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While they weren't The Brady Bunch, Carol and Frank Lambert's blended family on Step by Step certainly won audiences over during it's TGIF reign in 1990s.

The sitcom, which ran from 1991-98, was so popular that when ABC canceled it, CBS bought the series to give it a proper farewell season.

(Cue everyone singing "We'll MAKE IT BETTTAAAAAHHH....the second time around....")

That's love, you guys! 

But what happened to the actors behind the Foster-Lambert family we came to love?

For some of them, things are looking great these days, but at least two of them seem to have dropped off the planet, or at least completely out of Hollywood.

Take a look below at the Step by Step cast to see where they are now, and check out our similar look back at the Full House cast from yesterday!

Step By Step Cast
The Foster-Lamberts on Step by Step were one big, happy, blended family. Where are they now? Let's find out!

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Amidst all the casting rumors swirling around The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the most interesting has the show adding something entirely new to the Housewives franchise - an actual celebrity, who wouldn't be relying on the show for her fame.

Suzanne Somers on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Suzanne Somers has long been friends with some of the RHOBH ladies and early reports had Somers signing with Bravo for the series' fifth season.

Fans were excited, as not only would it have been the first time that the fame-obsessed cast included a legitimate star, but if rumors that Lisa Vanderpump is quitting the show had turned out to be true, then Somers would be the perfect, classy replacement.

Unfortunately, while her reps confirm that she'll likely appear in a few scenes this season, Somers denies that she will be joining as a regular cast member. 

Somers provided one simple (and very understandable) reason for declining to become a Real Housewife:

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Suzanne Somers sent an indirect message to Miley Cyrus this week: Think again, youngin!

A few days after Miley told Matt Lauer that she's heard sex stops after one turns 40, Somers appeared on The Talk and shared some very personal information with the hosts.

The 66-year old was asked how often she gets it on with her husband of 36 years and replied: "He's on hormones and I'm on hormones," adding that the couple has intercourse "a couple times a day."

No, not a week, people. A DAY!

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