Steven Slater became a celebrity and a cause to rally behind in August 2010. He's a veteran flight attendant who grew so incensed at a...

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Remember Steven Slater?

A little over a year after he rose to national prominence by quitting his job as a JetBlue flight attendant - via a meltdown that included screaming at a passenger and sliding down the emergency escape - this Long island resident is free from the constraints of the law.

Pic of Steven Slater

Slater was sentence to a year of probation after the incident, which included court-mandated mental health appointments. He was also forced to pay JetBlue $10,000 in restitution for the emergency slide.

"It's great to see that there is an alternate to hard time for cases that, in my mind, don't necessarily merit hard time," Slater told CNN this week. "This was a good alternative."


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Steven Slater has accomplished an impressive feat: he's made Angelina Pivarnick sound like Tupac Shakur.

The former Jet Blue flight attendant has somehow landed a contract with a company called Line 2. It specializes in a cell phone app that provides in-flight texting for those on airplanes that have Wi-Fi - and the first campaign features Slater rapping. Yes, rapping.

This is a must-watch... for those with a strong stomach:

Lyrics in the video above include:

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With his 15 minutes of fame long over with, Steven Slater has agreed to a legal deal that ensures he'll avoid prison.

The former JetBlue flight attendant, who resigned his post in hilarious fashion in August, pled guilty this morning to two counts of criminal mischief. Instead of jail time, Slater will spend one year in a Queens mental health program.

He also must pay a $10,000 fine.

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It looks like Steven Slater won't spend any time in jail for his abrupt, anger-filled resignation from the world of flight attending.

The man who briefly rose to fame for telling passengers on a JetBlue airline to take his job and shove it appeared in a NYC court today. Facing up to seven years in prison, TMZ reports Slater agreed to a round of mental health treatment in exchange for a lesser sentence.

Specifically, one without any prison time.

The district attorney and Slater's attorney, Daniel Horwitz, agreed to meet and try to negotiate a the deal prior to the next court hearing.

If Slater is committed, that might affect his publicist's plans to arrange a reality show for his client. Actually, who are we kidding? Mental health problems didn't stop Heidi Montag from appearing for years on The Hills!

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His 15 minutes may have been up weeks ago, but JetBlue has returned Steven Slater's name to the headlines.

The airline has announced that the man who hilariously, dangerously resigned amidst a curse-filled, emergency slide-utilized tirade will NOT be rehired by the company. Spokeswoman Jenny Dervin said on Saturday that Slater, who says he's return to the job, will never work for JetBlue again.

Meanwhile, Slater's attorney, Howard Turman, recently released his own statement, elucidating what went down at the conclusion of his client's infamous flight:

"A number of passengers were competing for overhead carry-on luggage areas. With great difficulty, they were shoving the bags around, attempting to get it in. Steven came over to assist and either the bag or the overhead (bin door) hit him in the head and at that point he suffered an injury.

"[A woman] started cursing and - based on the information - slammed the overhead luggage bin on his head."

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The craze over Steven Slater might be getting out of hand.

New reports indicate that the disgruntled JetBlue flight attendant may have been the one who instigated a confrontation on last week's flight, while many THG readers have expressed dismay over Slater possibly landing a reality show out of the ordeal.

At this point, who is more famous: Barry Manilow or Steven Slater?

Now, PR specialist Howard Bragman has taken Slater on as a client. Said the publicist who has represented Isaiah Washington, Chaz Bono and Oksana Grigorieva:

"I think that he's hit something in the zeitgeist, and I think that I understand what he's hit. So I'm doing the media relations and also acting as manager.

"I'm seeing a lot of interest. I think he's an interesting character, and I don't think America knows him. I think they're going to like this guy. He's very charming and very intelligent. I think there is real potential in him."

Slater did break the law, of course, and is facing seven years in jail.

We also understand his frustration, but isn't part of a flight attendant's job to deal with rude passengers? Therefore, we must ask again: What should happen to Steven Slater?


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In the Least Shocking News of the Year department, Steven Slater has reportedly been offered a reality show.

Multiple sources inside the industry confirm that Stone Entertainment  - the production company behind such gems as The Mole and The Man Show -  has approached the world's most famous flight attendant to host a program that focuses on workers quitting their jobs in extreme ways.

