Sophie Monk is an Australian singer and occasional actress. She's guest starred on Entourage and hates meat enough that she'll pose naked...

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Ray J is out of the hospital and expected to make a full recovery, following a scare this weekend when the singer thought he had suffered a fatal blood clot.

And fans of the former Kim Kardashian sex tape partner reportedly have Sophie Monk to thank.

Ray J and Sophie Monk

According to TMZ sources, the model was staying in a different hotel room from Ray J on Sunday night, but popped in to check on her Prince Reigns campaign mate (we wonder why?!?) and found him on the floor, unresponsive.

Monk proceeded to alert the hotel management, who dialed 911. An ambulance then transported Ray J to the hospital and, fortunately for all involved, nothing especially worrisome was discovered.


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Ray J is once again making serious bank by embracing a naked woman.

The hip hop star, best known for giving it to Kim Kardashian on tape, is one of two new spokespeople for some shaving gel from a company called Prince Reigns.

Then again, perhaps we should withhold all mockery, considering the company is apparently doing well enough to offer both Ray J and Sophie Monk - the topless woman Ray is hugging on the billboard below - $1 million each for their role in this campaign.

Ray J Prince Reigns Ad

At this rate, Ray J may never need to make a living while wearing clothes.

He also may need to make regular STD appointments.

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Just weeks after Sophie Monk shared her engagement news, it's over.

Taping a new episode of Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler asked the Aussie model about her engagement to "that old guy," French businessman Jimmy Esebag.

Monk, 31, shook her head, saying, ''I'm newly single.'' She didn't explain on why she and Esebag, 50, split, but hinted that she may ''turn Samantha Ronson."

Uhhmm, okay. All together now ...

  1. Seriously?!
  2. Nice!!

Sad news, the split of Monkbag. But hopefully for the best, as well.

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Sophie Monk is engaged to businessman Jimmy Esebag.

The Aussie model and actress confirmed it Tuesday, saying "He's a keeper," on the Australia radio station 2Day FM after revealing that "I got engaged!"

"It feels right," she added. "You know when you know."

Her new fiancé, 50, is the chairman of United Licensing Group, which owns the rights to the Playboy brand, and is also involved with Elite Modeling Agency.

Sophie Monk, 31, revealed on the radio that Esebag is of French origin and that the pair were very close friends for some time before getting engaged.

She was engaged to Benji Madden in 2006, but the pair called it off in 2008. She had also previously been romantically linked to Ryan Seacrest.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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When you place duct tape over your bare breast, you're likely to expose part of your nipple. Lady GaGa learned this the hard way.

Similarly, when you pull down the straps of your bathing suit, your nipples will often be on full display for the camera. Sophie Monk learned this lesson over the weekend.

The singer/actress and former fiancee of Benji Madden was drawing attention to herself by donning an unusual, revealing bathing suit. Take a look at the beauty below, pre-breast exposure:

Weird Bathing Suit

After squating in a position she knows very well, Monk got off her knees and casually showed the world her nipples. There's really no other way to explain it. See for yourself:

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After a much-publicized break up, it's safe to say that Benji Madden and Sophie Monk have moved on in opposing directions.

The Good Charlotte singer immediately jumped into bed with Paris Hilton, becoming the latest notch on a bedpost that's seen more carvings than a caveman's lair.

Ray J Prince Reigns Ad

Monk, however, has seemingly gone in the more metrosexual direction: she was spotted with American Idol host Ryan Seacrest over the weekend. They left L.A. club Foxtail nightclub in the same car.

Has Ryan Seacrest really seen Sophie Monk nude? If so, we gotta start hosing our own television shows and flirting with British men on them.

If these two really are hittin it, what would Simon Cowell say?

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It's safe to assume that Sophie Monk is as grossed out by Paris Hilton and Benji Madden as we are.

But the model/actress is at least taking the high road when it comes to this new relationship. Despite the immediacy with which Madden started dating Hilton after he and Monk were broken up, Sophie harbors no ill will toward either half of the ugly couple.


"Let me make this as plain as possible â€" Benji did not leave me for Paris Hilton," Monk said. "Benji and I did not break up badly or anything like that. We both decided, as adults, our relationship had run its course and decided to move on. I feel no animosity towards Benji and Paris at all and am very happy with life at the moment."

Yes, Benji Madden left this for Paris Hilton.

On Friday, Paris left a jewelry store in Beverly Hills wearing a ring on her engagement finger, but declined to reveal whether she had wedding plans.

That sound you just heard was Stavros Niarchos crying.

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In case Alicia Silverstone, Holly Madison and Steve-O didn't get the message across, yet another celebrity has taken her clothes off in the name of animal rights.

The star of the latest PETA ad? Australian pop singer and occasional actress Sophie Monk. Here she is, hating on clothes and meat:

Weird Bathing Suit

PETA's logic? By staring at Sophie Monk nude, you'll see how barbaric eating meat can be.

Or maybe the organization just thinks you won't be able to eat anything with all that drool coming out of your mouth.

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