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One of Akon's peeps got a special visit last night - from robbers.

According to TMZ, four to five "black males" - all brandishing firearms - rolled to a Van Nuys home occupied by a man who works for Akon last night.

They took a bunch of his stuff, including expensive stereo and recording equipment. Emphasis on the word expensive. Total heist value: $300,000.

And here's the craziest thing: According to one of the victims of this home invasion robbery early this morning - a man who works for Detail, Akon's producer - says notorious hip-hop mogul / tough guy Suge Knight is behind this.

Christopher Walker says that about 3:00 a.m., five men broke into his home with guns, saying they were there to collect a debt on behalf of Suge.

They claimed Akon's people owed Suge money and proceeded to collect.

Walker says Detail was asleep. The men entered his bedroom and did not wake Detail, which was polite, but they did steal $170,000 worth of jewelry.

He says the gunmen threatened to kill the four people in the house if they didn't get a key to Detail's safe. They didn't, but took the 130-pound safe.

They also took the stereo equipment and a key to a Mercedes. He claims the total heist was more than $200,000, while police say more like $300,000.

Walker says the feud ignited in Arizona on NBA All-Star weekend when Suge got his ass kicked by two men who worked for Akon, and that the incident was over the same alleged debt that triggered this morning's home invasion.

This is setting up to be a great feud between two of the music industry's most notorious convicts ... or Konvicts. Who will prevail?


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Two days after Suge Knight got his ass kicked in a hotel brawl, the former music mogul pled guilty to a completely different beatdown ... the one in which he allegedly chased (with his car), punched and kicked his girlfriend in the head.

As part of a deal in Las Vegas Justice Court, Suge pled guity to misdemeanor domestic battery in the assault on his girlfriend, for which he was arrested last year.

At the same time, however, Marion had two felony drug possession charges and one felony coercion charge stemming from the same arrest dismissed. Why?

Sources say the felony charges were dropped because cops can't find Melissa - who was the prosecution's main witness - according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Shady, to say the least. Suge was fined a whopping $340, has to complete 48 hours of community service and has to attend domestic violence counseling.

Suge Knight may have gotten his face bashed in twice in a nine-month span, but he's still bad ass enough to make his girlfriend mysteriously not show up in court.


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For the second time in a nine-month span, Suge Knight got his face punched in - and the alleged ass-beater du jour claims to be Akon's business manager.

According to TMZ, it all went down in a private party at the W Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona - where Suge was attending a party for NBA All-Star weekend.

Police officials say they were called to the scene by hotel security who warned about a brewing fight between two groups in the VIP area of the hotel.

When cops arrived, they saw a man punch the victim - Suge Knight - "two times in the head." It was a scene familiar to Knight after his previous beatdown.

Officers had to break out the tasers to "quell the fight."

Marion 'Suge' Knight Mug Shot

CLASSICS: Two of our all-time favorite celebrity mug shots, featuring Akon and Suge Knight. No word on why the former's manager beat the crap out of the latter.

The suspect, Robert Carnes Jr., was charged with one count of felony aggravated assault - they ruled it a felony "due to the severity of the victim's injuries."

According to the Scottsdale PD, upon his arrest and booking, "Carnes reported to officers that he is employed as the business manager for singer "Akon."

"Okay" then. Suge Knight - whose real name is Marion, which may explain a great many things - was taken to a local hospital and treated for facial injuries.

Akon was the host of the party at the W last night - a 944 Magazine All-Star Weekend wrap-up bash. The incident happened after the conclusion of the party.

Follow the jump for mug shots of Robert Carnes, Jr., and a second man, Thomas Leon Anderson, Jr., who was also arrested in conjunction with the fight...

Continue Reading...

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Suge Knight is picking a fight with Kanye West over a diamond earring - three years after the record mogul was shot and allegedly robbed of it at Kanye's party.

Suge - who recently filed for bankruptcy - blames West for allowing someone to smuggle a gun into his pre-MTV VMA party at The Shore Club in Miami in 2005.

That's where an unknown person managed to shoot the gangsta - whose real name is Marion Knight (seriously) - in his upper right leg, shattering a bone.

According to a suit filed October 30 in US Bankruptcy Court in L.A., Suge claims he lost a 15-carat, $135,000 diamond earring inside the club during the incident.

Now Suge Knight, who claims he was so hurt that he needed to take a private jet back from Miami afterward, is suing for all his bullet wound-related expenses and "for damages for the loss of use and enjoyment of the earring."

Let's hear it for the legal system!

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Marion "Suge" Knight has arrested busted again, this time for allegedly terrorizing and attacking his girlfriend, according to Las Vegas police.

