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This is a fair fight:

Kate Walsh and her new series, Private Practice vs. Michelle Ryan and her new series, Bionic Woman. Each airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. and each pits strong leading ladies against one another in a battle for ratings.

Kendall Jenner Fashion

This is an unfair fight:

A celebrity fashion face-off between Star Jones and Carmen Electra. Actually, any sort of face-off between Star Jones and Carmen Electra.

The former co-host of The View is unattractive and deluded; she thinks she's God's gift to television. Conversely, the former wife of Dennis Rodman is good looking and well aware of her role in the universe: to be good looking in pictures.

Still, the two women wore the same outfit recently, forcing our staff to match them up and ask readers who looks better.

While past fashion face-offs - such as Audrina Patridge vs. Nicole Scherzinger - were close calls, it's hard to imagine Jones receiving any votes in this contest.

But it's your decision, readers. Let us know your thoughts.

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Star Jones sucks.

The former co-host of The View, who misled viewers about how she lost recent weight and essentially begged companies to provide her with free schwag for her wedding, has somehow landed a new show on Court TV.

We wish we could ignore the woman that makes us yearn for Rosie O'Donnell, but Jones covered two of our favorite actors/nut jobs during her inaugural show Monday.

First, she spoke with guest Isaiah Washington, who Star non-sensically dubbed "the whipping boy for bad behavior."

The former Grey's Anatomy actor and future Bionic Woman guest star said of his experiences: "I hope everything I've gone through in the last eight months has not been in vain [and] these words disappear from the vernacular."

What a martyr.

"I didn't sense bitterness [from Isaiah]," Reynolds told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show Monday. "If anything, it was great disappointment, and I understand that. But the only thing that moves you forward, in my opinion, is to not look at who did you wrong but to look at what you may have done wrong so you can be correctly given an opportunity the next time."

So profound.

Moving on to Britney Spears, Jones doesn't understand the hoopla surrounding this pop star. Yet she does admit to being a fan of celebrity gossip. We're not sure how both of those views are possible.

"I am obsessed with pop culture and the entertainment industry, but for the life of me I cannot understand why we are so obsessed with this young girl and her man, her children and her divorce," Star said. "We are sitting here tripping out because a 26-year-old is making mistakes â€" well, wonder of wonders!"

It should be noted that this opinion was expressed during a segment called "The Wrap Sheet," in which Jones and a panel discussed the latest celebrity news.

Jones expressed consternation at people discussing Britney Spears so much... by discussing Britney Spears! Wonder of wonders, indeed.

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Like Cash Warren and Jessica Alba splitting up, we never saw this one coming.

In a first-person essay in the September issue of Glamour, the former co-host of Elisabeth Hasselbeck et al. on The View confesses a not shocking secret.

Believe it or not, Star Jones Reynolds underwent gastric bypass surgery on August 19, 2003, after her weight reached an all-time high of 307 pounds.

This ends years of doubts and evaded questions over how she dropped 160 pounds in three years. Star Jones, 45, reveals that she decided to seek help for her weight woes after a close friend sat down and asked her, "So, what are we going to do about your weight?"

See excerpts below from Star Jones Reynolds' essay as she talks about her battle with obesity and how her life has changed since the surgery.

On keeping her surgery a secret:
"I admit that when asked about my obvious weight loss over the past four years, I was intentionally evasive. Lying wasn't an option, so I called it a ‘medical intervention,' which was true, but it was a pathetic attempt to tell only what I could handle."

"First, I didn't know if surgery would work. I had never stuck to a diet or committed to exercise for more than a month, and I had spent my entire life telling everyone that I was fine with the way I looked… I was also terrified someone would have a tragic result after emulating me without making an informed decision with their doctor."

THG NOTE: Some celebrities, like Heidi Montag, are open about having unnecessary surgery. Others, like Jessica Simpson, say they might want it down the road. Our point? We have none.

On her comfort food of choice:
"Whenever I felt lonely, a Double Whopper cheeseburger became my friend. If I felt sad, six strips of bacon made me feel better… but I convinced myself I was phat, not fat."

