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Seriously, folks, that really is Stacy Keibler covering the latest issue of Line.

Like Selena Gomez for i-D, the former WWE Diva and current host of Supermarket Superstar is nearly unrecognizable on the cover of this magazine, posing in a low-cut top with a wild up-do and dark lips/eyes.

Stacy Keibler Line Cover

"This was my absolute favorite shoot to date," Keibler tells People "It was so fun to try different and more dramatic looks. It felt almost theatrical."

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She may be done with George Clooney, but Stacy Keibler may soon be getting pinned once again by hot and sweaty members of the opposite sex.

According to various reports, the former WWE Diva is being recruited by her ex-employer to make a return to the ring.

Sources tell The Sun that Vince McMahon and company want Keibler to appear on Raw and/or Smackdown as the manager of rising superstar Daniel Bryan.

"She was one of WWE’s most-loved divas and this is the perfect time to get her back, as she has never been more famous than since she dated George," the insider tells the newspaper. “[WWE officials are] convinced a return would attract hundreds of thousands of viewers.”

Keibler last appeared with the WWE in 2006.

She has gone on to a moderately successful acting career and is currently hosting Supermarket Superstar on Lifetime.

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She may have broken up with one of the sexiest men alive, but Stacy Keibler isn't broken up about her George Clooney split.

"There's nothing really dramatic that happened, so it's all good," Keibler told Extra this week of her and Clooney's collapse, which reportedly took place over the phone.

"I'm someone that's always lived the present moment. I always look at the positive on everything," Keibler added. "I'm so excited for all these projects coming up, and I'm super busy."

Stacy Keibler in Monaco

That's for sure.

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It's all over between Stacy Keibler and George Clooney, and new details regarding this famous couple's split have now gone public.

According to TMZ insiders, things had grown sour between the attractive stars for about three months.

And with Clooney shooting a movie in Berlin through December, Keibler concluded she just could not do the long distance thing any longer. So she officially ended their relationship... over the phone.

  • Is That George Clooney?
  • Stacy Keibler in Black

"Both sides realized there is no way to have a relationship when you don't see each other," says a source, adding that the Oscar winner handled the split very well:

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It really, truly, finally is over between George Clooney and Stacy Keibler.

Following rumors in March that the end was near for this beautiful couple, an insider tells People that Keibler pulled the romantic plug for the same reason that has befallen many of Clooney's relationship:

She did not see it going anywhere especially serious.

  • George Clooney with a Mustache
  • Stacy Keibler Red Carpet Photo

"Stacy called it quits," the source says. "She wants to have children and a family someday. She knows where George stands on that. They talked and they quietly stopped being a couple several weeks ago."

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It takes a lot to distract from Stacy Keibler. Seriously, George Clooney knows how to pick em.

But a dog photobombing the actress by leaping into the water in the background while she poses for a photo in Colorado?

Yup. That'll do it.

Stacy Keibler Photobomb

"I got #photobombed by a belly-flopping dog!" Keibler wrote on Instagram this week along with the above, adorable shot.

It could have been worse, of course. It could have been Craig Sager.

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They had a very good run, but "the end is near" for George Clooney and Stacy Keibler, according to a report in Us Weekly.

Stacy Keibler and George Clooney Pic

The couple has been together for a year-and-a-half, but their contrasts are starting to play a negative factor, an insider claims, saying the Oscar winner and former WWE Diva "have little in common" and explaining:

"She likes to go out and have fun. She's been feeling the age difference."

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Hottest. Beer. Pong. Team. Ever.

Stacey Keibler and Michael Phelps didn't merely attend the same party over the weekend, they teamed up as partners in the classic drinking game, smoking the competition, according to the former's Tweet.

"Dominating. #TeamBaltimore #geometry @M_phelps00 #goodtimes," wrote Keibler as a caption to the following photo.

Stacy Keibler and Michael Phelps

Both stars hail from Baltimore, but don't start getting any ideas of a relationship outside beer phone.

Keibler is very muchw with George Clooney, although Phelps appears to have split from Megan Rossee.

"Things happen for a reason... #notme," he Tweeted earlier this month.

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Demi Moore is down in Miami this week partying it up for Art Basel. Moore has been spotted at various parties with rumored boy-toy Vito Schnabel, 26 and exhibiting in heavy PDA.

Demi Moore Partying

Moore, who just turned 50, was seen rocking out with Lenny Kravitz and Stacy Keibler at the Chanel Beach party. The actress was spotted throwing back Red Bulls and grinding on the dance floor.

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Contrary to various online reports, Stacy Keibler and George Clooney remain an item. They walked the red carpet this weekend at the Carousel of Hope Ball in Los Angeles.

What has been Keibler's secret to sticking with the world's most eligible bachelor for so long? Aside from looking great in a bikini?

A lack of pressure, apparently.

Pic of Stacy Keibler

"I'm not really interested in thinking about marriage or kids at all," Keibler told E! News yesterday, making it clear such life decisions are simply "not on my radar."

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