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Sheryl Crow has adopted a 2-week-old boy, the singer announced on her website.

The child was given the first name Wyatt after Crow's father and the middle name Steven after both her younger brother Steven Crow and manager Steven "Scooter" Weintraub, the ex-girlfriend of Lance Armstrong writes on her site.

"We are enjoying some very private family time," Crow writes.

There was no other details given, except that the child was born in the United States and will most likely feud with Pax Thien for years to come for celebrity gossip attention.

The announcement came after Crow wrapped up a "Stop Global Warming College Tour" â€" a vegetable oil-powered bus tour with An Inconvenient Truth producer Laurie David of 11 campuses to inform students about climate issues.

Crow recently split with Armstrong and has successfully completely treatment for breast cancer. As a new mother, she'll probably turn to Jennifer Meyer for advice.

Now single, Crow recently told a rodeo crowd: "I'm looking for a cowboy."

Sadly, however, Tony Romo is taken by Carrie Underwood. Mabe Julius Jones is available.

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John Mayer may still be tapping the backside of Jessica Simpson from time to time, but it appears as though a new contender is trying to get the rocker's attention.

Now single after a long relationship with Lance Armstrong, Sheryl Crow isn't shy about strutting her older - albeit still somewhat sexy - stuff, is she?

Jen Back With John!

Rumor has it that this stunt was actually Crow's retaliation for Mayer interrupting her set by coming out in a bear costume (seriously). But it appears as though the singer is trying out for a part on one of Sara Evans' husband's favorite films.

Try not to come on so strongly, Sheryl. You're making Victoria Beckham look subtle.

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