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Steven Tyler didn't perform at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

But he still managed to steal many of the headlines.

Yes, Lorde won Song of the Year and performed "Royals" live." And Beyonce opened the show by dancing with Jay-Z, while Taylor Swift flipped her hair through a moving rendition of "All Too Well."

But Tyler debuted a mustache at the event. Really, what else needs to be said? Except that the Aerosmith frontman combined the look with some chin hair and... you just need to see the whole thing for yourself:

Steven Tyler Mustache Pic

Is it any wonder why this face nearly broke the Internet last night?

What do you think of Steven Tyler with a mustache?


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Rock star-turned-American Idol judge Steven Tyler is used to the bright lights of Hollywood, feeling right at home at the NBA All-Star Game Sunday in L.A.

Carmelo Anthony? He's just grateful for a three-day break from the isolated, snowy, oxygen-deprived hellhole that is Denver. Just trade the guy already!

We kid, Coloradans. We love the Mile High City and would gladly accept a three-year, $65 million deal to move THG there. Y'know, if you're interested.

Anyway, who looked better on the magenta carpet last night? Vote:

Fashion Face-Off!

Who dressed better at the 2011 NBA All-Star Game, Steven Tyler or Carmelo Anthony? You could say their styles wre a little different ... View Poll »

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Steven Tyler at the All-Star Game Steven Tyler is the lead singer of Aerosmith. With huge lips, he's led this band for many, many years and shows no signs of slowing down. More »
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Steven Tyler

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Slap that baby on the ass and call me Christmas!

Steven Tyler

Looking at you, I'm closing my eyes and it's a work of art, a thing of beauty... And I will finish that off with a double helping of ooh-yeah.

Steven Tyler
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