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Shakira's hips? They don't lie.

But does her hair have the ability to successfully go from curly to straight?

Such a question was on the mind of our staff this week, as the sultry singer uncurled her locks for a Presidential Inauguration ball appearance Tuesday night.

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Which Shakira hairstyle do you prefer?


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Don't expect Shakira and longtime boyfriend Antonio de la Rúa to follow in the engaged footsteps of Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas. At least not yet.

"We'll get married eventually, or we won't, but we're together and that's what matters," the Colombian pop star said to "We love each other and we want to stay like that. Why fix something that's not broken?"

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Which isn't to say that Shakira doesn't love being in love. Speaking about the emotion, she said:

"It's my primary nourishment. I think that nothing else in life, not even your career or music â€" well, what I'm saying is a bold statement â€" I think that nothing can substitute love as the propelling force of everyone's lives. It's number one on my list of priorities, of course."

Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas can relate.


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Hamburg, Germany got the first taste of Oral Fixation last night - as Shakira kicked off the tour by that name in the European city.

The charitable star is a hit across the world because, well, have you ever seen her dance? Put her on a dance floor with good friend, Fergie, and watch them burn it up like Left Eye taking down Andre Rison's house.

Shakira Fashion

But anyway.

The Hollywood Gossip figured we'd post a Shakira picture from last night's show below. It may not be Eva Longoria nude - but unattractive it's not.


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Shakira is many things to many people.

Mostly, though, she's the Colombian singing star whose hips absolutely can not and will not tell a lie. Just ask the hips themselves. They're totally thinking it...

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Thanks for clearing that up, hips. It's really good to see that in America, a land where little is sacred and the headlines are dominated by the crotch and breasts of another famous pop star, there are still some body parts out there that are pure as the driven snow.

And man, can those hips dance! Hell, they could lie to us all night long and we wouldn't give a damn. But Shakira isn't all style. She's substance, too - just ask the gargantuan statue of her that was recently erected (har har). Or the charitable foundation she established to help fight global poverty. Go Shakira! We love you!


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No wonder they erected a giant statue of Shakira in Colombia. She's good people.

The gorgeous singer has launched a star-studded foundation to combat child poverty: the Latin America in Solidarity Action, whose Spanish acronym is ALAS, or "wings."

Shakira Rocks

The Grammy Award winner joined forces with fellow Colombian and Nobel Prize laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez to launch the campaign in Panama City on Tuesday, with a promise to fight conditions that kill 350,000 children each year in the region.

It's safe to assume Brangelina will get involved at some point, right?

ALAS was conceived about a year ago by Shakira, who also heads the Colombia-based nonprofit foundation Pies Descalzos (or "Barefoot"), which helps child victims of violence. She started that foundation when she was just 18, after her first hit record.

"As soon as I harvested that success, I created that foundation," Shakira told People magazine last year. "Now it's really growing and has tangible results. It is as important as my musical career."

Spanish singer Miguel Bose will serve as executive director of ALAS, which its promoters say will not seek to replace other organizations that work with children or eliminate governments' obligation to eradicate poverty.

Rather, ALAS plans to bolster existing efforts.

"We all have to do our part to fight against inequality," Shakira said in a news release.


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Shakira once sung about how fortunate it was her breasts were "small and humble."

Maybe the real ones are. But now that Barranquilla, Colombia has erected a six-ton statue of the homegrown pop diva, all her metal body parts can be seen from space.

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Fans unveiled the tribute Wednesday, hours before a festive benefit concert organized by its favorite daughter. Unlike Brangelina wax figures, there were no reports that this impression would be getting married any time soon.

"Barranquilla is the big breast that fed and nurtured me as a human being, a woman and an artist," said the performer, who dominated the Latin Grammy Awards ceremony Nov. 2 in New York â€" where she walked away with five trophies.

Proceeds from Wednesday's show, part of Shakira's Oral Fixation tour, will go to build an arts school for 1,800 children displaced by Colombia's civil war. It's an act Bono can certainly get behind.

The statue, which stands 15 feet tall, was revealed amid great fanfare, including a cornet-led band, carnival dance troupe and 3,000 fans. The figure itself was made of iron and donated by a German fan, sculptor Dieter Patt.

It's bigger than the price tag any Britney Spears sex tape would fetch.


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Maybe The Hollywood Gossip still has a chance.

According to the former president of Argentina, his son and Shakira have talked about marriage, but aren't in any rush to walk down the aisle.

Shakira Rocks

Former President Fernando de la Rua told Dominican newspaper, Listin Diario, that the hip-shaking international superstar and his son, Antonio, have discussed raising a family, but have no immediate plans to tie the knot.

"They prefer to wait," de la Rua said. "Kids today would rather live as a couple, they don't believe that marriage is necessary to be happy."

Hey, Alison Clinton does! You can read her website and see how content she and Chris are.

The singer, who De la Rua referred to as a "lover of peace," and Antonio have been dating for five years.

He's probably seen her hips up close; meanwhile, we're stuck with these Shakira pictures.

"Shakira is a very good woman, she is very loving to her parents and with her in-laws as well," the ex-president said.

The Colombian artist is on tour with her most recent release, "Oral Fixation," and plans to play in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and her native country in coming weeks.

We love her.


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No, they don't. And neither do those hips. Oh no, those things are oh-so-truthful. And can they dance! Here, Colombian singer Shakira takes flight during a special performance, kicking off the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America in Mexico City on Thursday.

Braided and Beautiful

Not surprisingly, since she is so much cooler than everyone else, won song of the year for her hit single, "Hips Don't Lie." Mexican Julieta Venegas, British pop singer Robbie Williams and the Mexican bands Manna and Panda won in other categories.

Jennifer Lopez did not win. We're not even sure she was nominated. But man, is she annoying. Some celebs just don't go away. Speaking of which, Kevin Federline was also a huge loser. Not just at this event, but in life. Every single day. All the time.


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Politicians love Shakira.

Soon, exiled children in Colombia will, as well.

Shakira Fashion Pic

The hip-shaking beauty will donate proceeds from a concert in her hometown to build an arts school for 1,800 children forced to flee their homes by Colombia's civil war.

The concert, part of her worldwide Oral Fixation tour, will held Nov. 15 in the Caribbean port city of Barranquilla. It's being billed as a festive homecoming for the international superstar, who last month was nominated for five Latin Grammy awards.

That's about the same number of men's jaws that break every day from dropping over Shakira pictures.

The English and Spanish bilingual school will bear the name of Shakira's Pies Descalzos (Spanish for "Bare Feet") foundation and have an emphasis on arts education, the foundation said Thursday in a statement.

The school will be located in La Playa, a poor suburb of Barranquilla where 45 percent of the residents are minors, only about half of whom attend school.

It's nice to see celebrities donate to charity, isn't it? Shakira focuses on schools, Jake Gyllenhaal offers his pants. There's something for everybody, really.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, the singer won five prizes at Premios Oye!, a Mexican music award ceremony hosted Thursday. Top among them was Song of the Year for "Hips Don't Lie."

Following the naming of Scarlett Johansson as the Sexiest Woman Alive, we'd say the people in charge of awards are on top of their games this week.


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Quick, who won the award for Best Rap Video at the MTV Video Music Awards this past week? No one remembers. Those moon men are forgotten about almost instantly.

But the celebrity fashion remains seared in our minds forever. Or at least a few days. Especially when the stars in question are looking at hot as Shakira and Fergie, below.

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Then there was Jessica Simpson. Apparently she's undergoing some changes in her life. There's rumored to be a new man - John Mayer - and definitely a new hair style. What do you guys think of it?

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