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Every so often in the crazy celebrity gossip biz, a story hits that is so sad and so shocking that it knocks the wind out of you, leaving you shaking your head and wondering what, if anything, you can count on in this world.

This is not one of those stories.

In fact, it might be the biggest The-Hollywood-Gossip-told-you-so of all time. The "engagement" between British bachelor Matt Grant and horny, ditzy fiancee Shayne Llamas is officially over. Take a deep breath and try to contain yourselves.

Just two days after New York Post reported that Shayne Lamas had cheated on The Bachelor star with Las Vegas media mogul Justin Weneger, Lamas phoned Grant and called off their wedding, which was apparently scheduled.

Now that comes as a bit of a shock.

Matt Grant, Shayne Lamas

On The Bachelor season finale, Shayne Lamas' eyes were fixed firmly on the prize - 15 minutes of fame and a Girls Gone Wild magazine cover shoot.

Spies said the aspiring actress is planning a trip to see Justin Weneger soon. Matt Grant, who has moved out of Shayne's pad, is said to be devastated.

Maybe next time he won't pick some annoying airhead who's willing to distribute the vadge and say just about anything she thinks will boost her profile.

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At the recent Bachelorette finale, Shayne Lamas and Matt Grant - engaged as of The Bachelor finale earlier this year - told everyone they were still together and to "not believe the rumors." We still believed the rumors all the way.

Looks like we may be right.

While Bachelorette hotties DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak appear headed for the altar, Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas ... well ...

The New York Post reports that Shayne Lamas was in Las Vegas last week with Justin Weneger, a media mogul of sorts. They were apparently "hooking up" at Blush in the Wynn. A source said, "Matt Grant has no idea. She hasn't dumped him yet."

Shayne Lamas and Matt Grant Photo

O-for-12! O-for-12! Face it, Shayne Lamas and Matt Grant are doomed.

We can only hope that Shayne becomes the next star of The Bachelorette.

That airheaded, annoying oh-face machine really brightened our Mondays for a time. No doubt she could carry her own show - and would eat up the publicity faster than the dudes would eat her ... is this thing on?

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So far, no Bachelor couple has made it to the altar (Bachelorette Trista Sutter has). But the show's latest lovebirds are determined to be first.

There is no wedding date set, she's a total basket case and he already moved out of her apartment in L.A., but a source close to Shayne Lamas (her dad, Lorenzo!) says she and Matt Grant remain on track for a wedding.

Will Matt and Shayne beat this season's newly-engaged Bachelorette stars, DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak, to the altar? For what it's worth, DeAnna and Jesse have already set a date: May 9, 2009. What do you think?

Shayne Lamas and Matt Grant

Who'll wed first: Matt Grant & Shayne Lamas? DeAnna Pappas & Jesse Csincsak?

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That took, what, almost an entire month? Way to go guys!

The Bachelor star Matt Grant, is no longer living with fiancée Shayne Lamas, though the Brit insists that all is well with the two.

Sure thing, Matt. You tell yourself that.

The couple have cohabitated at Shayne Lamas' Century City, Calif., place since the Bachelor season ended with the two getting engaged.

But Matt Grant moved because the two "need space to grow."

"I had to get my own life out here (in L.A.)," says Grant.

"Get my career and friends and have my own circle. That's important in a relationship. That you are not entirely on top of someone."


Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas got engaged on The Bachelor in May.

The couple has been dogged by rumors of discord since their TV engagement.

Grant says that they are doing well overall, though.

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He gave her the rose and an engagement ring.

She reacted like she sat on his face. Then she surprised him with a very classy photo spread in Girls Gone Wild magazine.

But The Bachelor star, Matt Grant, says he has no problem with fame-whore fiancée Shayne Lamas' revealing pictures in Joe Francis' rag.

"As we English say, I really feel it was ‘a storm in a teacup,'" Grant said. "I believe it was blown out of proportion. I stand by Shayne 110 percent."

A Shayne Lamas Photo

There was a flurry of media appearances after Grant got down on one knee to propose to Lamas on the finale of The Bachelor, but crickets after the Girls Gone Wild photos hit the web the very next Tuesday.

The pictures in the issue out June 3 do not show Shayne Lamas naked, but in this shot, she's wearing little more than a smile and a wedding veil.

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Hey, Heidi Montag? Is that you? Oh, sorry. It's just Shayne Lamas.

