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Despite rumors that Selena Gomez is living with Justin Bieber these days, the 22-year-old starlet is actually sharing a house with her childhood BFF.

And according to her latest interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Selena is fully enjoying the benefits of living in a dude-free zone:

"It's good, I can, like, walk around naked now," Selena said. She added that she enjoys not having to check in with anyone. (That means you, Biebs!)

Of course, Selena is doing a lot of grown-up things these days including slamming her adult critics (Yay!) and hiring Kris Jenner as her manager. (Boo!)

So it's a mixed bag with SelGo, but as she points out, she's only in her early 20s, and she has plenty of time to grow, change, and let go of the douchey, Canadian mistakes of her past.

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You can go ahead and keep your random supermodels, Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez is cool with it. She has a crush of her own.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday, the singer admitted that she's always admired her co-star in the new film Rudderless.

"I had a crush on him," Gomez said of Billy Crudup. "I went through my whole Almost Famous phase, so I was like Penny Lane for a good month - I wore the outfits and had the hair and the glasses...

"And then I found out I was going to be a part of the movie [with Billy] and it took me a minute at first, because I kind of had a little bit of a crush on him!"

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Selena Gomez is in need of a new manager after sacking her mom from the job earlier this year, and one name continues to pop up as a potential replacement:

Kris Jenner!

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According to reports, she got tired of being managed by family, feeling like her mom was out of her depth despite having nurtured her talent for so long.

Now that she's, like, a bona fide celebrity though, she is seeking someone with an abundance of experience to further grow her brand and build her empire.

Kris Jenner has certainly done that, having turned one innocent Kim Kardashian sex tape pummeling from Ray J into an empire worth untold millions of dollars.

As ridiculous as that statement sounds, and as questionable as so many of her actions are, you gotta hand it to Kris from a business growth perspective.

Selena Gomez says Selena Gomez haters can get a life, too, so she likely wouldn't fear the backlash. It's also believed that the two women are close.

“They really hit it off” during Paris Fashion Week, sources report, and “Kris sees a lot of potential in Selena and told her she’d love to manage her career.”

They both have Justin Bieber connections, too, given the pop star's close bond with the Jenner clan, and more literal tight bond with Gomez. Physically.

Did you know that...
... Selena first appeared on television on an episode of Barney & Friends?

But would the Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars approve of their mother broadening out and managing other celebs with no connection to the family?

Do they have a say in the matter? As we know, Kris is the ultimate shot-caller, and you can either buy in or pack your bags and move out (as Bruce did).

What do you think? Would it be a good or bad move for Selena personally and professionally to join forces with the Momager of the Millennium?

Hit the comments below to discuss!

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Considering her roller coaster relationship with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez expects to her some negativity from her occasional boyfriend's fan base.

They're loyal. They're passionate. They're probably like 13 years of age on average.

But adults? The singer fails to comprehend why so many people who are old enough to know better also harass her online so often.

Selena Gomez in Paris

"I get picked on by grown adults all the time," Gomez told E! News this week while promoting her new film, Rudderless. "It's grown-ups and I don't get it. It just baffles me."

Selena then couldn't help but get a bit personal in response to these haters.

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Selena Gomez stopped by Ellen today for a chat with every favorite daytime host, touching on a number of subjects along the way.

And, thankfully, none of them were Justin Bieber.

First, the singer talked about being a first-time home owner and how she can now talk around the house naked. She also brought up best friend Taylor Swift and the pressure she's been putting on Selena to move to New York.

But then Gomez grew a lot more serious when discussing what kind of a crazy year it's been.

The artist has been through a number of changes and is in the process of re-assessing her life.

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Jonathan Cheban is a proud member of Team Jelena.

The close friend of Kim Kardashian chatted with Us Weekly this week and shot down talk that Justin Bieber has ever had anything romantic going on with Kendall Jenner, a rumor that started in April when the stars hung out at the Coachella Music Festival.

It gained momentum again late last month when Justin and Kendall allegedly had dinner together in Paris.

"The key word is friend," Cheban says of Bieber's relationship with Jenner.

Cheban, who you can see when you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, added that Bieber and Selena Gomez make the perfect couple.

"I like them both," Jonathan says. "They're very cool and this is the best way to do a Hollywood relationship - they're on for a few months, they break up."

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Justin Bieber was out partying last night. Not exactly shocking news, considering the Biebs' love for the night life knows no bounds, but here's what is surprising:

At one point, Bieber grabbed the DJ's mic to address the crowd and...he actually made a reasonable request in a polite fashion!

"Yo, guys, please stop taking pictures of stuff," Justin tells his fellow club-goers. "Just enjoy your night, have some drinks, have some fun, just keep the cameras down. You know, have some fun, just keep the cameras down."

Of course, at the end, it sounds like he insults some "dudes in the back" by calling them "groupies," but still...Considering how mad Justin gets at the paprazzi sometimes, this crowd got off pretty easy.

But why was JB so worried about having his picture taken, anyway?

Well, probably because of the fact that he was dancing with a group of girls, and supposedly, Justin is back together with Selena Gomez these days.

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Selena Gomezhas found an inspiring way to distract journalists from focusing on her roller coaster relationship with Justin Bieber.

The 22-year-old star paid a visit to Children's Hospital Los Angeles yesterday, spending time with cancer patients there and bringing a smile to their faces in the process.

"Selena took the time to stop and visit with each one, hear their stories, give hugs, share laughs and provide encouragement," the hospital said via statement. "It was a much-needed lift for these children and their families during an incredibly difficult time."

Selena Gomez with Hospital Patient

Gomez wore a “Team Connor" bracelet in honor of one of the sick kids during her time there. She also referred to one of her new friends as a "princess” on Instagram, while posting a couple images from the trip online.

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According to at least one report, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are having raw, unprotected sex.

So, according to a different report, Gomez has a simple question for the Biebs: if you're willing to get down and dirty with me, why aren't you willing to get down on one knee for me?!?

Earlier this month, rumors surfaced that Gomez and Bieber had split (yes, again) because Selena penned a couple cryptic messages on social media, including a reference to learning the hard way.

But an insider tells Hollywood Life that the couple never broke up. Selena was simply let down.

A "fight started because Selena was expecting him to propose on their trip [to St. Maarten] and he didn’t,” this anonymous insider alleges. “She was disappointed and when she brought it up he flipped out."

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Selena Gomez's behavior patterns and life choices in general have been suspect for quite awhile now, and we're not just talking about Justin Bieber.

Okay, we're mostly talking about Justin Bieber. Sorry, you got us.

Our point is that she's been to rehab multiple times now, reportedly, and in addition to dating a huge bag of douche, something just seems ... a little off.

Well, she now admits she's having a rough go of it lately:

Sexy Selena Gomez Instagram

"It’s been such a transitional year for me," the 21-year-old singer-actress tells The Gloss. "I moved out of my parents’ house this year and into my own place."

"I also took my first break ever and have been using the time to really concentrate on what makes me happy," Gomez went on, adding in conclusion:

"Sometimes, I’ll be honest, I don’t handle all of this as well as people think, so it’s been important to really figure out what makes me feel grounded."

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