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Tara Conner cried, went to rehab and apologized to America - but that's still not enough for her beauty pageant bretheren.

Taking the classy stage of The Dr. Keith Ablow Show, Miss USA 2005 Chelsea Cooley said the news of Tara's drug and alcohol use was "very disappointing" and "unfortunate," and left her wondering if Conner ever "looked at it [being Miss USA] as a job."

You know, like being a fast food worker.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Gossip was saddened to hear that Cooley shared the stage - and the sentiments - with this year's runner-up, Miss California Tamiko Nash.

Editor's note: We're gonna assume this is the same lovely woman as "Tomiko Nash," a common spelling mistake our writers have made along with many others following this story.

Anyway, Tamiko/Tomiko said she hoped Donald Trump would give her Conner's crown - but also added the lie politically correct statement that she'd have felt guilty taking Conner's Crown like that.

The two bitter pills also weighed-in on Miss Nevada Katie Rees.

Both agreed that the girl-on-girl action shots and drunken, nude Katie Rees photos made it "fair" and "justified" to take away her crown.

Others feel as though these pics made it "hot" and "alluring" for guys everywhere. Guess we can agree to disagree.

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Tara Conner has a fan in The Hollywood Gossip.

And Donald Trump.

Evidently, though, not everyone believes in second chances for coked up, promiscuous party animals.

The 2003 Miss USA, Susie Castillo, told Complex magazine that Tara's escapades have "tarnished [the crown] for a very long time now" and that "it's not the job of Miss USA to be in rehab."

Well then, Susie Castillo - if that is your real name - just what is the job of Miss USA? How what about Miss America? You better go inform Lauren Nelson before she lets you down, too.

We shudder to think of how you feel about Katie Rees, that hard-working former Miss Nevada who was stripped of her crown faster than she typically strips off her clothing every night.

In the future, we hope Castilla keeps her opinions to herself. Don't throw the first stone, ok? You probably think it's not the job of Isaac Cohen to buy underwear for Britney, either.

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Tara Conner is an alcoholic.

But that's not so uncommon in Hollywood. Just ask Mel Gibson or Lindsay Lohan. What helps to set Miss USA apart in that case?

Smack. White powder. Cocaine. Conner admits - in an interview with Matt Lauer on Today - that she dabbled in this and other hard drugs.

"I have done cocaine, yeah," Tara said. "I've tried several different things."

Included in that, of course, would be make out sessions with Miss Teen USA, Katie Blair.

People connected with the pageant had said ne of the big problems with Tara's situation was that her hair follicles had tested positive for cocaine â€" a much more sensitive test than urinalysis.

We wish Tara a full recovery - and hope others don't jump to any drug-laden conclusions when it comes to Lauren Nelson, the new Miss America.

Give her a chance.

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Tara Conner is back in the non-rehab world - but fans should expect "a completely different person" Miss USA said to People magazine.

"My life has completely changed," she said. "I'm a completely different person out of rehab. Before I entered rehab I hardly knew who I was. I felt like I was floating and I just needed someone to pull me down."

And that person, oddly enough, turned out to be pageant owner Donald Trump.

The Kentucky native, who turned 21 on Dec. 18, initially entered a rehabilitation center in Pennsylvania on Dec. 21, following allegations of hard partying, indiscretions with Katie Blair and unreliability.

She spent 31 days there â€" including Christmas and New Year's Eve.

"I didn't think I had any kind of issue going into rehab. I even said, 'I'll get some free therapy,' or something like that â€" and that was so ridiculous," says Conner. "But I've realized I do have an issue. I suffer from the disease of alcoholism and addiction. And if there's anything that I want people to know it's the severity of this disease and what it can do to people."

Lindsay Lohan has also learned that lesson recently.

In her interview with People, Conner also admits that she tried drugs in addition to alcohol, and that she took her first drink at the age of 14.

