Sutton Pierce Federline was thought to be the newest spawn of Britney Spears in the fall of 2006. Well, he was, and is, the son of...

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Come on now, Hollywood Grind. Who do you think you're kidding?

Some sites will do anything to attract visitors. But there's such a thing as knowing when enough is enough. Below, you will see a set of images that the aforementioned site claims are Jayden James Federline pictures (link) but in reality are just a bunch of shadows. Thanks for wasting everyone's time.

Britney Spears Concert


According to these hack journalists, "here are the first pictures of Jayden James Federline who was being carried into mom Britney Spears‘ house last night. Jayden's head is near the left shoulder."

Yeah, and Lindsay Lohan is pure as the driven snow. Seriously! Are we supposed to believe these are pictures of Jayden James Federline? No way in hell those shadows are cast by Britney Spears. Try some dude with a digital camera and way too much time on his hands.

Don't believe the hype, Britney fans. Be patient. K-Fed has a CD coming out soon, and you can bet your bottom dollar that these PR hounds will release Jayden James Federline pics right around then. No one has them yet. But when they are released, T.H. Gossip will be the first to have them. You know where to find us.

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Yeah, our bad. Looks like we don't have any Sutton Pierce pictures after all. :(

T.H. Gossip, courtesy of, has just peeped copy of the birth certificate for the latest addition to the Spears-Federline family, and it's official.

Britney Spears as a Cop

Jayden James Federline.

That's the little dude's name. It's not Sutton Pierce. Nor is Jayden James Federline a chick. Looks like Britney and Kevin really pulled a fast one on us. For what reason, we have no idea. Those are gonna be some f*%ked up kids, though. That is pretty much a given.

The birth certificate, which you can see below, is signed by K-Fed himself, although a close inspection reveals that the "signature" is more like printing.

In any case, he can write, which is somewhat surprising in itself. Kevin Federline inked his name on September 13, one day after Jayden was born.

Well, there you have it. The proof is in the mayonnaise sandwich. Er, the pudding. There was considerable confusion over the second child of Britney Spears' name, and we're happy that it's finally cleared up. Moreover, we are happy for Sean Preston and for the entire Spears family. We will have our fun gallery of Jayden James pictures up and running ASAP!

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The mystery deepens over Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's second child.

Not only are people questioning the baby's name, but there's buzz that the little guy might actually be a girl. Yesterday, reports began to emerge that the baby's name was not in fact Sutton Pierce but Jayden James.

Britney Spears with Jayden

But now source tells MSNBC that everyone might have it completely wrong, and that the baby is in fact a girl.

More supporting evidence came when K-Fed told a radio show recently that it was "crazy" that people tell him that the baby's a different sex than it actually is, and when Britney Spears was spotted buying pink baby clothes.

Whatever they're doing, it's all in the name of PR; an MSNBC source says that the mystery over the baby is being used to help maximize impact right around the time of the launch of K-Fed's CD, Playing With Fire, and that the first photos of the child are scheduled for release right around then.

Wow. Way to exploit your infant child for financial gain, Spederline. Poor Sean Preston and Sutton Pierce / Jayden James / Unnamed Spawn. You're going to have real normal lives for sure. Our hearts go out to the youngsters.

Oh, and if Britney is actually shielding the kid to generate buzz for K-Fed, that speaks volumes about how much K-Fed's music sucks. And we're out.

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The Gossip has received countless emails and requests for Sutton Pierce pictures. We're happy to provide what we've got... but now it is looking like maybe there is no such thing as Sutton Pierce Federline.

Bang a Gong

Say what now?

Yes, numerous sources are now speculating that Britney Spears and her laid-back, dumbass husband, Kevin Federline, never confirmed their second baby's name to the press -- and that Sutton Pierce may not be its name.

It was reported that Sutton Pierce was given his lame name because his initials would be the same as big brother Sean Preston. Now, some people have been saying that the baby's name is actually Jayden James.

The strongest piece of evidence to support that theory? Kevin's mom calls the baby Jayden. Then again, Kevin Federline's mom was partying with Ron Jeremy in Vegas pretty recently, and didn't do a very good job raising her own son, so her credibility is highly questionable.

Nevertheless, we'll be monitoring this story and knocking on Britney's door all day long until we get some answers dammit.

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New parents Britney Spears, 24, and hubby Kevin Federline, 28, brought home their second son to serious excitement in their families.

Federline's mom, Julie Bleak, told Us Weekly, "We are all so happy!"

Singing Not Required

Whether K-Fed's mom made this remark because little Sutton Pierce Federline is so darn cute, or because she learned her deadbeat, rapping-aspirant son has 26 more years to live, was not stated. And can we discuss the fact that K-Fed's mom's last name is Bleak? You couldn't make this stuff up.

The September 12 birth by C-section at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles "went really smoothly," says a source. A family insider says that when the singer checked out at midnight on September 14, she wore a beanie, rode in a wheelchair pushed by Federline and "held the baby in her arms."

Wow, a new mother cradling her newborn child in her arms? That's "really exciting, unusual news." Great "journalism," Us Weekly.

Although there were other occasions to celebrate that weekend -- son Sean Preston turned 1 on September 14, the Federlines' two-year anniversary was on the 18th -- the clan was reportedly really low-key.

"They stayed home," the source said. "A lot of bonding went on. Sean and Sutton get along great!"

Correct us if we're wrong, but Sutton has been alive for about a week. He'd get along with a ball of string at this point. Which reminds us, a ball of string surely has better career prospects than K-Fed. Ohhh!

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Proud celebrity parents Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are apparently going to be calling their newborn son... wait for it...

Sutton Pierce Federline.

Bronx Mowgli Wentz Photo

Are you f%$*king kidding me?

The singer gave birth to her second son at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, just before 2 am on Tuesday.

According to our sources, Britney wants to give the healthy 6 lb., 11 oz. bundle of joy this ludicrous name so he can have the same initials as his older brother, Sean Preston Federline. Great reasoning, guys. I'm sure they really care, and that Sutton won't be ridiculed at all at school growing up.

Speaking of Sean P., he turns one today! Woo!

  • Q: Who has two kids less than a year apart?
  • A: People from Louisiana.

It is believed Britney wanted to have her C-section today, September 14, so that her children would share the same birthday. But Kevin, for reasons yet unknown to us at T.H. Gossip, insisted she bring it forward.

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that Britney gave birth in the same room as her hero and one-time make-out partner -- Madonna. A source from inside the hospital says the C-section took place in the same VIP suite in which Madonna gave birth to her son Rocco.

The hospital insider also revealed that actresses Jennifer Garner and Kim Basinger delivered their babies in the same suite.

We'll have pics of Sutton Pierce Federline as soon as they are available. Are sleuths are already on the case, hiding in Britney's garbage cans in Malibu. Who's the cutest celebrity baby of the land? VOTE!

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