Like many others, Sophie Anderton is a British model who likes taking her clothes off. She does it very often.

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Now that Sophie Anderton has been caught on camera offering to trade penetration of her vagina for $20,000, the British model is afraid that her career may be in danger.

And for good reason: in the days since the scandal broke, Sophie has lost a $200,000 contract with Fake Bake.

Meanwhile, London's The Daily Mail reports that Anderton doesn't want to go to rehab because she can't afford it.

"Sophie is planning to go and stay with her mother for the moment. She's not convinced rehab is the best course of action," a source said. "She has said that she would rather save the money she would spend on rehab for her home and future, but pals think that they can change her mind."

They probably can. All it would take is a wad of cash and cocaine.

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Move over, Heather Mills. You're no longer the only well-known call girl in the world.

Perez Hilton is reporting a couple interesting tidbits about English model Sophie Anderton.

First, the British babe and reality TV star was caught on tape snorting more cocaine than Kate Moss has ever seen in her life. Okay, that's not true. But it was a lot of cocaine.

Moreover, Anderton has reportedly referred to herself as a hooker. She says she charges $20,000 a night, is "great at sex" and is friends with royals.

The source of these claims is News of the World, a celebrity gossip outlet in Great Britain - and you can actually watch Anderton reveal such sordid details right now.

In the video, Sophie says: "I'm great at sex... I'll be a lot of fun. I'll look great on your f***ing arm. I'm a supermodel."

The beauty, who has publicly claimed she's beaten her long battle with drug addiction, also offered the entertainment news reporter cocaine.

"Everyone takes drugs. You don't take coke?" she asked. "I've got some on me. Do you want a line?"

Of course, if you want a sex tape, Anderson can also hook you up with one from her personal collection. The woman can seriously multi-task.

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Keeley Hazell is a British lingerie model - and she has a sex tape.

Sophie Anderton is a British lingerie model - and it looks as though she's following her fellow countrywoman's naked lead.

A friend of the beautiful brunette says there is, indeed, a sex video out there of Anderton and ex-boyfriend and current soccer player, Mark Bosnich.

The footage is considered "graphic," possibly more so than anything Kim Kardashian and Ray J ever considered.

"Sophie is frantic with worry about the tape coming out. It was one they made together ages ago. Mark told her that it had been destroyed, but somehow it has re-emerged," says the reliable pal. "She has no idea where it is now or who has seen it. If it comes to light, which it looks like it will, it's going to be hugely damaging and very embarrassing for Sophie."

That's true - if "damaging and very embararrassing" means "helpful and prosperous" to Anderton and her career. After all, just look at what a sex tape did for Paris Hilton.

And try to imagine what a Britney Spears sex tape would do for that pop star's career. Hint, hint, Britney ...

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Like many others, Sophie Anderton is a British model who likes taking her clothes off. She does it very often. More »
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