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Well, before Shanna Moakler could discuss the final three contestants on Dancing with the Stars in her weekly blog, she had to bid farewell to the pair that was sent packing last night:

I was hoping this day wouldn't come, but unfortunately last night was it. [Cheryl Burke and Ian Ziering] had to go home ... UGH! After last night's dance I hope Ian is proud he finally broke out of his shell and let loose, and look what happened: 10's across the board!!!

J.R. Martinez Pic

I was so happy for him. I feel like it was all in the wig ... ironically enough it gave him confidence. At least Ian can leave knowing he left with a perfect score. I'm so sad Cheryl had to go, but she still has those two shiny trophies at home and maybe I can see her more now!!

Ok, now for last night's dances â€" OH MY GOD! Everyone was PERFECT. If I had to pick last night to send someone home, I would've had to flip a coin. They were ALL that great. I don't even know where to begin.

Joey Fatone, Laila Ali, Apolo Ohnoand Ian could've won the trophy last night.

I think my personal favorite couple was Joey and Kym Johnson. They are so cute together and Joey has turned into quite the lil' dancer. Who knew? I mean, I know he was in 'Nsync, but they definitely weren't doing dances like that on tour!!! The thing with Joey is, he makes you wanna get up and dance.

Apolo and Julianne Hough were awesome, as well. I think the judges should've given them the perfect score. They definitely earned it. I guess they figure they can't give everyone perfect 10's.

The competition definitely began last night. Everyone came out and danced their butts off, and the scores proved it. God, I can't even think about next week. I don't wanna see anyone else go. Maybe it can be a tie!!

We doubt it will be, Shanna. But for someone who has seen Jay Grdina nude, your judgment might be permanently impaired.

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Shanna Moakler is an expert on many things:

In a recent blog, though, she focused on a competition of which she used to play a role: Dancing with the Stars. Here's what Shanna had to say ...

Awaiting the Results

Oh nooo.

I'm so sad. I kinda figured it was John's week to go. I was pretty sure Billy Ray had more voters with the country fans and the Hannah Montana fans ... ugh, so sad. I loved John's personality, but now it's time to get serious â€" and I knew that time was coming. Obviously John wasn't a great dancer and the show is called Dancing with the Stars so ... shedding a lil' tear for him.

Okay now ... all I have to say is 10, 10, 10! But while I've loved Laila and Maksim Chmerkovskiy (pictured) from the very beginning, I don't think they were a 30 last night. They definitely had a great dance, it just wasn't perfect. If I had to pick a winner last night, it would have gone to Joey for sure. Those dances are hard, especially when you're learning two in one week and barely get a week to rehearse â€" more like four days, and that's if you don't have any other things going.

Joey Fatone was unbelievable. He brings a different character to each dance and that's what it takes to look as great as he does each week. He looked liked he had been rehearsing that dance for weeks ... he was awesome.

As for the other guys, Apolo Anton Ohno was great, but I feel like the judges were rough on him â€" maybe because he has been doing so good? They certainly deserved better comments and better scores. It was nice to see Ian let loose; he looks like he's chilled out a little and is starting to understand that if you don't have fun with it ... it definitely shows.

As for Billy Ray, the only thing they did wrong was to not stick with the rules â€" and the judges are not fans of that. (Remember last year?) They would have gotten better scores if they did the dance differently. Billy isn't the best dancer, but he is fun to watch and that can take you far.

It's getting down to the wire and I'm so attached to everyone. Next week is going to be rough to see one of these guys have to go because I love them all in different ways.

Remember to vote, and see you next week!

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Who better to report on Dancing with the Stars than one of its most famous alums?

That's right, Shanna Moakler is writing a blog on the show for People magazine. Here's the most recent edition:

Worthy of the Title

Okay, all I am saying is where was Ciara and Josh Groban when I was on the show??????

This week I wasn't really sure who was going to home. I didn't even have a bottom two. I thought everyone stepped up their game. Once the first person gets voted off you start to look at things a little differently. I have to say I felt bad for [Shandi Finnessey] â€" you could tell that she really tried this week. You saw her in rehearsals struggling and she just kept pushing through it. This is where the votes really matter â€" Shandi didnt have enough. Ugh, that's the worst.

I'm still sticking with my favorites ...

Ian & Cheryl: Watching Cheryl Burke teach newcomers how to dance always amazes me. Even though Ian made a mistake, he killed the jive. You cannot forget that he had five days to learn that dance and he was fabulous. He looked like he was trying his best and that's enough for me. Those guys are going to do great: Ian is really trying and treating this like a competition and that's how you become a finalist.

Laila & Maksim: At first watching their rehearsal footage, I was a little nervous for Laila Ali. It appeared like she wasn't going to have enough time to rehearse, but she didn't let me down. The tango is a hard dance, but Laila came out and danced like a pro. It didn't look like she'd only been doing that dance for five days.

Joey & Kym: Okay, I have to say I was really nervous when I heard the Star Wars music selection. I was having a hard time picturing how that was going to work BUT with Joey's personality he proved that he can pull anything off. The crowd loves him. Joey Fatone really picks music that fits his funny personality and he owns it.

Apolo & Julianne: Pulp Fiction â€" what a great idea! I loved it. Apolo doesn't seem to give himself enough credit. He does look like he struggles in practice. I am sure he's exhausted from all the traveling and double rehearsals, but he is great. Whatever Julianne is doing, it's definitely working.

These four are my picks for the finals.

And with that, Shanna left for a vaginal exam from Travis Barker.

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The competition on Dancing with the Stars is heating up before the first hip is even shaken.

For one contestant, though, the reality show should simply serve as a nice distraction from a difficult couple months. Shanna Moakler hasn't been going through the most peaceful of splits from husband, Travis Barker.

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus

She recently talked about it with People magazine:

How are the divorce proceedings going?
The public will be very happy to know that we have a pre-nup! So I'm not stealing his money or gold digging. I have no problem sharing the children with him and I want that very much. I don't see it getting ugly.

Travis said there were innate personality differences between the two of you.
We're definitely two different people. Travis is a morning person; I'm a night person. Travis, believe it or not, is a bit more quiet and reserved. I'm more of an extrovert, a social butterfly.

Did he ever question you about infidelity?
Well in the press he has, but to me he never did. I feel like all the things that he said were just excuses for abandoning his family. And I can say on the record that I was 100 percent faithful to that man. I was in love with him.

Nick and Jessica and Carmen and Dave split after having reality shows about their relationships. Do you believe in the MTV curse?
I don't believe in the curse. Nope. I don't think the reality show had anything to do with the demise of our relationship.

You must not be turned off of reality TV, since you're doing Dancing With the Stars.
I really feel like it was divine intervention, that God was like, 'Okay babe. These doors are going to close, (so) I'm going to open some of these doors for you.' It has really helped keep my mind off of things and really helped me be positive.

Wow, so the Big Man Upstairs is a fan of Dancing with the Stars. We had no idea. He's probably rooting for Tucker Carlson.

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