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Sorry, Selita Ebanks. Apparently you're still single.

The Hollywood Gossip staff made a rare error when we previously reported that this Victoria's Secret model was married to Nick Cannon after just a few weeks of dating. Turns out they are both technically single.

Selita Ebanks Naked

But they're more in love than Brody Jenner and [insert name of hot, rich babe of the mont here].

"Selita's amazing," Cannon said simply, adding that the beauty has changed him from a player to a ... non-player, we surmise.

The actor, of course, has seen Kim Kardashian nude because he used to date the famous stylist. Then again, we've all seen Kim Kardashian nude at this point and most of us have never met her.

As for Selita, that's a weird name. Here's what she has to say about her marital status:

I'm not married ... We're just two young people and we're happy. I laugh a lot and he laughs a lot and I think that's what's important."

Well, that and making sure a reality TV show keeps track of you and your husband at all times.

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Congratulations, Aaron Carter. You're no longer the craziest, love stricken celebrity.

Carter, of course, declared his ever-lasting feelings for Kaci Brown after a whole seven days of knowing her. But at least he didn't walk down the aisle with the quasi stranger.

Selita Ebanks Naked

The same cannot be said for Nick Cannon. The Drumline star knew his girlfriend for three weeks before getting hitched. That's as many weeks of dating as number of times Britney Spears has gone to rehab.

But jokes about bald, formerly hot pop singer aside, Cannon met Selita Ebanks over Super Bowl weekend in Miami. A source says that the actor was immediately smitten with the Victoria's Secret model.

This insider also pointed out that such committment ran counter to Cannon's beliefs when he dated Kim Kardashian.

"The weird thing is when he and Kim [Kardashian] dated, he said he didn't believe in monogamy," said this reliable individual about the relationship that ended in January.

Hmmm, that's around the time when rumors about a Kardashian sex tape with Ray J became to spread. The break-up was just a coincidence, we're sure.

Meanwhile, Cannon and Ebanks are planning to hold a wedding reception in L.A. this weekend.

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Nude Models! Selita Ebanks is a Victoria's Secret model. She's the former fiancee of Nick Cannon and is currently dating a star defensive end for the... More »
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Selita Ebanks

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I have no comment but wish them well.

Selita Ebanks [on Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon]

I'm always cautious about what I do, what I'm wearing, and what I say because parents and kids trust me to do the right thing. It's a good kind of pressure.

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