On facing the truth
"I was so angry. How had I allowed myself to get to 307 pounds? I could clearly remember the days when I'd considered myself fly and curvaceous. Funny â€" or sad â€" how we ‘thick' girls can justify being excessively overweight."

On growing up heavy:
"While I thank my parents for the confidence they managed to instill in me, in hindsight I wish I had shouted: ‘Put that fork down and get active!'"

THG NOTE: You hear that, Nicole Richie? Put that fork down, you're gonna get fat! Man... you put on a few pounds since the last time we saw you?

On being overweight:
"I pretended not to see how big I was... but not only did I see it, I was disgusted by it. I also pretended not to see the side looks and smirks from friends and strangers, or her the backhanded compliments I received, such as ‘You have such a pretty face.'"

On what she's learned from the experience:
"I'm not saying that in order to be happy, women need to be a certain size, but I am saying that we should all strive to be healthy."

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Thanks to People magazine for this great collection of celebrity quotes ...

"I'm not ashamed that I need glasses for distance. I did not feel like I needed to have all of that hair, which was typical Star Jones, or the extra lashes or the heavy makeup."
- Star Jones, on Star Jones

"If things go well and we get married, I'm going to be smart this time and I'm going to have him sign a prenup and if we get divorced, I'll get half his allowance."
- Paula Abdul, about younger boyfriend JT Torregiani

"I'm just hoping people do get it and don't truly think that I do sunbathe in high heels and a bikini and a full face of makeup."
- Victoria Beckham, on her "Posh" image

"It's weird, it's weird. I don't wear rings... The only ring that I was wearing is our championship rings, but you only wear that maybe two times, three maybe. So I have to get used to it."
- Tony Parker, on wearing a wedding ring now that he's married to Eva Longoria

"Funny is key. Funny, silly, someone who doesn't take themselves seriously, someone who can be ridiculous. That's the most attractive thing."
- Jessica Biel, on the kind of man she goes for

"Truth be told, I worry that the Simpsons-writing portion of my brain has been destroyed after 14 years of talking to Lindsay Lohan and that guy from One Tree Hill, so maybe it's all for the best."
- Former Simpsons writer Conan O'Brien, on not being asked to participate in the big-screen version of the animated show

"You know how people ask, 'Who is the love of your life?' God, I hope I haven't met that person yet, in a way, because I'm single. I hope I haven't had that, since that would be sad."
- Winona Ryder

"This is an outrage."
- Tina Fey, on her show, 30 Rock, scoring 10 Emmy nominations

"I've actually rented Björk's swan dress. I know that's kind of recycling, but I saw An Inconvenient Truth.
- The Office star Rainn Wilson (below), on what he plans to wear to the Emmys

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Saturday marked the 133th running of the Kentucky Derby, and the stars flocked to the home state of Tara Conner to enjoy some mint juleps, horse racing and outlandish outfits.

Below (left), we see happy new dad Larry Birkhead with two women, who have been identified as Priscilla Barnstable and Patricia Barnstable Brown. Think he's shopping around for new mothers for Dannielynn? Either way, there's no doubt that Larry's lookin' sharp.

Lovable Larry

To Larry's right, we have Kid Rock, who always feels at home in the south and in new girlfriend May Andersen. In addition to rocking a super-cool hat and shirt, Kid took some time out to publicly diss Kevin Federline during an interview.

Elsewhere, Star Jones and her husband, Al Reynolds, took in the events, looking happy and almost normal by her standards. If she's going to bust out a ridiculous hat, at least Star picked an appropriate event with the Kentucky Derby.

Lastly, we have O.J. Simpson. We can't really see what he's wearing at the Derby, but we chose to include him because: 1. He was at the event. 2. It's nice to see that known murderers who will one day rot in the fiery pits of hell can at least enjoy the sport of kings.

Which Kentucky Derby outfit is your favorite?

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It's not always so easy to see the error of your ways. Look at how long it took Stavros Niarchos to stop dating Paris Hilton.

Or Tara Conner to realize that cocaine, alcohol and representing your country as a young, hot woman just don't mix.

A Shooting Star

Fortunately, most people do come around eventually. And, by the look of this picture below, it appears as though Al Reynolds has finally realized that he married Star Jones. It's okay, Al. You were probably blinded by The View before.

