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Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil is getting a divorce from her husband Richard, which is sort of amazing for the mere fact that someone is/was married to Tan Mom.

  • Tan Mom Photo
  • Richard Krentcil, Tan Mom Husband

We realize he whole reason she's in the news is because the orange-ish New Jersey mother brought her young daughter into a tanning bed and got arrested.

Still, it's hard to believe that Richard Krentcil stuck it out this long - and it's Tan Mom who filed the papers to end their eight-year union, no less. Why?

Get this. She says Richard failed a lie detector test about infidelity on a TV show called The Test. Of course it revolves around a reality show somehow.

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Tanning Mom's daughter might wish she left her in the tanning bed after this.

Patricia Krentcil is back, and not in a way you'd expect or ever want to see. She's making her porn debut in Lucas Entertainment's "Kings Of New York 2."

This is, in case you couldn't tell ...  a gay porn movie. Obviously.

Tan Mom Porn Photo

The orange-skinned Tan Mom rose to notoriety last year when she faced charges for bringing her daughter into a tanning booth, thus earning her nickname.

Though the child endangerment charges were eventually dropped, that didn't stop her from becoming a cultural figure or inspiration for new laws.

Children under the age of 17 are now barred from using tanning beds in New Jersey. That's the good news. The bad? She is still around. Making porn.

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Tan Mom. Twerking. It was just a matter of time.

Just when you thought Patricia Krentcil, a woman famous for dragging her young daughter into a tanning bed, had finally gone away, you thought wrong.

Criminal charges against her were eventually dropped, but she later dropped the beat on a rap single and has now dropped most of her clothes to Twerk.

This may may you LONG for Miley Cyrus Twerking. Tan Mom Twerks in a Pamela Anderson swimsuit. Up against the wall. Like a cheerleader. You name it.

It's basically Miley's VMA performance minus the foam finger and Robin Thicke. Scantily-clad gyrations galore. Pure sex appeal. Set to "Bubble Butt."

It's Tan Mom, BITCH!

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Tan Mom is back with a new music video.

Yes, the New Jersey raisin otherwise known as Patricia Krentcil is continuing the musical career that began with "It's Tan Mom" with a follow-up single.

Watch/listen to "Life of the Party" below and prepare to spend the rest of your day wondering how this actually exists, and why you watched it:

Tan Mom kicks this off in style, sucking face with gay pop star Adam Barta and drag queen Skyla Versai a la Madonna, Britney and Christina.

Just wrong.

Promising to "rock your world," Tan Mom says she'll drop her top "at the beach or on the town, Malibu to Jersey Shore," though she "don't do anal, not a whore."

Subtle shot at Myla Sinanaj and/or Farrah Abraham? You bet. She disses Farrah personally later on, then proclaims her sobriety while wearing a thong.

The music world will never be the same.

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Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham was asked to cut short her stay in a Florida rehab center for being a "disruptive influence," according to reports.

Farrah Bikini Photo

Abraham was being treated for alcohol abuse at The Lukens Institute in Palm Beach, but was such a "destabilizing force," she was asked to leave.

Among the issues: The single mom got into in an argument with a nurse, and tried to take photos of another patient, Tan Mom, during group therapy.

Seriously, this happened.

More significantly, she repeatedly upset fellow patients and counselors, who complained to management that she acted like a bully in the facility.

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Patricia "Tan Mom" Krentcil was hospitalized Saturday morning after suffering a seizure while undergoing in-patient treatment for alcohol abuse.

Tan Mom Pic

Krentcil began seizing while in the rehab facility and was rushed to a Palm Beach, Fla., hospital. She is still resting as doctors monitor her condition.

After several reported incidents of public drunkenness, Krentcil checked into The Lukens Institute June 20 to undergo a 30-day treatment for alcoholism.

New Jersey's resident Tan Mom, 45, gained wide notoriety last year when she was accused of bringing her then five-year-old daughter to a tanning bed.

Krentcil turned her 15 minutes of "fame" into some interesting endeavors, recently debuting a music video for her novelty rap single "It's Tan Mom."

It's rather amazing. Check it out after the jump ...

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You asked for it, and now you've got it. Okay, you didn't ask for it, but Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil still released a music video for her debut single "It's Tan Mom."

It is probably the worst video in the history of human civilization.

For reasons unknown, Tan Mom decided to try her shriveled, brown hand at music, and "It's Tan Mom" puts even Octomom, Kim K. and Farrah Abraham to shame.

Yes, it really is that bad. We dare you to check it out above.

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Tanning Mom is set to appear in a gay porn movie, but luckily, it won't be an all-girl Farrah Abraham sex tape ripoff. She won't be doing any sex stuff.

Tan Mom Picture

Patricia Krentcil has been open to porn, and offered up her services to Vivid Entertainment (of the Farrah and Kim Kardashian sex tapes), who passed.

But Lucas Entertainment, a company that produces a series of gay porn films called Kings of New York, was all over that and Krentcil in a new episode.

The role is just a cameo and Krentcil will be paid $1,000 for a few hours' work. In crucial news for society, she will remain clothed the entire time.

And for that, one can't say enough prayers of thanks.

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Patricia Krentcil, New Jersey's infamous "Tanning Mom," is trading the tanning bed for the recording studio. Yes, she's about to drop her debut single.

Don't even ask us why, but here's a sneak preview:

The song, titled "It's Tan Mom" (seriously), will be available on iTunes today. Don't everybody crash their servers with massive traffic at once, okay?

Patricia Krentcil said she was influenced by Rihanna's "Diamonds" as well as other hits, but rest assured, she added her own spin to the HOT song.

"I took all the lyrics and what was written in front of me and I scrambled it up and I put my own words into the song," the 44-year-old said of her debut.

Scrambled is a good word for it. As well as your brain, after you've suffered through even a few snippets. Seriously, you can't do justice to its terribleness.

If you're a real glutton for punishment, check out the slideshow of Tanning Mom photos after the jump. Talk about things you wish you could un-see ...

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