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Good news, Nick Carter:

You're no longer the only person to have beat up on Paris Hilton. At least according to a police report filed last night.

Pretty Paris Pic

TMZ has learned that Hilton and Shanna Moakler both filed police reports early Wednesday morning, alleging each was attacked. Paris says Moakler socked her in the jaw. Moakler claims Paris' ex shoved her down some stairs.

And The Gossip claims this news was a great way to start our morning.

Elliot Mintz, Paris' publicist, tells that his client was at Hyde nightclub Wednesday night. At approximately 1:10 a.m. she says she was approached by Shanna, who allegedly began screaming obscenities at her and then struck her with a closed fist.

Of course, being fisted isn't anything new for Hilton.

Mintz says Hilton never touched Moakler. She did, of course, touch Shanna's ex-husband, Travis Barker.

Mintz and Paris then went to the LAPD's Hollywood Division where she filed a police report, alleging battery.

But that's not all!

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All of a sudden, a drunk driving charge may not be the biggest problem Paris Hilton faces this week.

After all, you do NOT wanna get on the bad side of Shanna Moakler.

Criss Angel and Paris Hilton

The Dancing with the Stars contestant spoke about reports that ex-husband, Travis Barker, and constant ho bag, Paris, made out in front of clubgoers in New York. Shanna said she feels "betrayed."

Barker, however, may feel like he has a burning sensation when he urinates.

Hilton and the rocker were spotted at the New York club, Butter, Monday night at a party hosted by Kanye West. Hilton's rep told People magazine:

"They like each other. Paris really likes him. Beyond that, I cannot comment."

Moakler didn't take too kindly to the incident. She's been trying to deal with her and Barker's divorce calmly.

"When I first heard of the situation I felt betrayed, but in order to maintain a positive atmosphere for my children I've decided that not to exacerbate the situation by commenting on each new aspect of Travis Barker's personal life," Shanna said.

As for Hilton and Barker's night out, the pair snuggled and whispered in a corner banquette in the back of the club. When West's song "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" began playing, Hilton stood up and started dancing near Barker.

Hilton's rep added: "Paris is single right now. You may in the future see her in the company of other men."

Or women. Or lonely lamp posts.

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The competition on Dancing with the Stars is heating up before the first hip is even shaken.

For one contestant, though, the reality show should simply serve as a nice distraction from a difficult couple months. Shanna Moakler hasn't been going through the most peaceful of splits from husband, Travis Barker.

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus

She recently talked about it with People magazine:

How are the divorce proceedings going?
The public will be very happy to know that we have a pre-nup! So I'm not stealing his money or gold digging. I have no problem sharing the children with him and I want that very much. I don't see it getting ugly.

Travis said there were innate personality differences between the two of you.
We're definitely two different people. Travis is a morning person; I'm a night person. Travis, believe it or not, is a bit more quiet and reserved. I'm more of an extrovert, a social butterfly.

Did he ever question you about infidelity?
Well in the press he has, but to me he never did. I feel like all the things that he said were just excuses for abandoning his family. And I can say on the record that I was 100 percent faithful to that man. I was in love with him.

Nick and Jessica and Carmen and Dave split after having reality shows about their relationships. Do you believe in the MTV curse?
I don't believe in the curse. Nope. I don't think the reality show had anything to do with the demise of our relationship.

You must not be turned off of reality TV, since you're doing Dancing With the Stars.
I really feel like it was divine intervention, that God was like, 'Okay babe. These doors are going to close, (so) I'm going to open some of these doors for you.' It has really helped keep my mind off of things and really helped me be positive.

Wow, so the Big Man Upstairs is a fan of Dancing with the Stars. We had no idea. He's probably rooting for Tucker Carlson.

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Last week, Us Weekly reported that Travis Barker of Blink 182 fame and his wife, former Miss USA and Playboy centerfold Shanna Moakler, have decided to end their marriage of nearly two years. Now, Travis' online bashing of his estranged wife indicates that we might not hold our breath for an amicable separation between the stars of MTV's Meet the Barkers.

According to a diatribe on Barker's own MySpace page, he says that the "nanny is great" and "this nanny is also referred to as mommy at times."

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler Picture

Ouch, Shanna. He also pretty much calls his wife a lazy ass hoe, to make a long story short. But you can get the skinny on that below.

The whole thing sort of goes off course when the dude starts talking about condoms, so feel free to skip the link to his page. We have got the highs and lows for you right here. NOTE: The spelling mistakes, of which there are more than a few, are Barker's, not those of T.H. Gossip.

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Shanna Moakler Biography

Sexy Shanna Moakler Shanna Moakler is the ex-wife of Travis Barker. The two married in 2004, starred on MTV's reality show Meet the Barkers, then split up in... More »
Providence, R.I.
Full Name
Shanna Lynn Moakler

Shanna Moakler Quotes

I've been friends with Laura for the past ten years – before she was my nanny – and I completely stand by her.

Shanna Moakler [on Laura Boyce, former nanny of Rob Lowe]

She’s soooo f*cking fat! She’s 5′2″ and she’s like 140. She was wearing a sarong to cover her huge big ass.

Shanna Moakler [on Kim Kardashian]
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