The rap mogul was busted by cops in Sin City for assault with a deadly weapon, possession of controlled substances and domestic violence.

Law enforcement sources report that Suge Knight allegedly attacked his girlfriend of three years early this morning. She claims he punched her in the back of the head while the two of them were driving. Not cool, Sugar Bear.

She claims she tried getting out of the car, but then grabbed the steering wheel to cause an accident so someone would notice her peril.

Mug Shot: Suge Knight

Alleged badass Suge Knight looks kinda weak in his latest mug shot - unless he's reading this right now, in which case we're obviously kidding. Play on, playa!

The car hit the curb and stopped. She fled from the car and allegedly Suge Knight chased her, caught her and that's when the cops came.

Cops say they saw Suge kick her in the head while wielding a knife. Yeah ... dude is a bit scary. DMX isn't even in the same league.


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Brace yourselves for a stunner, celeb gossip fans - the guy who recently knocked Suge Knight the f*%k out is not exactly a law abiding fella.

The LAPD nabbed Greg Smith late Sunday night on an outstanding warrant - seems Greg forgot a court date. You know, one of his prior ones.

To make matters worse, when cops approached him, Greg Smith took off! So the thug has also been booked for resisting arrest, as well.

Greg Smith Mug Shots

Maybe it was a deliberate move on Greg Smith's part to get busted.

If he's in jail, Suge Knight (real name Marion Knight) will have a harder time exacting revenge, after all. And you know it's coming. Ask Vanilla Ice.

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This is a sweet story:

A pair of ex-cons reportedly found comfort in one another's arms last week, as Paris Hilton allegedly hooked up with Death Row Records founder Suge Knight at an ESPY Awards after-party held at L.A.'s Mondrian Hotel last week.

Paris in Purple

The N.Y. Daily News says Paris even provided Knight with a lap dance, as the former inmates probably regaled one another with stories of soap dropping and license plate-making.

Paris Hilton. Suge Knight. From mug shots to doggy styles.

This must come as disturbing news to Paris' rumored new boy toy, Tyler Atkins, as the footsteps of Suge are not ones many people wish to follow in. Not if they wish to come out alive, that is.

We're happy for these two, though. While they may not be gushing about one another like Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen just yet, give them time. Especially once the pair realizes the potential of any sex tape they could make. The title, of course?

One Knight in Paris.

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We now bring you breaking news.

Suge Knight has Britney Spears' back ...

It's Britney Spears, OK!

... and Kevin Federline better watch his!

TMZ spotted the hip hop mogul chewing out a K-Fed lookalike outside of the hot L.A. club, Area, last night, mistaking some chump for the real deal, then screaming, "He's a bitch!" and threatening to run the guy out of L.A.

"Britney's my homegirl!" Suge Knight declared, adding that he loves the pop princess because "she's a [sic] underdog."


Wonder what Snoop Dogg would think about these remarks from his one-time cohort. Anyway, as he pulled away from the scene, Suge (real name Marion) told TMZ:

"That fool want to act f*%ked up with Britney, act weird about her kids, we'll chase his ass up out this city!"

Be warned, K-Fed, or you might wake up one morning to find yourself like Vanilla Ice, dangled my your ankles over a hotel balcony.

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The founder of Death Row Records says there's a reason why Snoop Dogg keeps avoiding jail time despite repeated arrests for drug and gun possession:

He's a narc.

"Snoop is a rat," says rap mogul Suge Knight to Page Six. "He's a police informer. This is the only guy who never goes to jail no matter what. I don't like rats."

Still, jail might be about the safest place for Snoop after the new Rolling Stone hits the stands, in which he disses Suge, whose real name is Marion, something fierce.

"I stepped to him at the BET Awards [four years ago]... and he was more scared than a motherf***er," said Snoop of Suge. The Doggfather also says he "never was afraid" of Suge, and "was afraid I was gonna have to kill him."

With all due respect, Snoop, we hope you're on your way to the FBI to get yourself into the local witness protection program as we speak. No way you're not scared of Suge. He's probably the scariest person alive. We're hesitant to even do a story about him, to be honest. This isn't a wannabe hard-ass like The Game or something.
In an interview with the New York Post, Suge shot back:

"Snoop Dogg has never been in a real fight. When there's trouble, he runs to the police. He throws up and starts crying."

No word on whether Snoop sobbed during his latest arrest Monday on drug and gun charges.

So who's more hard core? You be the judge. Please gaze upon and enjoy this Suge Knight mug shot, along with the more recent Snoop Dogg mug shot. And, why the hell not, while we're at it, take a gander at this 50 Cent mug shot, too.

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