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Let's continue with our face off of American Idol finalists, shall we?

With the final 13 named last week and all contestants performing live for your vote on Wednesday, we've been pairing off men and women against each other in order to determine the season 11 favorites. Deandre Brackensick, for example, is currently a more popular finalist than Joshua Ledet, according to THG readers.

Pic of Lacey Brown

Now we're back to the fairer gender, specifically two contrasting crooners: Shannon Magrane and Skylar Laine. The former was compared to Lauryn Hill during her semifinal rendition, while the latter rocked out to some country.

Which will advance father? Vote now:

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Shannon Magrane is a tall, All-American girl.

That was how she was portrayed on last night's American Idol audition show, as Ryan Seacrest once again interviewed her World Series-hurling father and once again brought up a certain awkward incident from a few weeks ago.

But can she sing? We think so. While the judges questioned Magrane's song choice a bit, Randy Jackson delivered very high praise in saying Shannon possesses a "Lauryn Hill vibrato." That reference may be lost on younger viewers, but trust us. It's a big compliment.

What did you think of Magrane's performance?

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There's a Haley, a Hollie and a Hallie. There's also the daughter of a World Series pitcher and a young woman who auditioned five years ago and has now made a triumphant return.

Indeed, it's a mixed, talented bag of female American Idol semifinalists. They'll perform live for the first time on Wednesday night, so now is the time to place your early bets.

Sort through the following Fox promotional pics and then select a favorite and let's see if one of these females can break the string of male Idol champions...

  • Haley Johnson Photo
  • Hollie Cavanagh Picture
  • Baylie Brown Photo
  • Brielle Von Hugel Photo
  • Chelsea Sorrell Photo
  • Elise Testone Photo
  • Erika Van Pelt Photo
  • Jen Hirsch Photo
  • Jessica Sanchez Photo
  • Shannon Magrane Photo
  • Skylar Laine Picture
  • Hallie Day Photo



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With her performance in Hollywood last night, let's hope Shannon Magrane finally gets recognized for her potential to actually win American Idol.

So far, the 16-year old has been the subject of inappropriate remarks from Steven Tyler, as well as lame puns from Fox producers (we were told last night that the contestant "hopes to a home run." Get it? Because he father pitched in the World Series!).

But let's not lose track of an important fact, folks: Shannon can sing! She proves as much below, belting out a version of "What a Wonderful World."

We have high hopes for Magrane, who has been featured each week on season 11. The same can be said for Reed Grimm. Is the show trying to tell us something?

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Remember Shannon Magrane? This 16-year old got the attention of American Idol viewers two weeks ago in Savannah - and REALLY got the attention of Steven Tyler, for all the wrong, awkward reasons.

She was back last night, auditioning in Hollywood with a version of "Fallin" and impressing the judges enough to earn a pass on to the next round. Was it well deserved? Watch Magrane do her thing below and try to avoid any sketchy comments about her looks.

Seriously, she's really young, people...

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Shannon Magrane made quite the impression on American Idol judges during last night's season 11 premiere.

Awkwardly for the 15-year old's father, though, it wasn't simply due to her singing.

In a clearly contrived set-up, Randy asked Shannon after her athletic interests... which led to a mention that her dad, Joe, pitched in the 1987 World Series... which led to Joe and other family members entering the room... which led to Joe asking Steven Tyler about Boston and the Aerosmith frontman responding:

"Great, beautiful. Hot, humid and happening... just like your daughter!"

But let's not let that quip detract from Magrane's performance, as she earned a ticket to Hollywood due to a cover of "Something's Got a Hold on Me." We'll be keeping an eye on Shannon, just not in the way Tyler implied above.

Remaining our overall favorite from Savannah, though? Phillip Phillips, by a long shot.

Shannon Magrane Biography

Shannon Magrane Picture Shannon Magrane is the daughter of a former Major League Baseball pitcher. The 16-year old advanced to Hollywood after an awkward... More »
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