to be a tribute to her ex-boyfriend Luc Carl, for whom she wrote the song, and whom Kinney plays a version of.

Guess a shirtless Taylor Kinney felt like an upgrade ...

The budding relationship between Gaga and Kinney has now been confirmed by multiple sources, however it's also been noted that as of right now, the singer and actor aren’t particularly serious due to hectic work schedules.

Still, based on the video above? Great chemistry!

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Reports that Lady Gaga started dating Taylor Kinney surfaced in early September.

Well, it looks like unlike many celebrity couple rumors, this one was actually legit!

Taylor Kinney, who fans of The Vampire Diaries will recognize as Mason Lockwood, has been seen leaving Gaga's dance studio in New York with her multiple times lately.

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The two, who met on the set of her "You and I" music video, make quite the cute couple. But that doesn't mean the romance has been entirely drama-free.

Apparently their relationship began, if you believe the Huffington Post, while Taylor was still with his ex this summer. We haven't been able to confirm that.

All told, Gaga things on the DL, but is reportedly very happy with this little (tall, dark, handsome) monster, while Taylor prefers to leave the spotlight to her.

No comment yet from Judas, Luc Carl or Jo Calderone.


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Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney, who met on the set of her "You and I" music video shoot back in July, are "hooking up," according to People sources.

Kinney, who you may know from The Vampire Diaries, played the singer's mad scientist love interest in the video. Supposedly, the two got close.

Wonder how Luc Carl feels about that development.

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The two were reportedly in Mission Viejo, Calif., over Labor Day weekend and a source close to Gaga confirms the pair "were hanging out" over the holiday.

Gaga, whose romantic life is a bit of a mystery, was last linked to musician, bartender and fellow New York native Carl, her on-off boyfriend of a few years.

In July, reports suggested Gaga and Carl were once again going strong and that she had even written "You and I" about the rekindling of that romance.

Looks like they could be on another break though, with Taylor Kinney swooping in! What do you think? Do he and Lady Gaga make a cute couple?


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