But take a look at that blubbery arm now! The flesh is looser than Lindsay Lohan...

The not-at-all happy couple is celebrating Jones' birthday with a bunch of people who must have showed up at the wrong party. We're assuming guests here would prefer to have atttended the bash for Lauren Conrad instead.

Oh well. You can't get everything you want. As Reynolds now knows. After all, he probably wants a wife who isn't ugly and self-serving.

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We thought it was crazy enough that Heather Mills was asked to appear on Dancing with the Stars. Why give publicity to a one-legged, former call girl that's trying to steal millions of dollars from a music legend?

But that was nothing compared to other recent television show news: Court TV has hired Star Jones to appear on screens across the country.

Far From a Star

The former co-host of The View makes Rosie O'Donnell seem tolerable. And Janice Dickinson look attractive.

Anway, here's a photo of the supposedly new, improved and smart Star compared to the glamorous one from 2006. We think they're both frightening. 

Here's a Matthew McConaughey picture to look at as you decide which image of Jones is scarier. We don't want you to forget that there are hot people out there, too.

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Looks like Star Jones doesn't get killed during her upcoming stint on Law & Order.

After her famous exit from The View last June, the former legal prosecutor will re-surface on Court TV hosting a daily program that is expected to launch this summer. Seems like almost as good an idea as a Lauren Conrad fashion line.

A Shooting Star

The show, which has not yet been named, will connect the worlds of criminal justice with pop culture, the cable network said Wednesday. In other words: you're about to be a star again, Jason Wahler!

For Reynolds it's a homecoming: She began her TV career as a legal commentator on Court TV in 1991, before joining the ABC gabfeft when it started in 1997. She was then thrown away like a used tissue once Rosie O'Donnell was hired.

"The public is fascinated by the intersection of the legal world and the pop-culture world, and we hope to tap into that fascination as part of our overall strategy to broaden the appeal of the network's daytime lineup," Steve Koonin, president of Court TV's parent, Turner Entertainment Networks, said in a statement.

It's safe to assume that Lil Kim will be included somewhere in the opening credits.

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The second part of Law & Order SVU stands for "Special Victims Unit."

For one night in May, however, it'll stand for "Star Vehicle Outrage." Why such a confusing, punny acronym? Because none other than Star Jones will be guest-starring on the drama.

Far From a Star

The former co-host of The View - who was replaced by Rosie O'Donnell and then scarcely heard from again ... thank goodness - will appear on the show as a lawyer. Also making a cameo on that episode will be rapper Ludacris. Make any connection you see fit there.

Does Jones have any acting experience, you may wonder? About as much as Heidi Montag. But that hasn't stopped the latter from making a name for herself on the small screen.

In the end, The Hollywood Gossip staff wouldn't have cast Jones as a lawyer. In this particular show, we'd have hoped she'd emulate the recent actions of Nicole Richie and end up as the victim with which the unit must deal.

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There is good news and bad news for fans of The View:

We'll start with the good: Rosie O'Donnell is back from her vacation. Actually, some viewers may take that as bad. Let's try again:

A Shooting Star

Sherri Shepherd will reportedly be joining the program as its permanent fifth co-host. She's pretty funny. Not as funny as Jessica Simpson and other celebs look in huge sunglasses. But still funny.

Now for the bad news: Shepherd looks eerily similar to the demonic woman she's replacing, Star Jones. Take a look below and see for yourselves.

But consider yourself warned, Sherri: If you actually act like Star, we're trading you to England for Leona Lewis and two packets of Earl Grey.

Star Jones Biography

Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice Star Jones is a self-promoting, talentless waste of space who lied about gastric surgery. She used to co-host The View. She left that... More »
Full Name
Star Jones

Star Jones Quotes

It is a sad day when an icon like Barbara Walters, in the sunset of her life, is reduced to publicly branding herself as an adulterer, humiliating an innocent family with accounts of her illicit affair and speaking negatively against me all for the sake of selling a book. It speaks to her true character.

Star Jones

I want to fall in love again. I'm ready to love 24/7. I want happiness.

Star Jones
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