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Selena Gomez is moving on from her rehab controversy.

And looking darn fashionable while doing so!

The young singer - who entered a facility in early January and who stands accused by Justin Bieber of being a drunk - debuted her Spring 2014 collection for Adidas NEO yesterday, showcasing the campaign in a fun teaser video.

“Don’t let the flowers fool you,” the description on YouTube reads. “The Selena Gomez Spring 2014 collection is all about attitude, style, and kicking ass! Strap in, it’s going to be a wild ride!”

Sounds similar to what Selena has been on in real life.

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Some celebrity couples are made in heaven, making their fans believe in romance, passion and everlasting love even at the highest levels of fame and fortune.

Just not these ones. Like at all.

In celebration of Valentine's Day, many romantic duos will celebrate with flowers, gifts, meals, dates and public displays of affection. Nauseating, but cute.

These couples, on the other hand, are best known for fighting - in the media, in person and/or on TV - and breaking up a lot. Sometimes with police involved.

Hey, when you're a celebrity gossip site, you can't function without the dysfunctional, so at least they bring the entertainment value and then some, right?

Here are 14 truly toxic twosomes that never should've been a thing:

Rihanna and Chris Brown
Rihanna and Chris Brown dated for two decent chunks of time, the first of which ending after he beat her senseless. Never a good sign. Nor was taking him back after that, but she's moved on with Drake ... thank goodness. Good luck, Karrueche!

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For the first time since word of her rehab stint leaked - and since Justin Bieber supposedly bragged about taking her virginity - Selena Gomez has spoken out.

In an Instagram post last night, the young singer included the following photo and the following caption:

"I've done everything I could to the best of my ability. Thank you for the unconditional love and cyber hugs. You inspire me."

Gomez, of course, canceled the Australian leg of her tour in December, saying at the time that she needs to "spend some time on myself."

But it later came out that Selena checked into rehab at the Dawn at The Meadows in Arizona on January 5.

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Selena Gomez's camp says she doesn't have serious issues with addiction and/or Justin Bieber, and that her rehab trip was mostly due to being "burned out."

The star alarmed fans and surprised many in the gossip-reading public when she announced she was cancelling the Australian and Asian legs of her tour.

Selena said in a statement in December:

"It has become clear to me and those close to me that after many years of putting my work first, I need to spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be."

It was later revealed that Selena Gomez went to rehab at the Dawn at The Meadows recovery center in Arizona on January 5, only to bail after two weeks.

Rumors have been flying that she's hung up on her relationship with Justin Bieber, and had been partying hard using alcohol, weed and prescription drugs.

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Justin Bieber is reportedly far from pleased that he's being blamed for Selena Gomez's rehab stint, saying his former flame is a party girl through and through.

The addiction problems that resulted in Gomez checking into rehab are hers and hers alone, says Bieber, regardless of what he and his friends do for fun.

TMZ, citing "sources with daily Bieber contact" (Lil Za?) says the star and his posse are laughing at the "bad influence" claims reported in the press.

That's because Selena, they say, is always the drunk girl at the party.

Bieber acknowledges he gets trashed, too. There's no dispute there, nor could there possibly be, given the stories, photos and videos we've all seen.

What he does dispute is the idea that he corrupted her, seeing she was known to smoke just as much weed as the guys and sometimes outdo them.

Justin's camp say Gomez was/is very into drinking alcohol as well.

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No wonder Selena Gomez is so hopelessly hung up on Justin Bieber.

The pop stars, both of whom are going through some troubled times lately (though only one of them gets in trouble with the cops like it's his job) have quite a history.

For Selena, who went to rehab because of Justin, he was and is her first love. Emotionally and physically. He reportedly bragged about this to a pal recently:

“I knew she was in love with me when she gave me her virginity.”

A source close to the on-again, off-again couple exclusively says Bieber dished about his “first time” with Gomez, claiming the pair escaped to Palm Springs, Calif.

“It was in the summer of 2011. They flew to Palm Springs for a couple days and had a super private place to stay,” the pal said of her v-card presentation.

“The purpose of the trip was 100 percent because Selena finally said ‘yes’ to having sex with him. They agreed because they both said they were in love.”

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As previously reported, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are total besties.

So, with Lovato having famously spent time in rehab and Gomez having also checked in to a facility last month, it comes as no surprise that the former is showing support for the latter.

"Weakness is living in denial. Only the strongest people ask for help," Lovato Tweeted yesterday, not long after Selena's rehab stint news broke.

Selena Gomez with Demi Lovato

Insiders have told multiple outlets that Gomez entered rehab as a result of the emotional toll exerted on her by hanging out with Justin Bieber.

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Selena Gomez abandoned rehab just two weeks into a six-week program, according to a new report, failing to complete the course of treatment she checked in for.

The 21-year-old ignored the advice of medical professionals and the strenuous objections of the rehab staff and walked out of there just 14 days in.

In early January, Selena Gomez checked into rehab at The Meadows for what is believed to be problems with alcohol, pot and prescription Ambien.

All of which can be traced back to her unhealthy relationship Justin Bieber, both in terms of her strained emotions and her exposure to his lifestyle.

We only recently learned she sought treatment, though, and that's largely due to the fact that Selena bailed so she could go the Sundance Film Festival.

She was only in treatment for two weeks, and reportedly told her people she would return to the rehab facility after Sundance, only she didn't do so.

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Many believe that Justin Bieber is in need of rehab, but a new report alleges that his ex-girlfriend actually beat him to the professional assistance punch.

According to numerous sources, Selena Gomez did not cancel the Australian leg of her tour in December because she simply needed a break from performing.

The 21-year-old did so because she checked into an Arizona rehab center for an emergency two-week stay (she has since left the facility).

Has the good girl gone bad?!

A source claims that Gomez walked into Dawn at The Meadows - a facility that specializes in young adults struggling with trauma or addiction - on January 5.

The reason? She had been "partying very hard" in the weeks prior.

Aside from staying out late, allegedly Gomez was into marijuana and prescription pills, with friends and family members "increasingly worried that there might be a serious problem."

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