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We were there for the Shiloh Nouvel's first steps. Did you think we'd miss out on reporting about her first birthday?!?

The celebration for the world's most beautiful baby took place in Prague.

Worried About Shiloh!

It was made into an especially big deal because Angelina Jolie wanted to honor her late mother Marcheline Bertrand (who died of cancer in January), who "would spent weeks to plan the right birthday party, and write four drafts to get the right birthday card ready," Jolie recently told Dateline NBC's Ann Curry.

Brangelina settled in at a special rental in the Czech Republic capital, where Jolie is on location shooting the thriller Wanted.

"I was contacted by the bodyguards," Katarina Rozsivalova of Prague's Balon Servic (a balloon service) tells Us Magazine, proving once and for all that Brad Pitt just loves balloons..

"They told me they needed 50 balloons for Saturday and Sunday. An assortment of colors." Also delivered: cookies and a cake.

We know, we know: this is celebrity gossip news almost as fascinating as what dress Lauren Conrad will wear to the MTV Movie Awards.

But birthdays come around just once a year, people! Even for Hollywood's most rapidly expanding brood. So it's hard to fault Brangelina for making the day special for Shiloh, as Zahara, 2, Pax, 3, and Maddox, 5, all were there for the occasion.

"One time, when the kids were bored, [Pitt] had them all throwing empty pizza boxes as Frisbees," says a source. "Obviously, Shiloh was too young to join in, but you could hear her laughing."

And that's really what it's all about. Laughter and happiness. It makes us wonder why Terra Jole wasn't invited to the party.

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We'll be honest: these might not be the actual first steps of this adorable Brangelina baby. They could very well be her third or fourth.

But no matter. Shiloh Nouvel is still walking - and that's an event any celebrity gossip blog worth its weight in Britney Spears nude photos simply must to cover.

Worried About Shiloh!

Seen here, the most beautiful child in the world is showing off for her hunk of a father, Brad Pitt. You can see the confidence in young Shiloh, as she eschews any sort of support and takes to examining that cardboard box by herself.

It's almost as though the baby is sick of all the coverage Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead has received and is making an effort to grab a few headlines herself now.

Well, consider them grabbed, Shiloh. We're awfully impressed. Let's just hope your mother can stop flirting with Oliver Martinez long enough to notice your progression herself.

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Now that Angelina Jolie is a mother again, the question on everyone's mind is: how will her kids adapt to yet another tyke in the house?

Gratned, new son Pax Thien was adopted less than a week ago - but that doesn't mean it's too early for Us Weekly to consult with Frank J. Sulloway, author of Born to Rebel: Birth Order, Family Dynamics and Creative Lives.

Worried About Shiloh!

Let's see what he says about how the latest member of the family is likely to affect life in the Jolie-Pitt household.

Maddox, 5:
As the eldest, he'll be "conscientious, responsible, protective of younger siblings and most likely excel in school."

Pax, 3:
As a middle child, he'll be "agreeable, a peacemaker - and good at wheeling and dealing, since the firstborn has physical dominance."

Zahara, 2:
"Open to experience. And, like Pax, likely to be very agreeable."

Shiloh, 10 months:
The youngest, she'll be "obstinate, extroverted and fun-loving. Many great comedians were the youngest in the family."

So were many plastic surgery lovers.

Anyway, there you have it, readers. Brad Pitt and his lovely partner needn't even nurture these kids.

Their personalities are obviously already set based on their age and pecking order. That should be a burden lifted off any parent.

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Everyone together now: Awww!!!

For those that thought it doesn't get much cuter than Brad Pitt, try this picture on for size: Brad Pitt and his adorable daughter, Shiloh Nouvel.

Worried About Shiloh!

The famous father and his celebrity baby were downright delicious on the set of his new movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, this week. And the proud papa will soon have another tyke to carry around, now that partner Angelina Jolie is child shopping in Vietnam.

Just look at that cutie pie, Shiloh. She's pulling a Jake Gyllenhaal, chock full of unbridled enthusiasm over a new little relative in her life. What a mature toddler.

We just hope Maddox and Zahara feel the same way ...

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Welcome to the ultimate cuteness showdown. As the year draws to a close, we thought you might enjoy a photo comparison of three of the sweetest humans to join the population in 2006. Talk about a toss-up! We present TomKat spawn Suri Cruise (left), Gwen Stefani's son Kingston James McGregor Rossdale (center) and Brangelina product Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt (right) with her mother.

Suri Cruise and Babar

Three babies. 10 names. Infinite cuddliness. Who would you rather spend time with if you had the chance? It's a complete toss-up as far as T.H. Gossip is concerned, but we will say this much: There is absolutely no way in hell that Tom Cruise is Suri's biological dad. Look at that little Asian cutie! Something's up here.

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Looks as if Angelina Jolie isn't the only babe causing a stir in India. Maddox Jolie-Pitt is doing is damndest to get attention... for himself, as well as poor people.

Cool little Maddox, 5, is soaking up the local flavor, and brought his own set of photographers along for the journey. Sick of surrendering the spotlight to infant sister Shiloh, big brother sported a new mohawk, featuring blonde highlights and a ponytail... and let the world know how he feels about it. See below.

Worried About Shiloh!

Yes, it looks like Brangelina is gonna have its beautiful, sexy hands full when these kids grow up. Sibling rivalry runs deeper than the poverty Brad Pitt is trying to rid the world of.

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Seriously. How can anyone not love Brad Pitt. The guy is just so good looking, it's almost like he could turn a straight man... Oh wait. Right. We're talking about Brad Pitt's cute daughter here, not the Ocean's 11/12/13 star. Our bad.

Check out baby Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt (below). She was recently spotted with her mama, Angelina Jolie, in public -- and man, is she a little cutie. So is Shiloh! Oh!

Brad Cheating on Angelina!

Team Brangelina is not only trying to save the world, but looking awesome at the same time. That's how it ought to be, really. Making this planet a better place, a little bit at a time, and looking a heck of a lot better in doing so than any Sutton Pierce Federline pictures.

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Proud parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are fed up. At world hunger and abject poverty, sure. But also at the results of our exclusive new celebrity baby POLL! Their lovely young child has not jumped out to the commanding cuteness lead many oddsmakers expected!

With all the commotion made over the Suri Cruise mystery and with a hyper-fertile Britney Spears cranking out two kids in just under a year, Brangelina is feeling all but forgotten about. And they're not gonna stand for it.

Angelina and Brad Pic

The couple took the time to submit a few pics of baby Shiloh to us, and even threw in a bonus pic of Zahara in order to further make their case. No Maddox, though -- we already talked about that little dude this week. See below:

NOTE: They didn't really send these pics, we found them on the Internets.

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