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Nymphomaniac is a movie starring Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell, Uma Thurman and Willem Dafoe. In posters to promote the film, they are totally nude.

And apparently in mid-orgasm.

Shia LaBeouf Nymphomaniac Poster

Shia LaBeouf's Nymphomaniac poster (above), is actually the tamest of them. There are 14 in all, marketing the picture using the entire cast nude.

For a film called Nymphomaniac, from controversial director Lars Von Trier and chronicling the sexual life of a woman, Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg), maybe it's fitting.

Von Trier's intent was to cut to versions of the film: one R-rated and suitable for more mainstream theaters; the other, an NC-17 cut that would feature actual sex.

When the film began casting A-listers like LaBeouf and Thurman, some began to question whether Von Trier would be able to follow through on that.

When MTV spoke with LaBeouf before production started, he insinuated that nothing would be held back. Looks like he was telling the truth. See below:

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Fury is a new WWII drama in development from director David Ayer, whose last film End of Watch received high critical acclaim.

Brad Pitt is already attached to star, and now Shia LaBeouf is in talks to join Fury and co-star with him.

Shia LaBeouf Image

The movie takes place during the end of WWII, as a five-man crew for a tank called Fury takes on a desperate German army. Pitt stars as the leader of the crew, a Sargeant called Wardaddy.

LaBeouf would play a member of the crew, though details about the character are not yet available.

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Well, this was awkward. And hilarious.

Shia LaBeouf stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman last night, opening up about The Orphans and how a feud with Alec Baldwin cost him a spot in that Broadway production's cast.

"Me and Alec had tension as men, not as artists, but as men," explained the young actor. "That became a hard thing to deal with. When you've got tension as men, that's tough."

Also tough? Telling this story to Letterman, an unabashed close friend of Baldwin's. Watch the exchange below:

In other late-night news, did you watch the Jay Leno-Jimmy Fallon duet? It was a rather lame.

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Shia LaBeouf quit the Broadway play Orphans this week due to "creative differences," and proceeded to post emails from the director and cast on Twitter.

LaBeouf's exit immediately sparked rumors as to what - or who - was behind the move. Fans apparently didn't have to wait long to solve that mystery.

Shia LaBeouf Quits

The actor reportedly clashed with Alec Baldwin and Tom Sturridge, as well as director Daniel Sullivan, and took to - where else - Twitter to settle the score.

A February 19 email from Sullivan, posted by Shia, allegedly reads:

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Shia LaBeouf has apparently found one person who doesn't think he's a total douchebag.

The actor has been spotted around town with Nyphomaniac costar Mia Goth, as the pair hit up a Starbucks in Los Angeles around Thanksgiving and also went shopping in West Hollywood on December 21.


"They've kept their relationship under wraps, but they pretty much started dating after he broke off things with [Karolyn Pho ]a few months ago," an insider tells Radar Online. "He got to know Mia on set and quickly became enamored of her. They have similar interests, they love alternative music, thrift stores and she is edgy and funny, which Shia loves."

LaBeouf and Goth will appear in Nymphomanic, a May release directed by Lars von Trier. It will reportedly featured a NON-simulated sex scene between the actors.

In other Shia LaBeouf penis news... click on the preceding link at your own discretion.

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Shia LaBeouf has pulled a Michael Fassbender.

The actor is featured in a new music video by Icelandic indie act Sigur Ros - and we mean ALL of the actor is featured.

In honor of the track "Fjögur Píanó," the video (according to a press release) is meant to  depict “a man and woman locked in a never-ending cycle of addiction and desire.”

Along those lines, for whatever artistic reason, LaBeouf shows his penis at one point. That's simply the bare truth. Watch now at your own risk:

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Shia LaBeouf turns 26 years old today, but let's hope the actor doesn't celebrate with a lot of drinking. The guy isn't exactly known for holding his alcohol well.

Instead, the star is has sky-rocketed the approximately the B-list by anchoring a trio of Transformers films, though he's on record as saying he's done with the Michael Bay-directed franchise.

LaBeouf will next be seen in Lawless, which hits theaters on August 31.

Shia LaBeouf Image

But LaBeouf will forever be remembered not for any Academy Award-winning roles, but for the admission he made approximately one year ago: this lucky douchebag totally had sex with Megan Fox. Damn him.

So send your best birthday wishes or your most bitter rants to LaBeouf now and also take note of other stars celebrating the anniversaries of their birth:

Joshua Jackson (34), Hugh Laurie (53), Joe Montana (56) and Jacques Cousteau (posthumous).

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He may be in Vancouver filming his new movie, The Company You Keep, and getting his ass kicked on occasion, but Shia LaBeouf isn't an unwelcome sight for everyone.

Girlfriend Karolyn Pho likes being around the guy.

She was casually dressed, chatting with crew members as she watched her beau film a scene in the Robert Redford film. Shia also managed to escape the set for a bit, grabbing a beverage with his girlfriend at a coffee shop nearby.

They later strolled back to the set, arm in arm.

Shia LaBeouf and Karolyn Pho

Who dates Shia LaBeouf? Apparently Karolyn Pho does.

[Photo: Fame Pictures]

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Shia LaBeouf got his ass kicked in a fight the other night. Witnesses say he threatened to brandish a knife - but did not to so - right after the whompage.

Shea Carter, who restrained Shia after the fight outside a Vancouver bar, says he noticed the wasted actor inside Cinema Public House bar, pre-melee.

Carter says LaBeouf was drunkenly swaying into other patrons. When one complained, he said, "Oh yea? Or what? What are you going to do about it?"

They took things outside and Shia ate cement.

Shia LaBeouf Photograph

Shia LaBeouf in a rare moment of calm sobriety.

Afterward, Carter, a local hip hop artist and bar regular, tried to stop Shia from getting back inside, but LaBeouf got aggressive - and threatened him.

"Well what if I grabbed my knife on you?" he asked.

What if, indeed. Carter says he quickly grabbed Shia in an effort to protect himself in case the knife-wielding threat was serious. It's unclear if it was.

Carter says the actor eventually walked away, but later appeared outside a window and made a throat-slashing gesture at him before leaving for the night.

Class fella.

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It looks like there may be a Transformers 4 coming out at some point. It also looks like someone tried to transform Shia LaBeouf's face outside a bar last week.

The actor was pretty much demolished by a shirtless, hairy dude on a Vancouver sidewalk after being kicked out of a local drinking establishment.

You'll need to watch the video on TMZ to see the full extent of the fury this guy unleashed on Shia's grill, but we'll tell you right now, it was brutal.

Shia LaBeouf Fight

It's unclear exactly what provoked the attack, but reports indicate that Shia originally got into it with the man inside a bar called Cinema Public House.

After security kicked them both out, the man tore off his shirt and just wailed on Shia's face for a good while. We're talking almost Jenelle Evans style.

Moments later, Shia tries to chase after the guy, but someone who appears to be his friend holds him back, telling him, "You gotta lay low right now!"

No members of the bar staff noticed the fight, they say, but Shia has been a regular since he's been in Vancouver to shoot The Company You Keep.

We feel bad for LaBeouf, because no one deserves that, but he sort of has a history of instigating stuff like this and being a tool, so ... feelings are mixed.

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