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He was among the front-runners all season long and, last night, Tate Stevens took his place among reality show singing champions, snagging the $5 million prize offered each year to The X Factor winner.

"My next dream is to make this album and be able to tour and live that life - do what I love doing," Stevens told reporters after the show. "I love entertaining people, I love performing for people and I'm finally getting the chance."

But before we look too far ahead, let's take a look back at Tate's journey, starting with his initial audition:

Feels like forever ago, huh?

Sound off now on whether you think Stevens should have won and then watch a number of other performances that helped him achieve this dream:

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The performance are over. The Khloe Kardashian insults have nearly run their course. And The X Factor fate now rests the hands of the viewers.

Following a tribute to the victims of the Connecticut shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the finalists took to the Fox stage last night for three performances:

  1. Their favorite song from an earlier stage of the competition.
  2. A duet with of a famous hit with its original artist (LeAnn Rimes, Little Big Town or Demi Lovato).
  3. A track chosen by themselves and their mentor.

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And then there were three, each representing a different demographic.

One group remains on The X Factor. Can Fifth Harmony take home the grand prize?

One young lady is still standing. Will Carly Rose Sonenclar be the final one?

And one country artist is hoping to wear the crown. Does Tate Stevens have a strong chance?

The X Factor Season 2 Finalists

Catch up on the entire season via or X Factor videos section and weigh in now: Who will win it all?


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A dozen contestants may remain on The X Factor, but only two elderly men.

Indeed, it's down to Tate Stevens (who sat atop the first-ever X Factor Power Rankings last Thursday) and Vino Alan.

Can you decide between the pair? Review the four teenage performances from last night's episode, along with those of the three women managed by Britney, and then watch/decide:

Which of these hopefuls impressed you most?


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You've seen the Teens.

You've listened to the Young Adults.

Now it's time to judge the older generation on The X Factor, as Vino Alan went all romantic ballad on viewers last night; Tate Stevens did his best Bon Jovi impression; and Jason Brock aimed to inspire.

Who succeeded? You tell us!

Which over-25 performance was your favorite?


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