The winner of this past season's The Bachelor is looking surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly) Heidi-esque in a recent photo shoot, obviously staged to help Shayne Lamas cash in on her newfound 15 minutes of fame. 14... 13...

The borderline attractive Shayne Lamas gets wet and wild in a bikini.

Click to enlarge more of these cheesy Shayne Lamas pics below, but beware: In one of them, Shayne is grasping a rod that doesn't belong to Matt Grant!

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Shayne Lamas won the final rose on the The Bachelor Monday when Matt Grant got down on one knee and proposed to the 22-year-old fame-seeking ditz aspiring actress with a 2.85-carat Tacori platinum and diamond eternity ring.

The soon-to-be-wed couple spoke to Us Weekly about falling in love on reality TV, e-mailing 50 times a day and their wedding plans:

Us: Let's talk about the happy news and how you're feeling. Matt what made you choose Shayne on The Bachelor finale?

Shayne Dahl Lamas

Shayne Lamas and Matt Grant: Together for at least a few months.

Matt Grant: Well, from really early on it was obvious that Shayne and I had chemistry, a natural rapport. Everything was just always a pleasure to be around her. I always at ease and it always felt that we were at ease. If anything, it was just almost the point feeling negative from it was that she's too good to be true. It's funny cause I kept saying to myself, off set, at my hotel, it's almost too good to be true - quite the negative. I realized there really wasn't any that we did just spin it. It's just kind of funny when you don't expect that when you meet someone on reality TV.

Shayne Lamas: I feel the same way.

Us: Obviously the chemistry between you two was pretty obvious throughout the entire the series, I would say. How are you both feeling now?

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That took a whole 12 hours.

She may be engaged, but The Bachelor winner Shayne Lamas â€" who got a ring last night â€" isn't saving everything for future hubby Matt Grant.

She's appearing on the cover of Girls Gone Wild magazine. Classy.

In a sizzling six-page photo spread, Shayne Lamas, 22, reveals details of her time on the ABC reality show. She admits that she jumped on board The Bachelor in order to seek true fame and racy photo spreads love.

"It's what every girl wants," she says in the chat, characterizing her fiancé, Matt Grant, as being "very casual [and] respectful of women."

  • Shayne Lamas: Girls Gone Wild
  • A Shayne Lamas Photo

One day after winning The Bachelor, Shayne Lamas is cashing in!

Girls Gone Wild sleaze-bag publisher Joe Francis says Lamas' appeal is easy to sum up: "Shayne has a genuine ‘girl next door' quality," he said in a press release.

"And she also happens to be very hot."

Don't expect to see Shayne Lamas nude, though. Her Girls Gone Wild photo spread, while sizzling, features no naked pictures. Probably no o-faces either.

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Few things match a good "o-face" on the unintentional comedy scale.

Popularized in the 1999 film Office Space, this is the face supposedly made when one is engaged in, and presumably enjoying, the act of copulating.

Demonstration below, by actor Greg Pitts:

What we've noticed in recent months is that many celebrities make similar expressions when they most likely aren't intending to ... or are they?

Case in point? Shayne Lamas on The Bachelor last night...

Shayne Lamas Pic

The incredible Shayne Lamas, 22, was extremely excited to be sitting on Matt Grant's face have won the final rose on The Bachelor finale Monday night.

Fear not, Shayne. Lamas is hardly the only o-facing celeb we've seen.

Was Apolo Anton Ohno hamming it up for the cameras, or unable to handle Julianne Hough without a new pair of pants? Is Avril Lavigne pounding out a guitar solo, or riding Deryck Whibley? is Hillary Clinton excited about a recent political victory, or something Bill did under the table? You decide - click to enlarge!

Shayne Lamas Biography

Shayne Lamas, Lorenzo Lamas Shayne Lamas (full name Shayne Dahl Lamas) is the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas and sister of former Lindsay Lohan boy toy A.J. Lamas. Shayne... More »
Full Name
Shayne Lamas

Shayne Lamas Quotes

It was a fairytale proposal like I’ve always dreamed about. I forgot that there [were] cameras around. In that moment, it was just Matt and I and it was the most amazing moment of my entire life.

Shayne Lamas [on proposal by Matt Grant]

There’s still a lot of growing to do in our relationship. We will not tie the knot until I am mentally and physically prepared as well as Matt.

Shayne Lamas
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