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On True Tori Season 3 Episode 1 tonight, viewers will watch in horror as Tori Spelling cries multiple rivers over the failing state of her marriage to Dean McDermott.

Is there any hope at all for these two, considering the latter has admitted to an affair and the former is, well, Tori Spelling? We doubt it.

What happened to the once-happy couple? To bubbly parents of four? Two simple words: Greed. Infidelity. Desperation. Annoyance. Reality. Television.

Jon and Kate Gosselin
Jon and Kate Gosselin spent years opening up about their problems in front of the camera. Hmmm... how did that go for them?

Granted, Spelling and McDermott are still technically married. But come on. They're totally doomed.

But at least they aren't alone. It's rare for couples who appear on a reality TV show together to actually stay together, as divorces have befallen everyone from a Teen Mom to a sex tape star to... whatever the heck Jon Gosselin does with his life.

So as you watch Kendra on Top online and as you wonder how such mighty pairings have fallen, hold your significant other tightly and be glad you aren't doing it with a camera in your face.

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Last night, Gretchen Rossi called Tamra Barney a lying sociopath during her appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live.

Tamra was understandably less than pleased with her former co-star's assessment, and she slammed Gretchen in awesomely passive-aggressive fashion in an interview with Radar Online today.

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"Gretchen who?" Barney said. "I wish her nothing but happiness in the future."

"It's sad that she finally got the opportunity to come back to Bravo and all she can do is talk about me. Some people never change!"

Needless to say, Tamra's toned things down a lot since the time she called Gretchen a "nasty b-tch" back in May.

Of course, we're sure if these two were forced to share screen time again, things would get very ugly, very quickly.

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It's been a week full of drama for Tamra Barney.

On Monday, Barney accused her ex-husband of abusing their teenage daughter in a scathing interview.

Before the dust even settled from that shocking accusation, Gretchen Rossi went off on Tamra Barney during an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live last night.

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"She's a lying, manipulating, conniving, scheming sociopath," Rossi said when asked about Barney. "I say she's a sociopath because sociopaths don't even realize that they do any wrong."

"All they do is blame everyone else for their mistakes and that's all she continues to do and the viewers saw it last season."

Never one to shrink away from a fight, Tamra emailed Cohen a passive-aggressive message to Rossi that he read on the air.

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Tamra Barney is firing back at her ex-husband Simon, accusing him of alienating their teenage daughter and neglecting her far more than Tamra ever has.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star opened up to Radar (a questionable move in itself) about their battle over their 15-year-old daughter Sidney.

Who Does That?

She said that contrary to what Simon says, "custody should be taken away from” her former husband for an act she dubbed “a form of child abuse."

“It’s parental alienation that’s going on,” she said, implying that Simon has attempted to turn Sydney against her. “He is doing more harm than good.”

Despite his claims Tamra hasn't seen her daughter in eight months and neglects their other two kids, a judge declined to alter the duo's custody pact.

“It’s a huge relief all of this is over with,” Tamra said of the decision. “Obviously, he had no evidence to back up his claims. I would never neglect my kids at all.”

She said her two youngest children were “beyond thrilled” and “would have been devastated” if the judge had granted their father’s request to strip her of custody.

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Tamra Barney hasn't seen her estranged daughter in the better part of a year, her ex-husband Simon charges, calling the reality star inept and negligent.

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star has always maintained that she’s a good mother to the three children she shares with Simon Barney.

A good mother, she says, who is simply going through a really tough divorce.

Simon sees it as much more worse, however, alleging that Tamra has seen their teenage daughter only four times in the last year and none in the last eight months.

She caused her “anxiety” and stomach cramping when she did, no less.

Simon is seeking sole custody of Sidney, 15, Spencer, 14, and Sophia, 8, and for Tamra to see them “every other weekend on Friday from 5 p.m. to Sunday at 5:00 p.m."

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Last week, Shannon Beador was named Best Housewife Ever following an online vote that shocked millions of Bravo fanatics - and Shannon herself!