In a world in which Mario Lopez gets a reality show simply because he knocked up his girlfriend, does this come as a surprise to anyone?

What would you title a Steven Slater reality show?

Of course, the deal is contingent on most of Slater's story actually being true. Over the last few days, various passengers aboard his JetBlue flight say Slater instigated the ugly incident between himself and a woman that led to his abrupt, slide-based resignation.

Donald Trump has since called Slater "a wacko," while video of the hilarious escape has surfaced. Watch it NOW!

Regardless of the validity of his tale, we hope a Slater reality series comes to fruition. Just imagine the possible titles:

  • Protect Runway
  • Once in a Blue Moon
  • The Biggest Losers
  • Beer Slide for the Queer Guy
  • So You Think You Can Get Up From Your Seat Before the Plane Comes to a Complete Stop
  • American Idles... on the Tarmac While the FAA Inspects JetBlue Plane

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The moment everyone has talked about all week - when flight attendant Steven Slater peaced out of a JetBlue flight, and employment with the company, via the aircraft's inflatable slide - was captured on tape by cameras at JFK.

The footage was first obtained by WNBC in New York. Surveillance cameras from the New York airport's terminal clearly show his bailout on Monday.

This hilarious, illegal exit from the plane turned Steven Slater into a household name overnight, and a working class hero or nut job, depending on your point of view.

Either way, it's a classic story that has garnered national attention.

Steven Slater, right, and his boyfriend later in the week.

Follow the jump to watch the disgruntled flight attendant's infamous exit take place. It's 40 seconds long. Keep your eyes on the front of the plane ...

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Steven Slater might have thousands of fans on Facebook, along with the support of over 80% of THG readers, but there's one outspoken celebrity that doesn't see why the disgruntled flight attendant is a hero.

"What he did was despicable. I think as an employee he's horrible and as an employer I would really go after him big," Donald Trump told The Insider this week.

So far, JetBlue has released a statement regarding Slater's behavior aboard one of its planes on Monday, but it has taken no action against him. Moreover, the flight attendant's attorney, Howard Turman, says his client "wishes to continue working for" JetBlue.

Trump would clearly see this as a disgrace if it came to fruition.

"[Slater] could have caused a major catastrophe and who is obviously not very stable," he said. "I think he's a wacko... I don't think he's a hero, and I don't think he's going to be a folk hero for very long. I think we should stop celebrating him pretty quickly."

It's true that a handful of passengers recently told The Wall Street Journal that Slater - NOT the woman who rose prematurely from her seat - instigated the profanity-laced confrontation that led to his abrupt, angry departure.

According to one witness, a passenger asked Slater where her bag was stowed and he simply cursed her off.

"It really blew my mind. It was so inappropriate," this individual said of Slater's behavior.

The flight attendant is free on $2,500 bail and faces seven years in prison for a number of charges, including reckless endangerment.

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After circulating an internal memo that made it clear JetBlue did not think of Steven Slater as a hero, the airline has now released a public statement.

The light-hearted document reads:

Sometimes the weird news is about us...

It wouldn’t be fair for us to point out absurdities in other corners of the industry without acknowledging when it’s about us. Well, this week’s news certainly falls into that category. Perhaps you heard a little story about one of our flight attendants? While we can’t discuss the details of what is an ongoing investigation, plenty of others have already formed opinions on the matter. Like, the entire Internet. (The reason we’re not commenting is that we respect the privacy of the individual. People can speak on their own behalf; we won’t do it for them.)

While this episode may feed your inner Office Space, we just want to take this space to recognize our 2,300 fantastic, awesome and professional Inflight Crewmembers for delivering the JetBlue Experience you’ve come to expect of us.

You can’t make this shtick up.

JetBlue has also issued a $100 voucher to those that were aboard Slater's flight.

Meanwhile, the largest flight attendants union around in existence is coming to the defense of Slater - literally!

A day after he pleaded not guilty to a number of charges that could land him in prison, the Association of Flight Attendants says: "We want to advance the profession no matter what. Sometimes in order to do that we must help people who may not necessarily be members."

With that sentiment/goal in mind, the AFA has offered to fund Slater's legal team, something he might have to consider. After all, the fed-up employee's action could land him in prison for seven years.

Wouldn't it be depressing if Steve Slater spent more time behind bars than Lindsay Lohan?

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