The Hollywood Gossip hopes she truly is on her way to recovery now. We also hope Tomiko Nash has accepted her fate as runner-up.

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We hope Jay Leno has the booze and hot women ready.

Tara Conner is coming to town!

Fresh out of rehab, the embattled Miss USA will appear on Leno next week.

If men across the country are lucky, so will Katie Rees.

After finishing up a month-long stint at the Caron Foundation in Pennsylvania, Tara will begin her attempt at a serious image makeover on the Friday, February 2 edition of the show.

Tune in to see if she can remain sober.

And to count how many times she thanks Donald Trump for his ability to milk a story for all it's worth forgive.

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On Sunday, a new life begins for Miss USA, Tara Conner.

Just in time for the NFL Conference Championship games, Conner will experience life as a woman outside rehab for the first time in 30 days.

We just hope Katie Blair is there to welcome her.

The people who run the facility in which Tara was detoxing say she's back on track. No more drinking, drugs or lesbian make out sessions.

Maybe that means Conner can offer some advice to the newly rehabbing Lindsay Lohan.

Since the second chance given to her by Donald Trump, a pair of fellow contestants in the pageant, Miss Nevada Katie Rees and Miss New Jersey Ashley Harder have been forced to turn in their crowns.

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And the Pope is Catholic.

And Rachel Bilson is not unattractive.

We know, this isn't exactly breaking news.

But it's still news.

As she dries out in rehab, Tara Conner continues to make headlines. No, she hasn't been having cyber sex with Katie Rees.

We don't think.

But the beauty queen's famously supercharged hormones were reportedly on display at a cover photo shoot for New York Dog magazine prior to the unveiling of other raunchy behavior.

(Yes, apparently there's a New York Dog magazine. No, we don't think the cover girl is Heather Mills).

Conner was reportedly "ridiculously flirtatious" with male photo assistants at the session, according to The New York Post.

In the end, Tara was not included because she couldn't do the interview.

Maybe the publication could consider an ethical pageant beauty, such as Helen Salas, in the future.

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Tara Conner may pose in Playboy.

This is the latest twist on what's been a bizarre story. Miss USA is now also the star of a video game involving Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump. It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

And it just got a lot crazier. The following clip involves Conner's teary-eyed, cocaine-riddled press conference after The Donald gave the beauty queen a second chance. Miss Teen USA, Katie Blair, is mentioned.

So are a few terms and actions that may not be appropriate for our younger viewers. They can go look at Katie Rees photos instead. For everyone else, feast your eyes on this possiby exaggerate, phony video:


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Some feuds are too big for the confines of television. As the last couple weeks have proven, the Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump showdown certainly fits such a grand bill.

So what was to do but together a video game of this pugilistic pair? You can sign online take control of either side, replete with your very own cheerleader.

Michelle Rounds and Rosie O'Donnell

In Rosie's corner is the veteran talk show host, Barbara Walters.

Supporting The Donald? Miss USA Tara Conner, of course.

Each character has his/her own special moves and catchphrases, too. Rosie will yell, "How do you like The View from down there?" as she slaps you upside the head with her tongue. Trump says things like "You mental midget!" as he whips his hair for maximum damage.

This is all well and good - but The Hollywood Gossip wants to see a virtual battle between the Olsen Twins. Let's just get it over with, shall we?

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It's the natural next step for Tara Conner.

As she attempts to sober up and prove to Donald Trump she deserves a second chance, Miss USA reportedly has an offer from Playboy to weigh.

An insider claims Trump actually would allow Conner to pose for the publication, as long as she isn't joined by a naked Rosie O'Donnell. Just kidding about the second part.

But the first statement is supposedly true. Fans probably wouldn't see a nude Tara Conner in the Playboy pages, but far be it for The Donald to turn down any chance to publicize this troubled beauty queen.

Most men would probably be happy if she were totally clothed anyway - and making out with Katie Blair.

There's no word on what the future holds for Tomiko Nash.

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