After all, Beador has only been on The Real Housewives of Orange County for one season and during that time, the feud between Tamra Barney and Lizzie Rovsek dominated the series.

But fans must have enjoyed the way Shannon watched from the sidelines, because at the end of the 64-gal tournament, Shannon had beaten out longtime favorites like NeNe Leakes, Lisa Vanderpump, and Bethenny Frankel.

In the clip above, Shannon thanks fans once again for voting for her...and still seems just as confused by the results as the rest of us. 

But while we may never understand how or why she won the award, we're certain that the prizes Shannon received will come in handy on the next season of RHOC.

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Reality star Tamra Barney's salary has been revealed - at least her salary, according to her bitter ex-husband - and it's a lot more than you might think.

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According to court documents, The Real Housewives of Orange County star is raking in roughly $600,000 per year to stir the pot and meddle on Bravo.

Given the ratings she brings in, it's obviously worth it for the network, making you wonder if you'll ever see Tamra Barney fired. But that's another story.

Tamra's finances, along with her estranged relationship with her daughter, are the subject of much contention as she battles Simon Barney in court.

Simon says he makes $120,000 per year as a sales consultant, most of which goes to personal expenses, while his ex-wife earns roughly $50,000 a month.

Daughter Sidney lives with him “100% of the time,” he claims, adding to his fiscal burden, while Sidney's texts to Tamra reveal the state of that relationship.

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Last week, the custody hearing involving Tamra Barney and her ex-husband Simon got ugly when Simon's new girlfriend called Tamra "f--king ugly" in court.

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Turns out that was just the tip of the family dysfunction iceberg, as court documents obtained by Radar Online reveal that even with the custody battle delayed until October 9, Tamra and Simon remain entangled in an increasingly ugly legal battle that's sure to have a negative impact on their children.

Tamra was served with divorce papers and accused of adultery way back in January of 2010, but the issue of who will receive primary custody of her and Simon's three children shows no sign of being resolved soon.

In the latest development, the court assigned a "reunification counselor" to help with issues of "parental alienation" that often accompany such a bitter custody dispute.

For her, part Tamra has gone on record as saying that the divorce has ruined her relationship with her 15-year-old daughter Sidney, in part because texts and tweets filed as evidence by her husband have forced the mother and daughter to relive their ugliest fights:

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Tamra Barney's life hasn't gotten any smoother since she wrapped her latest, and possibly last, season of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

The fiery reality star reportedly got into a screaming match with her ex-husband Simon Barney’s new girlfriend Catushia Ienni at a hearing in their custody case.

Who Does That?

Tamra and her husband Eddie Judge, squared off in court against Simon Barney, who has accused her of child neglect, and his latest love interest.

The drama escalated to reality show levels when Eddie pretended to take out his phone to film Simon and Catushia Ienni. Tamra asked, “How do you like it?”

According to Tamra, Catushia secretly her at her daughter’s first day of school without her consent (presumably to demonstrate that she's an unfit mother).

“I didn’t take video of you!” Catushia shouted. “I don’t need a picture of your ugly f--king face!”

“Nice language,” Tamra Barney fired back at the much younger woman.

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The Real Housewives of Orange County's Vicki Gunvalson called her co-star and (former?) BFF Tamra Barney a “bitter” woman on the show's reunion Monday.

Given what we've seen lately, and the rumors that execs have fired Tamra Barney for causing too much drama (on a Bravo show!) it's touch to argue Vicki's point.

Vicki, who was crushed when she found out that Barney told Lizzie Rovsek she didn’t approve of Vicki's beau Brooks Ayers, dished it back and then some.

"I could give a rat’s ass if you like him, but just shut your mouth,” she said.

“She asked me! What do you want me to do? Lie?!” Tamra Barney asked.

It wouldn't be the first time, as Vicki immediately and pointedly noted.

“You do it all the time,” Gunvalson said, throwing shade at her hard.

“F--k you!” Barney retorted.

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