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The legal battle between Usher and his ex-wife is far from over.

The singer won primary custody of the two children he shares with Tameka Foster last week, but sources tell TMZ the latter plans to file an appeal because she smells corruption, pointing to a fundraiser thrown in 2008 by Usher's attorney's law firm for the judge that presided over this case.

It raised $1,278.

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Foster simply doesn't understand how the judge could have ruled in Usher favor, considering how frequently he is on the road. She's already interviewing attorneys for her planned appeal in fact.

The custody battle has grown exceedingly ugly as time has gone on.

Most recently, Foster accused her ex of using her stepson's death - 11-year Kile Glover died this summer following a jetski accident - to delay proceedings in his favor. She has also alleged that Usher had an affair with his nanny and that he took drugs in front of his kids.


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It's been long and it's been ugly, but for Usher Raymond, it's all been worth it:

A judge has awarded the singer primary custody of the two children he shares with ex-wife Tameka Foster.

The case has gone back and forth for months, with Foster alleging that Usher was an irresponsible father who took drugs in front of his kids. Accusations of infidelity, inattentiveness and a great deal of name-calling have also been tossed around by both sides. Usher even cried once on the witness stand.

Usher R.

But the court has now sided with Usher and the former couple's sons will spend a majority of time with their father.

Foster will receive some custodial rights, but it's unclear at the moment just how the arrangement will work.


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Score two for Tameka Foster in her ongoing legal battle against Usher.

A judge held the singer in contempt this week and forced him to re-open his wife's Saks Fifth Avenue card, which Usher had shut down last year as part of his custody/alimony war against Foster.

The court agreed with Tameka that she needs that item in order to perform her job as a stylist.

Usher on Stage

Usher and Foster squared off in court yesterday despite the former's request to delay the hearing out of respect for Kile Glover, Foster's 11-year old stepson who passed away last month from injuries suffered in a jetski accident.

But Tameka objected to that request and stated Usher was only making it for self-centered reasons.

She then won a second victory after the court awarded her $1,300 to help pay a nanny bill.

There are still many long-term custody and child support issues to be worked out, but for one day at least, Usher was unable to exit the courthouse screaming "Yeah!" over any of the decisions made inside of it.


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Kile Glover, the 11-year old son of Tameka Foster and stepson of music superstar Usher, was taken off life support and passed away on July 21, days after his inner tube was struck by a jet ski.

You'd think such a tragedy would bring the feuding exes together - but, sadly, you'd be mistaken.

Usher Takes a Stroll

Despite Usher reportedly spending a lot of time with Tameka during her time of need, and despite his request to delay the pair's next child custody hearing out of respect for the tragedy, Foster has fired back in a new legal document, accusing Usher of being a selfish sham artist.

Foster alleges that Usher is simply afraid that no judge would rule against a grieving mother and is delaying the process out of his own self interests. He's worried about her "stress" levels, as he claims?

HA, Foster writes, that is "BOGUS."

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Tragic news today for Usher and his estranged ex-wife, Tameka Foster:

Kyle Glover, Tameka's 11-year old son from a previous relationship, has been taken off life support and has passed away two weeks after suffering irreversible brain damage in a jet skiing accident.

Usher and Family

The fatal injury occurred on Lake Lanier in Atlanta on July 8, as Kyle was riding on an inner tube when he was struck by a passer-by in a jet ski. That individual is named Jeffrey S. Hubbard and is in under investigation for his actions.

Doctors quickly determined that Kyle was medically brain dead and he had been on life support in the hospital until this morning.

The tragedy took place while Usher and Foster were engaged in a contentious custody fight for the two kids they share. But that court battle has now taken a backseat to the sad circumstances surrounding Glover.

We send our thoughts and prayer to his family.

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The sad situation in which Usher now finds himself with ex-wife Tameka Foster may soon grow a lot sadder:

According to TMZ sources, Foster may be forced to take her 11-year old son off life support as early as next month, with medical bills piling up and her insurance company only promising to pay them for a set period of time.

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The tragedy by now has been well-documents:

Kyle Glover was placed in a coma and considered medically brain dead last week, following a jet skiing accident in which his inner tube was struck by an oncoming vehicle.

A family friend of Usher's is under investigation for the accident.

While Usher has remained by Tameka's side during this terrible time, and while insiders say he has eased up in their custody dispute, TMZ reports the singer has NOT offered to foot any medical bills and Foster is likely on her own when it comes to coverage.

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It's the tiniest sliver of a silver lining, but it looks like the tragedy that will most likely take the life of Usher's stepson will also lead to a custody settlement between the singer and ex-wife Tameka Raymond.

As previously reported, 11-year old Kyle Glover - Tameka's child from a previous relationship - has been declared brain dead following a tragic jet skiing accident in Atlanta last week.

Usher and Tameka Raymond

In response, Usher has been spending a lot of time over the past few days by Tameka's side - and TMZ sources say the sides have softened in what has been a contentious back-and-forth regarding custody of the two children they had as a couple.

Usher met with his attorneys this week and advised them to give Tameka "a majority" of custody, insiders claim, while the artist is also now willing to "significantly" up his child support offer.

No comment yet from lawyers on either side, but the settlement is labeled as "reasonable" by those in the know, as Usher feels terrible for all his ex is going through at the moment and reportedly has no interest in dragging out their fight any longer.

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Facing every parent's worst nightmare, Usher and Tameka Foster have been forced to come together under horrific circumstances, following a jet skiing accident on Saturday that left Tameka's 11-year old in a coma.

Doctors say Kyle Glover is clinically brain dead as a result of the crash, and sources tell Us Weekly Usher and his ex have put all differences aside for the time being as they decide what to do next.

Usher in England

"Tameka and Usher don't get along, but in this circumstance Usher is coming to her side," says the insider. "Usher practically raised Kyle as his own. He's known him for seven years. It is so sad what happened."

A bevy of Hollywood stars have also Tweeted their sympathy and support. A sampling of their messages:

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Usher and Tameka Foster have been squaring off in court for weeks now, but a tragedy over the weekend will likely cause a ceasefire between the former couple.

Kyle Glover, Foster's 11-year old son and Usher's stepson, has been declared brain dead by doctors following a jet skiing accident on Saturday.

Divorced Duo

The tragic incident took place on Lake Lanier in Atlanta, as Kyle was struck by the vehicle while riding in an inner tube. He was immediately taken to the hospital and placed in critical condition.

Foster accompanied her child there and has remained by his side, while Usher arrived last night. They received the news today that no brain activity has been detected from Kyle since yesterday.

The Department of Natural Resource in Atlanta is investigating the accident.

Our thoughts go out to Tameka, Usher and all of Kyle's loved ones during this horrific time.

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Usher has an alleged stalker.

But instead of showing concern for the father of her kids, a new report states that Tameka Foster will use this frightening fact to her advantage in court. Here's how:

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  • Usher in London

As previously reported, Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw recently made her way on to Usher's property, finally getting arrested after claiming she was married to the hip hop star and lying to police about misplacing her keys.

In her custody battle with the artist, sources tell TMZ that Foster plans to bring up this incident in order to prove that her children are not safe with their dad, who resides in a gated community and employs a security team.

It's merely the latest tactic in Foster's fight against Usher. She has already accused the singer of drug use and infidelity in attempt to gain custody.

The ugly hearing between these exes resumes in August.

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